8 Best Pizza Cutters in 2022 – Our Top Picks

After preparing the pizza at home with the appropriate pizza oven, finally, the time has come to cut it into slices to be able to taste it. Still, if in the past you have already tried using the knife, you will surely have noticed how disastrous its use is often.

The pasta, if the knife is not very sharp, is not always cut cleanly, and the mozzarella and the various condiments start to move as if there was an earthquake above; in short, there it must be a way to cut a pizza cleanly no?

And the answer is certainly yes, as it is enough to have the best pizza cutter have perfectly cut slices of pizza, ready to be eaten with the sauce in its place, without destroying half a pizza. Choosing the best pizza cutters will give you the opportunity to cut slices cleanly, just pass the blade over the pizza and you’re done, without causing any disaster in the middle of dinner.

Here we had selected some fo the best pizza cutters for your that are listed below.

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KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel, 9-Inch, Black
  • SLICE PIZZA LIKE A PRO: Pizza restaurants use a roller cutter like this one. The sharp blade makes a clean cut in any crust and, unlike using a knife, actually presses the crust and toppings together, keeping the toppings on your pizza.
  • SUPER SHARP BLADE: The wheel is crafted from high-quality, premium 430 stainless steel that will stay sharp and resist rust. It is perfect for slicing pizza, waffles, pies, or cookie dough.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE FOR COMFORT: The angled wheel allows optimal comfort and performance when slicing hot pizza straight out of the oven. The built-in finger guard protects your hands from both the blade and the heat. The sleek design of the handle gives it a premium feel as well. The glossy ABS handle features a debossed logo as well as an ABS chrome plated bolster and endcap.
SaleRANK NO. 2
SCHVUBENR Premium Pizza Cutter - Stainless Steel...
  • ✅【QUALITY PIZZA CUTTER】- SCHVUBENR Kitchen designed this pizza cutter with craftmanship. This product adopts one-piece riveting process which makes it can achieve more than 1000 TIMES cutting, super durable.
  • ✅【PREMIUM MATERIAL】- This pizza cutter is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel and features a super sharp Roller that can cut through large or small crust. Food will not be stuck around the Pizza Wheel. Hand wash your Pizza Wheel water or place it in the dishwasher. Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe!
  • ✅【MULTI-USE PIZZA SLICER】- The sharp stainless cutter cuts and slices easily through any crust large or small such as pie, cheese, cake, waffles, dough biscuits and your delicious pizza. It is an useful and professional kitchen tool.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel - Super Sharp and Easy...
  • SLICE ANY PIZZA LIKE A PRO – This pizza cutter will leave you shocked with how easy it is to get a nice, clean cut through your pizza. With its ergonomic handle and flawless finish, you won’t have to cut back and forth and you get to keep your toppings where they belong - on your pizza.
  • SUPER SHARP AND FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND - Why waste money on bulky pizza rockers that don’t even fit in your kitchen cabinet when you can simply get this unique design that easily fits in your hand and also in your cutlery drawer.
  • PROTECTIVE BLADE GUARD FOR EASY STORAGE – This pizza knife comes with a blade guard to keep your cutter securely stored away when you’re not using it.
OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel and Cutter
  • Durable, sharp stainless steel blade for cutting pizza, pie crust, and pastry dough
  • Perfect for modern kitchens with Brushed stainless steel handle
  • Soft grip areas built into handle for slip resistance
OXO Good Grips NEW Large 4-Inch Pizza Wheel and...
  • Large, stainless steel blade cuts through deep dish or thick-crust pizza with ease
  • Thumb guard protects hands while in use
  • Large, non-slip handle for a comfortable grip
SaleRANK NO. 6
Pizza Cutter Quality Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter...
  • THE OPTIMAL SOLUTION FOR CUTTING PIZZA: With our amazingly designed pizza wheel cutter, cutting through that delicious pizza crust will be a breeze! This premium kitchen tool uses a sharp stainless-steel blade that will have you slicing square or triangle pizza slices like a pro.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: This premium pizza wheel slicer has a non-stick surface, and is made of high-quality stainless-steel, which is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and will not dull easily. The handle is made of heavy-duty plastic that will not break or crack easily.
  • TEXTURED GRIP: This saw pizza cutter has an ergonomic handle with an anti-slip textured grip so that each cut can be made with precision and care. The pizza wheel is very easy to use and maneuver so you can slice up any pie within seconds. It also features a built-in finger and thumb guard for more stability and security.
SaleRANK NO. 7
Suanyok Premium Pizza Cutter Food Chopper-Super...
  • ►PERFECT SLICER - Using this type of pizza cutter from Suanyok you'll have a better pizza slicing, with perfect shape and clean cuts. With the ergonomic handle design of our pizza slicer you can easily cut through the pizza with the smooth blade, even the thickest pizza will be effortlessly cut. You can cut pizza, cheese, dough, vegetables, pastry, spices or other foods with this cutter
  • ►PREMIUM MATERIAL - Our pizza cutters are made of high-quality material, the blade is made of 430 stainless steel, with this material you can cut your pizza or pastry freely, more convenient and faster. The anti-slip handle of our vegetable chopper is made of PP material, this type of material is durable and safe for your daily use.
  • ►WITH PROTECTIVE SHEATH - Suanyok pizza cutter rocker is with a protective sheath, this sheath is also made of PP material. It will help protect the blade of pizza cutter from getting damaged when you are not using it and also protect yourself from being hurt. Better protection and storage.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Pizza Cutter Rocker with Wooden Handles &...
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY] - Made of food grade 430 stainless steel blade and PP cover, the Pizza Rocker Knife is incredibly sharp, the whole steel plate is integrated to make no welding, no falling off, not easy to deform and rust.
  • [UNIQUE DOUBLE HANDLES DESIGN] - The pizza knife adopt the ergonomic double wood handle helps you cut pizza quickly and comfortably without causing any discomfort to your wrist, the unique double handles make it comfortable in hand and save strength.
  • [CURVED BLADE DESIGN] - Curved sharp blade and arc design make stress concentration of force, allows you to cut the pizzas easily in one move smoothly. Easy to cut the pizza into the exact pieces without messing up the tops.
SaleRANK NO. 9
The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade. Very Sharp...
  • ✅ CUT YOUR PIZZA IN QUICK, SHORT MOVES (THE ITALIAN WAY) – The Ultimate Pizza Cutter uses a premium, food grade hardened stainless steel blade, knife quality, that allows you to cut large pizzas easily and in one move and, unlike wheel cutters, your cheese and toppings won’t slide anymore! Stop mushing your pizza into slices, or going over the same place over and over! Our blade will slice even a crusty pizza or flatbread and will stay sharp a lot longer!
  • ✅ DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY – Unlike those thin wood, plastic or cheap stainless-steel rolled handles, our pizza slicer was designed from scratch to provide a sure and wide grip handle for a complete, all-hand, knife-like grip on the cutter. Feel safely in control of the pressure and movements needed to cut pizzas, toppings, flatbreads, pies, herbs, fruits & vegetables. Chefs and novices alike will feel comfortable using this tool from the first cut.
  • ✅ SAFE TO STORE – Getting a 14” knife blade safely on a drawer requires more than a slim piece of plastic. Unlike our competitor's cutters, our protective cover / sheath is longer on the back, so it’s easier to slip the blade in, while keeping your fingers away, so you can safely get the cover in without cutting your hand in the process, and then store your pizza cutter away without the risk of dulling the blade.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pizza Cutters

If you came to this guide it is probably because you need some further information to be able to choose the best pizza cutter and we are here for this, in fact during this guide you will find a lot of information, the most important features and advice to be able to choose the best pizza cutter.

Wheel Pizza Cutter: it is an extraordinary pizza cutter that allows you to cut the pizza with a sharp circular wheel that is passed over it. The pizza wheel cutters are those that allow you to more easily and quickly control the pizza cutter.  Choosing the best-wheeled pizza cutters will give you the opportunity to cut all the various types of pizza, as to operate simply rotate the blade over the food. As for the size of the wheel pizza cutter, these can be various, and the thicker the pizza will be and the bigger the wheel will have to be.

Half-Moon Pizza Cutter: in this case, we have a pizza cutter that is modeled in the part of the cut with a crescent. Through an oscillating movement, the pizza cutter is produced, in this way even those who do not have a great experience can perfectly cut a slice of pizza obtaining perfectly straight lines. However, giant pizzas, the bigger ones, may be more difficult to cut with a crescent-shaped pizza cutter due to its size.

How to Choose the Best Pizza Cutter?


For the blade, I recommend you choose the best pizza cutter made of stainless steel. This is the best material to choose as it does not react to acidic ingredients such as tomato sauce, it also does not rust as easily as other materials.

To wash a stainless steel blade it takes little, a little hot water, soap and the blade shines like new, ready to cut slices of other many pizzas. For those who want to avoid hand washing, the stainless steel blades, it is also possible to wash them in the dishwasher.

But in this case, however, attention must be paid to the handle of the pizza cutter. A wooden handle is not suitable for washing the pizza cutter in the dishwasher, as well as in plastic as it could deform with heat, while if the pizza cutter is made entirely of steel there is no problem


Generally, it should be quite easy to use a pizza cutter, thanks also to the handle which helps to better control the movements. I suggest you choose the best pizza cutters with a handle long enough to guarantee a firm and comfortable grip, but not excessively long to prevent proper control of the cut.

A wooden handle is probably very nice to look at, however, compared to other materials such as steel or silicone, it has a shorter life span. If you decide to choose the best pizza cutter with a wooden handle, remember after each use to clean it thoroughly and dry it to prevent the handle from being deformed or damaged on the surface.

Width or Diameter of The Blade

For a crescent-shaped pizza cutter, you must always evaluate to find the right one, the size of the pizza you will usually have to cut. A blade corresponding to the diameter of the pizza you will have to cut will make it easier to use.

For a pizza cutter equipped with a wheel, the diameter is important when the pizza reaches a certain thickness. If you want to cut even thicker and more crunchy pizzas, make sure that the diameter of the blade is at least double the thickness of the pizza you will have to cut.

In this way, you can roll the blade smoothly. If you need to choose the best pizza cutter with large wheel blade, make sure you also have the space to store it when not in use


The blades of the half-moon pizza cutter, if used correctly, will not create any problem for the safety of the user as both hands will be placed on top of the pizza cutter at the time of cutting.

Most of the crescent-shaped pizza cutters are equipped with a protective case that is used to keep the blade edge always in excellent condition, it also protects the fingers of the hands when inserting the pizza cutter into a drawer.

The pizza wheel cutters instead have a protective safety cover between the handle and the circular blade. This is to prevent fingers from coming into contact with the sharp blade if the hand accidentally slips.

Choosing the best pizza cutters will allow you to have a versatile accessory in the kitchen, as it can be used not only to slice a pizza, but it can also be used for other uses, which always have to do with cooking such as chopping vegetables, cut bread like pita, cut dough for biscuits and much more.

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