8 Best Puzzles in 2023 for Children and Adults

Puzzles are a true classic among board games. Generation after generation, they have never lost their popularity. Although there are more and more variations of these products, a classic wooden or cardboard puzzle continues to enchant young and old alike. This is not surprising, because they are extremely fun and test the skills of their players.

Also, doing puzzles is an excellent activity suitable for all ages. Their benefits, in fact, not only concern children, because they also contribute to improving the memory of adults.

Here we had listed out the best puzzles for you that are present below.

Roylco We Fit Together Puzzle Pieces
  • Oversize puzzle pieces are great for "All About Me" projects
  • 30 large white puzzle pieces makes huge wall art display
  • Multi-purpose, light weight paper is easy to decorate with cranyons
UPlama 300PCS Blank Puzzles, Freeform Blank Puzzle...
  • BLANK WOODEN PUZZLE: 300 interconnectable wooden pieces that can be used to create any shape, ideal for art projects, weddings, baby showers, kids birthdays, or school classroom activities.
  • COLOR-IN PUZZLES: Made of high quality Wood, the puzzles can be painted with marker, glued with glitter. Transform the plain puzzles into artwork, perfect for aspiring artists and professional artists.
  • CREATIVITY AND CUSTOMIZE: These puzzles will help stimulate kids' imaginations. It's also a fun activity for family and friends to do together for making them into decorations or toys. Create your own shapes! You can use 4, 10, or how many puzzle pieces you want!
Personalized Photo Puzzles - Custom Puzzle Gifts...
  • 【Introducing our Personalized Photo Puzzles】the perfect way to combine creativity and relaxation! Our high-quality and environmentally friendly wooden puzzles are fully customizable with your favorite photos, making them a unique and special gift for yourself or your loved ones.
  • 【With Multiple Size Options Available】you can choose the perfect puzzle to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you're looking for a challenging 1000-piece puzzle or a more manageable 500-piece puzzle, we have you covered.
  • 【Customizing Your Puzzle is Easy and Hassle-free】Simply upload your chosen photo and let us handle the rest. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that your photo is printed with utmost precision and clarity, creating a stunning end result.
Ceaco - The Puzzle Scoop – A Lifting, Moving,...
  • A perfect solution for moving your puzzle pieces!
  • Lift and move jigsaw puzzle sections.
  • Enlarge and illuminate with the built-in LED magnifying lens.
Hiboom 10 Pack 16 Piece Jigsaw Dementia Puzzles...
  • Various Themes and Delicate Patterns: delight loved ones with 4 different themes of 10 styles of 16 piece puzzles for seniors; Each puzzle features delicate patterns that captivate and keep the mind engaged; There are 4 themes of puzzles including woodland fields, rivers, flowers, and animals; They are all done in the manner of oil paintings, providing the elderly with good experiences
  • Easy to Use: designed with care, 16 piece puzzles for adults are easy to handle and put together; Made for the elderly, the pieces are made for easy gripping and maneuvering, making it easy and enjoyable experience; It offers elderly a simple, enjoyable, and educational approach to interact with their brains and enhance cognitive performance
  • Reliable and Reusable: made from quality paperboard, about 0.11 inches/ 0.28 cm thick, these puzzles for seniors with dementia can be reusable; The thickness of each piece ensures that they won't bend or break easily, making these puzzles a lasting pastime that can be enjoyed time and time again
Buffalo Games - Candy Party! - 2000 Piece Jigsaw...
  • Contains a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle with 20 hidden images
  • Finished size is 38.5 in. X 26.5 in
  • Full Color Bonus poster included for help in solving. This poster also includes the list of 20 hidden objects as well as a diagram answer key.
Bgraamiens Puzzle-The Lines -1000 Pieces Black and...
  • ★ADVANCED CHALLENGE: The Bgraamiens Puzzles – The lines is 1,000 pieces worthy of any skilled puzzler. So many different lines from different directions makes the whole picture, it is a really diffcult puzzle but very special and beautiful. All the puzzler fanatic ! Come and enjoy!
  • ★SPECIFICS: Includes 1000 extra large puzzle pieces made of sturdy chipboard on recycled paper. Completed puzzle dimensions: 24*24 inches. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • ★1000 PIECES OF FUN: Challenge your family and friends and provide hours of fun and entertainment piecing this remarkable puzzle together, sure to become a permanent addition to your home.
mjyphdm 4 Pack 36 Large Piece Puzzles for Adults,...
  • 【What You Will Get】You will receive 4 sets of dementia puzzles for seniors, each set has 36 large piece puzzle, 4 pcs 1:1 HD posters and 4 clear puzzle storage bags. MJYPHDM large piece puzzles are created with seniors in mind, offering an enjoyable and fulfilling puzzling experience!
  • 【144 Large Pieces & 4 Themes】These four images are simple yet vibrant visuals, perfectly suited for older adults, including those with blurred vision. Numerous studies confirm that engaging in puzzle activities on a regular basis stimulates cognitive growth, enhances visual enjoyment, and evokes cherished memories among older adults!
  • 【Textured and Thick for Easy Handling】With 2.4mm super-thick, high bite, textured pieces that feature a concave-convex design, our adults puzzles offer seniors a multi-sensory experience that's both tactile and easy to manipulate. This design is particularly beneficial for older individuals with dexterity challenges.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Puzzles

Puzzles have been reinvented: today, there are very different types and mechanisms of play from those of the classic flat and cardboard puzzles.

What hasn’t changed is the infinity of benefits, especially for the development of the little ones. In this section, we will answer the most common questions about puzzles.

The Difficulty

Compared to several years ago, today, thanks to the Internet, we have a wide range of products with more or less particular and unique characteristics. To choose the best puzzle, you must consider the overall degree of difficulty of its realization, because it will change according to your choice.

This particular is determined by the number of pieces that make up the puzzle, so the more there are, the greater the effort in its construction.

Another element that determines its level is also the subject: a simple image with few colors is easier to create than a colored one with different shades and shades since it takes less time to find the tiles.

So before making a new purchase, consider the difficulty level and why you want to have a puzzle.

The Number of Pieces and The Subject

Speaking of subject, the main brands on the market usually create special collections that bring together landscapes, tourist attractions from all over the world, or cartoon and video game characters for the little ones.

The number of pieces will also change according to the subject of the puzzle. Therefore one for children is composed of an average of a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 110 pieces, among other things often with large and simple to engage.

The more the quality and peculiarity of the images grow, the more the number of pieces grows, starting from 500 pieces, passing through 1000, 3000, 4000, and even 5000 pieces.

But it does not end here, because the most complicated puzzles are those that exceed 6000 pieces; in fact, it is not difficult to find from 13200, 18000 and even 32000.

Special Puzzles

For the most demanding and for those who love the most particular solutions, there are special puzzles such as 3D ones. They are of the latest generation, entered the market in the most recent decade, and are characterized both by their width and length and by their height development, therefore space they occupy.

Once assembled, these three-dimensional puzzles are often made up of LED lights that underline they’re fine artistry, becoming real home furnishings.

The materials with which they are made are necessarily different. In fact, instead of cardboard, here are plastic or similar elements, which allow us to have a more solid and robust structure. Therefore they are difficult to break and disassemble, but equally easy to assemble.

How to Choose the Puzzles?

Many people believe that the only important thing when choosing the perfect puzzle is the image it represents. Although keeping in mind the theme and design is something essential.

There are many other criteria on which to base the purchase decision. In this section, we present them to you to help you find the ideal product for you and your baby.


Puzzles can be dedicated to a variety of themes. For the little ones, there is an infinite number of educational products or with images of animals, daily scenes, or characters from TV series and cartoon films.

If you are looking for puzzles for teenagers and adults, choose famous landscapes or paintings and photographs.


When buying a puzzle, don’t forget to check the dimensions of the assembled product. Some puzzles, in fact, especially the most complicated ones, can even measure more than two meters in length. If you like large format puzzles, make sure you have enough space in the house to build them.


A particularly well-made puzzle can serve as a decorative piece of furniture in the living room or perhaps in your child’s bedroom. If you are looking for this, choose products with a flashy design and interesting illustrations.

Some puzzles reproduce famous works of art or splendid photographs, such as that of Clementoni depicting Mont Saint-Michel, included in our selection.


The classic rectangular puzzles are fantastic. However, there are more and more innovative designs to give your collection more variety.

Three-dimensional puzzles have a particular charm because they test the spatial intelligence of the players. An excellent choice included in our selection is the three-dimensional model of the Eiffel Tower.

Age of Your Child

If you want a puzzle for your child, of course, you will have to take his age into account. A simple puzzle, even of a few pieces, can entertain a very young child for months.

For a school-age child, instead, choose products made up of 100-1000 pieces, but with interesting designs. If your child is already a teenager, opt for a challenging puzzle that you can build with the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Paste a Puzzle?

It may happen that, once a puzzle is finished, there is a need to paste it so that the pieces do not come off, and everything is more solid once hung or framed. To do this, you first need to have patience and special glue, which you can find in any stationery store.

Now, to paste a puzzle, you must first lay a sheet of parchment paper on a flat surface, so that the latter does not get dirty. Then place the complete puzzle with the front part on the top and brush the glue on each piece, then let it dry for a few minutes and repeat the operation with the back: you’re done.

How to Frame a Puzzle?

If you are passionate about puzzles, it will have happened at least once to want to frame one, maybe the one you are most satisfied with. They can be useful for beautifying and coloring a bedroom, a living room, or even the whole house: if you don’t know how to do it, it’s easy to say.

Most of the puzzles are of standard sizes, so just take note of the actual dimensions and go to a specialized shop for DIY and DIY articles to buy the frame you like best.

Then glue the pieces with the vinyl glue and use the sandwich method, i.e., fixing the pieces between the glass and the base of the frame. To prevent them from coming off, you could opt for an additional round of glue on the back or the one without the image.

How to Make a Photo Puzzle?

To make a puzzle of the best photos, you don’t need to be a graphic expert because only a little aesthetic sense and fantasy will be enough. First of all, choose the image you want to transform and, in the meantime, download on the computer GIMP, an open-source program that you can use on any operating system.

Once the download is ready, go to “Open,” then choose the file (then the photo) you want to edit and click on the “Filters” menu and then choose the “Render,” “Reason,” and finally, “Puzzle” item.

To do the puzzle, you only have to select the horizontal and vertical photos to insert, then apply a little to get the result that best suits you.

How to Hang a Frameless Puzzle?

To be able to hang a puzzle on the wall, you could opt to use the Attack rubbers that are easily found in stationery stores. Otherwise, you can glue it on a card or a plywood surface and hang it on the wall with the nail.

To make it stand still, you can use accessories for paintings such as triangles, as well as nails.

How to Create a Puzzle from A Photo?

For this type of operation, the Internet can give an important hand, because it allows you to find even free programs with which to obtain good results.

Just type in the search engines to find sites that allow users to choose up to five photos and images to create a puzzle at will. Often it is also possible to download the image and print it with special frames.


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