12 Best Men Belts in 2023 for Every Type of Pants

The men’s belts are worn either because they add a touch of style to the outfit it is for the function they perform. It is, however, surprising how such a small accessory.

If compared to others – can have such a profound impact on the overall impression given by the wearer. That is, they can enhance and complete a dress, or create a disharmonious effect, attracting too much attention.

Right here we have selected the best men’s belts. These are available in different colors and types.

Steve Madden Men's Dress Casual Every Day Leather...
  • The Steve Madden's men's casual dress belt is the ideal belt to transition your outfit from casual daywear to work wear or dressy occasion.
  • Perfect men's casual dress belt that will soon become your favorite go-to everyday belt.
  • The perfect men's belt for jeans that can also convert into a men's dress belt and work belt.
SaleRANK NO. 2
Zitahli Belt Men, Ratchet Belt Dress with 1 3/8"...
  • EAST TO USE BELT FOR MEN-Just slide the dress belt into the sliding buckle and pull leather belt through, the ratchet buckle auto-locks.To release the ratchet belt, gently push the release lever on the side of the automatic buckle and lock will snap. Simple, smooth and sleek!
  • EXACT FIT MEN'S SLIDE BELT-Zitahli's click belt allows for up to 1/5" adjustments for perfect fit everywhere. The micro adjustable belt features an easily removable buckle that allows you to cut the black jean belt to your Ideal size(Size mark on the belt strap). Complete your look with our comfortable fit mens belts.
  • REINFORCED BELT AND BUCKLE-Our Black/Brown ratchet belts for men is made of premium high-quality leather with great Special craftsmanship for lasting wear. And the buckle is plated with high-strength alloy, which makes it SCRATCH RESISTANT and DURABLE.
Timberland Men's 35mm Classic Jean Belt, Dark...
  • Mens leather belt made with 100% genuine leather with single loop antique finish buckle
  • Perfect mens casual belt that will soon become your favorite go to everyday leather belt
  • The perfect mens belt for jeans that can also convert into a mens dress belt and work belt
SaleRANK NO. 4
Dickies Men's Casual Leather Belt, Black, 36
  • CASUAL TIMELESS DESIGN: Adding a touch of style to your jeans or khakis is now a no-brainer. The belt strap features two rows of stitches on edges, a matte finish harness buckle and a pointed tip that finish off the classic silhouette of the belt.
  • 100% LEATHER: Crafted from genuine leather, this high-quality belt provides you a nice and clean look to complement any outfit. The sleek and smooth leather strap is perfect to finish off any outfit.
  • DICKIES QUALITY: At Dickies, we take pride in designing belts that are made for your everyday life. From work to family time, we craft sturdy, yet fashionable belts that you can wear anytime and anywhere.
SaleRANK NO. 5
CHAOREN Leather Ratchet Belt Men - Customizable...
  • Customizable Fit: Achieve the perfect fit with our innovative rachette belt. Enjoy up to 1/5" adjustments, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit everywhere you go. The easily removable buckle allows you to cut the belt to your ideal size, making it tailored to your unique style. Sharp, sleek, and attractive - adjustable dress belt accentuates your personality with confidence!
  • Effortless to Use: Experience the ultimate convenience with our black leather belt. Simply slide it into the sliding buckle, pull it through, and the click-it buckle automatically locks in place. Releasing the belt is just as easy - gently push the lever on the side of the automatic buckle, and the lock snaps shut. Enjoy the seamless simplicity and smoothness of our ratchet belt design.
  • Maximum Durability: Crafted with genuine leather, our men's belts for jeans present a refined and high-textured look. The high-density stylish buckle is not only lighter but also scratch-resistant, ensuring the belt's longevity and durability. Embrace the perfect blend of style and durability with CR!
Levi's Men's Reversible Casual Jeans Belt,...
  • REVERSIBLE CONSTRUCTION: The reversible design has a rotative square buckle with an engraved Levi's logo that you can reverse with ease. Simply pull up the buckle at the hinge while rotating it and put it back in place to use your belt one way or another.
  • STYLE: This 2-in-1 versatile belt from Levi's offers up double the styling options while buying just one belt. The casual design of this stitched belt is perfect to be paired your favorite pair of khakis or jeans. The width of this strap is 1.6"
  • SIMPLE SIZING: For best fit, order a size 2" larger than your waist size. If your waist size is 34", order belt size 36". Alpha size info: Small (30"- 32"), Medium (34"- 36"), Large (38"- 40"), Extra Large (42"- 44")
Timberland PRO Men's 38mm Boot Leather Belt,...
  • Men's leather belt made with 100 percent genuine leather for a soft smooth feel. Sizing: order 1 size larger than your pant size for the best fit
  • Perfect men's durable work belt that will soon become your favorite go-to durable leather belt
  • The perfect men's belt for hard work that can also convert into a men's casual belt
SaleRANK NO. 8
Timberland mens Classic Leather Reversible Belt,...
  • MEN’S 100% REVERSIBLE LEATHER BELT: Timberland reversible belt for men is made with 100% genuine leather and has a single-loop silver buckle design and feathered edges. It’s a perfect everyday casual mens belt leather. The belt width is 1.4 inch
  • CASUAL OR DRESS BELT: This leather mens belt is a versatile belt, it’s the perfect mens belt for jeans but easily converts into a dress belt. The precision manufacturing ensures durability, making it a great work belt as well as a mens belt casual
  • ONE BELT TWO COLORS: The Timberland Men’s Reversible Leather Belt is reversible and has one black side and one brown side. You can purchase one belt and get a black mens belt and a brown mens belt for the price of one
Tommy Hilfiger mens Reversible Belt, Black/Dark...
  • REVERSIBLE DESIGN: The 2-in-1 reversible design offers double the styling options while buying just one belt. Reverse the rotative buckle by simply pulling up the buckle at the hinge while rotating it and put it back in place to wear one way or another
  • TRADITIONAL STYLE: This classic men's belt is the perfect addition to your accessory collection. The belt strap switches from black to tan to help provide endless style options while not taking up space in your closet.
  • SIZE: For best fit, order a belt two inches larger than your pant size. For example, if your pant size is 36 inches, order belt size 38. Available in regular sizes 30”-44”.
SaleRANK NO. 10
Dickies Men's Big & Tall Leather Double Prong...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: If you are looking for a belt that reflects your outstanding personality, this double prong and double holes jeans belt might be the one. The unique design of this casual belt won’t let you go unnoticed.
  • 100% LEATHER: Crafted from 100% leather, this high-quality leather belt gives you a nice and clean look with any looks. The sleek and smooth strap leather is perfect to finish off any of your outfit.
  • SIZING: For best fit, select belt size 2 inches larger than your pant size. For example, if your pant size is 34, shop belt size 36. Strap is 1.5 inches wide for a standard fit that will fit all of the belt loops in your closet.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Men Belts

Belt knowledge is not so profound for most men. Therefore, today, we will tell you how this accessory is made. We will show you the main types, indicating when to wear one, when the other and with what.

Anatomy of A Belt

The main parts of a belt are the buckle and the strap. Many also have a loop that serves to ensure that once connected, and the free part does not flourish.

The tip is the end that protects against damage/fraying. It is usually made of leather, but it can also have metal or fabric finishes, both for decorative reasons and for resistance over time.

Type: Formal vs Sports Men’s Belts

To orient yourself, you can make a macro-distinction between formal and sport belts.

Formal Belts

One way to recognize a formal belt is to look at its buckle. This is elegant and usually square, of dimensions more contained than those that are located on those sports, as well as more flat.

The height of the strap is around 3.5-4 cm on average. To the eye, then, this type of Belt is shiny, while to the touch, it is particularly soft. They are always produced in leather – the most prestigious are those of full grain leather.

The black and brown are the most traditional colors in which they are produced, but you may also find them in dark blue and grey. The seams are always toned on tone.

Formal belts include the classic ones that have all the characteristics listed above, but they can have rounded buckles and even contrasting stitching. As for the width of the strap, always remember that the more it grows, the less the accessory will be formal and elegant.

Style Tips for Wearing Formal Belts

When wearing a formal belt, be careful to match the leathers and metals. The strap must not only be of the same color, but also of the same level of shine as your shoes and any other leather accessories that may be worn.

Likewise, the buckle should also be the same color as your other metal accessories and jewellery (except for your wedding ring, which may be in contrast).

Sports Belts

Sports belts have a wider buckle than formal ones, they can be higher, and their strap can be leather, but usually, it is more rough, rigid and often opaque. When they are produced in this material, they are made with the outer layers.

That is, they can include signs of scars or marks that the animal has acquired during its life. As for the width of the strap, the range is from 3.8 to 4.5 cm. Here too, increasing the width will proportionally increase the degree of the informality of the same.

Style Tips for Wearing Sports Belts

Compared to formal models, this type of Belt requires less care. The key to observe will never be to wear them with elegant clothes. At most, on a linen suit – like the ones we suggested you bring in the summer – you can combine a woven fabric belt to recall the naturalness of natural fibre.

Generally speaking, choose a sports belt when wearing jeans and a sports jacket. Ideal, for example, one in suede (also perfect with chinos) or one with relief printed motifs – such as that of Orciani – to give a touch of personality to your look.

How to Choose the Right Size?

Have you ever wondered what the right belt size for your waistline is?

If you don’t know how to answer, take the one you usually wear and with a measuring tape measure the distance between the most used hole and the end of the buckle. The resulting number is the size of your waist, to which you should ideally add about 15 cm to find the correct size to buy.

We said to refer to the most used strap hole. The etiquette of the male Belt provides that should always be fastened to the third hole, the central one. A rule to be applied both in the case of standard 5-hole belts and in the case of a hand strap.

Here we also shared a video guide that will show basics rules about that.

When You Must Wear a Belt?

In general, you should wear a belt with all types of pants, including jeans. Passers-by are born for this reason. Leaving them in view without the male accessory designed to complete them could make you look sloppy.

The only circumstances in which you will be allowed not to bring this accessory are three when you are invited to wear a tailcoat, when you participate in an event with a black-tie dress code or when you decide to wear pants without belt loops recently proposed by some fashion houses.

Doubts about what is the black-tie dress code? Here is a quick guide to consulting? If it is true that the Belt must always be worn with formal clothes (except for the exceptions mentioned above), when can you opt for suspenders? These are certainly a viable alternative for more casual outfits. Excellent for more adult and “soft” men.

They manage to dampen attention from the waist, lengthening the figure without breaking the body line. Prohibited, however, put them together with a belt. It would seem that you don’t know what you are doing or that you are very worried about running out of pants!

How to Match Men’s Belts?

How to match a belt with a dress? First, of course, pay attention to the color. Shoes and Belt, in most cases, must have similar or identical shades.

On sport belts, this exact match is not required. You could wear a pair of sneakers in canvas and coloured leather-like those of Premiata – without them recalling the Belt.

They will rather match the prevailing shades of your clothing. If in doubt, we recommend that you always wear dark brown – a very good idea.

What Are the Must-Have Belts?

You are without belts or want to redo your wardrobe from scratch. There are three pieces to have to allow you maximum expression on countless combinations and styles of clothing. We list them to you.

  1. Evening Dress Belt: less than 4 cm wide, choose it in black or dark brown leather, shiny and not decorated. The buckle must be small, smooth, shiny, silver or gold color – burnished at most – rectangular.
  2. Casual Belt: it is the perfect accessory for jeans. Make sure it is about 4 cm tall. You can choose it in blue, brown or tan, in natural, matt or suede leather. If, on the other hand, you prefer an accessory capable of capturing attention. Buy it hoarded or decorated like those of Orciani. The buckle may be larger than the formal Belt and other shapes (rounded, square or boxed).
  3. Braided Belt in Webbed Fabric: perfect for the summer it will be less than 5 cm wide. Buy it in a color that can match with the rest of your wardrobe (rope, beige, sage green, blue, brown …) and wear it with chinos or even shorts for a boat look.

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