13 Best 4k Projectors in 2023 – Portable Home Theater

Enjoying a film at home as in the cinema is a goal for many and the 4K projector is ideal for this purpose. The difference in the quality of the Ultra HD is obvious and it is for this reason that there is more and more content in this format.

Everything from video games to movies, passing through videos that can also be recorded with your devices, is enjoyed much better in 4K format. Obviously, not all 4K projectors are created equal. So if you want to buy one, you need to know some important aspects before making a choice.

[Netflix Officially & AI Auto Focus] VOPLLS 4K...
  • 【Official Netflix License, Watch Shows Online】VOPLLS Smart Projector with built-in smart operating system that supports over 1,000,000+ videos, including certified Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. With just one click, you can quickly enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without purchasing an additional TV stick. Besides, you can access the "Open Browser", "My App", and "APP STORE" for unlimited entertainment options at any time!
  • 【Auto Focus & Keystone Correction and 180° Integrated Stand】VOPLLS projector utilizes state-of-the-art AI focusing and displacement gyroscope technology that detects in real-time and automatically corrects within 3 seconds to ensure a clear projection. Equipped with a 6D keystone correction function, it can automatically adapt to any wall and remove the restriction of placement. 180° rotatable Stand simplifies the installation and realizes the best projection effect in any scene.
  • 【True Audio-Visual Feast, Dolby Audio Supported】 VOPLLS video projector with built-in hi-fi stereo speakers, dolby audio support feature, and unique sealed core technology that effectively reduces noise by up to 80%, allow you to fully immerse yourself in the dolby audio environment. The icing on the cake is that VOPLLS bluetooth projector can also connect to external speakers or use it as a standalone speaker via Bluetooth 5.2.
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Mini Projector 4K 1080P Support, Portable...
  • 🔥【180°Rotatable Phone Projector & 200'' Giant Screen】This smart projector features a 180 ° rotatable design, allowing you to point the 180 ° tilted projector in various directions, including the ceiling. You can point the projector at your bedroom ceiling and lie in bed watching the movie. And it can deliver a clear picture on screens from 40 to 200''. It can produce a really big image in your living room, family room, and other areas of your house.
  • 🔥【Android 11 & Built-in dual band WiFi 6】This mini portable projector built-in dual 5G+2.4G latest wifi 6 connection. Ultra-fast 5G WiFi 6 offers you much smoother and lag free online video experience. This means that projection will be quicker and more reliable. Just one-time wifi connection. With Android 11, no matter where you go, indoor or outdoor, you can watching movies or presentations on your favourite platform. No need to purchase additional TV box. Very suitable for outdoor events.
  • 🔥【BT 5.0 & Speaker】This mini wifi projector built-in 5W stereo speakers with a HiFi system which can give a great auditory sense experience: a ultra clear and powerful sound. So you don't need to buy additional speaker. You can enjoy home theatre with your family. This projector also with BT 5.0, which allows you to connect ideal headphones, speakers, or other audio equipment, it can support stable connection to various BT speakers. Perfect for outdoor movie
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[4D/4P Keystone] Projector With WiFi And Bluetooth...
  • 【2024 Upgraded Projector From ONOAYO】:Boasts a native resolution of 1920 x 1080P & upgraded 750 ANSI LUMENS,the ONOAYO ONO1 Pro makes your movies shine with the intensity!The auto 4D/4P keystone correction make it easy to correct distorted images.
  • 【User Friendly Projector With Low Noise】:ONOAYO's vision is to hope that all customers have their own high-quality home theater.After constant debugging, the noise of the ONO1 Pro Projector dropped to 25-35dB.You can enjoy movies, games, etc with crisp and clear sound, without worrying about any distracting noise.
  • 【Be A Powerful Home Speaker】:It's not just the visuals that make the ONOAYO ONO1 Pro Blutooth Projector stand out. This newest model of ONOAYO also features a built-in two-way blueooth 5.2 function so you can easily connect your bluetooth audio devices at any time& ONO1 Pro can also double up as your powerful speaker.
Projector with Wifi and Bluetooth,Native 4k,8K...
  • 💎【Projector 4K Native & Support 8K Full HD Resolution】 BBianLyy projector designed with a native resolution of 4096*2160, 4K HD, support 8K, brightness color contrast increased to 20000:1 restore true color content, Bluetooth projector provides you with a present real, dynamic, colorful projection quality. Wifi projector takes better care of your eyes with high-refraction multi-layer glass lenses and diffuse eye protection light sources.
  • 📹【300 "Large screen & Zoom Function & ±45° Trapezoidal Correction】 This portable projector offers a 35-300" big screen projection display with a projection distance of 2.9-25 feet,4k projector with 35%-100% zoom function, picture clarity is free to grasp,±45° horizontal and vertical trapezoidal correction.Image adjustment is no longer limited by location, Our indoor projecter gives you an immersive home theater viewing experience.
  • 📹【300 "Large screen & Zoom Function & ±45° Trapezoidal Correction】 This portable projector offers a 35-300" big screen projection display with a projection distance of 2.9-25 feet,4k projector with 35%-100% zoom function, picture clarity is free to grasp,±45° horizontal and vertical trapezoidal correction.Image adjustment is no longer limited by location, Our indoor projecter gives you an immersive home theater viewing experience.
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GooDee Projector 4K With WiFi And Bluetooth...
  • 💝 4K Projector & 600 ANSI Lumen: GooDee all new upgraded mini wifi projector adopts 6 layers high Refractive glass lens which means this portable projector will deliver a evenly distributed, no-blurry-edges image; Using Germany imported chips and Japanese native light bulbs which bouble level up the image brightness, clarity, color richness, restore the authenticity of color to the maximum extent. Best suits for indoor outdoor use.
  • 👫 Faster & Stable 2.4G/5G WiFi & Bluetooth Connection: Owning GooDee projector with wifi and bluetooth, which allows you to synchronize smartphone screen by both 2.4G and 5G WiFi, Ultra-fast 5G WiFi offers you much smoother and lag free online video streaming experience. Just one -time wifi connection. By connecting newest built-in 5.2 Bluetooth, you can enjoy the various bluetooth speaker sound.
  • 💝 300 “Max Screen with Zoom Function: GooDee outdoor movie projector provides zoom 50% to 100% which means you can adjust the screen size at a fixed place, you don’t need to move the video projector any more. Just bring the home movie theater back to your home, enjoy ultra-clear large-screen movies as if you were in a movie theater.
[Netflix Certified & Dolby Audio] 4K Projector...
  • 【Netflix Officially Licensed,Turly Immersive Dolby Audio】WiMiUS's first certified pre-installed Netflix app projector runs on a Linux system without any lag. Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Max, and Hulu - enabling you to swiftly locate your preferred programs with a remote control, streaming over 1000,0000+movies.WiMiUS K9 Wifi Bluetooth projector features authorized Dolby official sound support,It is capable of decoding and playing back high-quality audio streams in real-time.
  • 【Auto Focus & Keystone Correction, 50%-100% Zoom】The K9 outdoor video projector from WiMiUS offers a premium plug-and-play experience, ensuring a quick, hassle-free, and convenient setup. This 4K portable projector provides a detailed, clear rectangle image within 3 seconds, thanks to its super-fast automatic laser focusing and keystone correction. The 50% -100% zoom function allows you to adjust the image size without moving the smart projector to meet your multi-scene entertainment needs.
  • 【Ture 700 ANSI,4K Supported, Fully-Enclosed Engine】This 4K projector features genuine 700 ANSI brightness and is compatible with 4K decoding,1920*1080P resolution with ultra-high 20000:1 contrast ratio, HDR10 decoding technology, and 60Hz rate providing a special vivid, smoothly movie & gaming experience. The fully enclosed light engine with a Longer-Lasting & Dustproof Design protects it from black spots and screen burn-in, issues commonly associated with 1080P 4K projectors.
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[Auto Focus/4K Support] Projector with WiFi 6 and...
  • ➤【Innovative Auto Focus and Auto Keystone Correction】WiMiUS's first auto focus projector is here! P62 video projector adopts auto-focus and 6D auto-keystone technology, Say goodbye to troublesome manual adjustment, and you can get a clear rectangular picture within 5 seconds after starting up! The built-in displacement sensor can detect the movement of the projector at all times. Even if the projector is moved, the P62 can automatically adjust the focus and correct the image.
  • ➤【Native 1080P & 600 ANSI & 20000:1 Contrast Ratio】P62 WiFi and Bluetooth projector adopts imported concentrating technology glass lens, with high-definition native 1080P and 20000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, and supports 4K video. With 99% NTSC technology, it highly restores the original image without compressing the picture quality, giving you the best game and movie look and feel.
  • ➤【The First Wi-Fi 6 Projector】Wi-Fi 6 is not only compatible with 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, the maximum rate can reach 9.6G bps. As the first projector equipped with WiFi 6, the P62 can achieve smoother and more stable content transmission when used with a WiFi 6 router, and the projection will no longer be delayed and stuck, which greatly improves the gaming experience and wireless projection experience. Ideal for patrons who prefer a big screen movie/game experience.
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[Auto Focus/Keystone] Android TV Projector 4K with...
  • [Built-in Android System]: Q8 smart projector with built-in Android TV, includes 8000+ apps from app store, streaming over 1,000,000+ movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, no more hassles to buy an extra TV stick. In addition, the Android TV projector consists of HDMI*2/USB*2/AV/audio ports, can easily connect to Android/iOS/DVD. Backed up with a 3-YEAR warranty, professional customer service and lifetime tech support is available for updated apps download issues.
  • [800ANSI Native 1080P Projector 4K Supported]: VIZONY FHD movie projector provides superior image fidelity and precise color accuracy, especially offers an extra 85% brightness than other 1080P WiFi projectors on the market. Also supported by ultra HD 4K Videos (H.265) decoding, the home cinema projector displays smoother and stunning pictures, will give you a cinema theater experience. This 4K outdoor projector is also a great option for occasions as garden party, camping, yoga and live shows.
  • [Innovative Auto Focus/Keystone/4P4D]: VIZONY 4K video projector utilizes Auto Focus/Auto Keystone function to present clear pictures in only 3s by detecting real-time movements and automatically keeping your image to a rectangle, without troublesome manual operation and cutting the setup process in half. Combined with 4P4D keystone, image size of this HD projector can be adjusted horizontally/vertically manually. 50% zoom adjust the size from 50% to 100% without moving the projector.

Everything You Need to Know About 4k Projectors

When deciding to buy a 4K projector, there are a number of important issues to consider: don’t forget that there are various models of projectors and that each of them offers various performances. In addition, these tools can come at a very high price.

What Exactly Are 4K Projectors?

A projector is an electronic device which, through light and a system of lenses, projects images onto the surface towards which it is pointed. 4K projectors are tools that offer higher image resolution than Full HD, with approximately 4000 pixels of horizontal resolution.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 4K Projectors

With a 4K projector, it is possible to have a higher image quality on a screen bigger than that of a normal television: in this way you can experience a better immersion. Furthermore, since projectors are light and small instruments, they can be transported to many places.

Obviously, all this is to be added to the fact that, probably, you will need audio equipment and that every now and then you will have to replace the lamps (and they are not very cheap). To know the advantages and disadvantages of these devices, you can refer to this table.


  • Greater immersiveness
  • You can choose to change the screen size
  • They take up less space than televisions
  • Very simple installation and use
  • Possibility to easily transport them from one room to another
  • They are very versatile


  • Occasionally the bulb must be replaced
  • Independent audio equipment must be purchased

Who Should Buy a 4K Projector?

Without a doubt, there are many applications of projectors that make them excellent substitutes for televisions and monitors (for some uses). All this without forgetting their versatility and the excellent image quality they can offer.

They can be used for professional presentations related to graphic design, engineering, or architecture, but also by those who want to have a small cinema in their home.

How to Choose the Best 4K Projector

Unlike FullHD projectors, 4K projectors guarantee a much better video yield, but especially in cheap 4K projectors, the input resolution is unlikely to exceed 1080p: to reach the UltraHD format some technologies are used which, therefore, it is important to evaluate carefully before purchase.


The brightness in 4K projectors is measured in “lumens”, 1 lumen equals the brightness emitted by a candle and the concept is very simple: the higher the value in lumens, the greater the brightness of the 4K projector.

The evaluation of this feature depends very much on the conditions in which you want to use the projector, on the distance at which you will install it from the wall and on the room in which you will use it.

In general, however, these two guidelines can be taken into consideration: if you place the projector in a room that can be completely dark, then you could go towards a model with at least 1500 lumens.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the 4k projector even in a dark environment, then you will need to purchase a model with at least 2500 lumens.


The contrast is another factor to consider because it is precisely the contrast ratio that indicates the performance of the device in the light and dark areas of the projected image.

In essence, it is precisely the contrast ratio that in a 4K projector affects the shades of colors and the depths of blacks: it is indicated with a ratio of


In short, “distance” means the meters within which the 4K projector is able to guarantee an image of the highest quality. It is clear that, given the physical nature of the projection, the greater the distance, the greater the inches of the projected image.

And although it is an important factor to evaluate before buying a 4K projector, one thing must always be kept in mind: cheap 4K projectors are able to project images with a distance of about 3 meters, but our advice is to give more importance to the quality rather than the thumbs of the image.

Keystone Correction

Keystone correction is one of the functions that should not be missing in a 4K projector, not even in economic ones. It is a way in which the projector restores the geometry and proportions of the image and corrects all the distortions due to the position of the device: it is precisely this function that will allow, for example, to position the 4K projector on the ceiling or on the ground. , and still, have a perfectly rectangular projected image.

The Service Life of The Lamp

The lamp life of a 4K projector is measured in hours of use, and opting for a model that does not require continuous replacement could be a cure-all for your pockets.

But considering that practically all current models have a lamp life of over 10,000 hours, it could also take many years until a replacement is needed.


Although it may seem like a small factor, it is essential to evaluate the number of inputs that a 4K projector has. And this is one of the factors that most distinguishes 4K projectors from SD or FullHD ones.

Because if the latter generally have RCA, Cinch or BNC inputs; S-Video input; YUV (Sub DB15 or 3 x RCA / Cinch or 3 x BNC), RGB, RGBs or RGBHV (Sub DB15 or BNC) and DVI, in a 4K projector can not miss the HDMI input, or a DisplayPort and the most modern USB -C: these are the only inputs capable of supporting UltraHD resolution.


Noise is also a very important factor in choosing the best 4K projector. Because it is clear, if you want to relax watching an UltraHD movie on your sofa at home just as if you were at a cinema, it is essential that the projector used is not too loud and does not spoil the atmosphere (and the head).

All 4K projectors integrate a cooling fan, whose noise index is calculated in dB (decibels): our advice is to opt for a model that does not exceed 30 dB of noise.

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