6 Best Kindles for Reading in 2023 – Top Rated Picks

The idea of ​​having hundreds of books always with you, reading them without straining your eyes, and buying them with a simple “click” has transformed ebook readers into work, study, and entertainment companions essential for many people. I bet you are thinking of buying one too. Did I guess? Well, then take five minutes and let me help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

There are many ebook readers, of all sizes and all price ranges. To distinguish them, however, there are not only technical characteristics.

In addition to hardware parameters such as the screen size or the amount of memory present in the device, the cloud services associated with the latter must be taken into consideration.

As well as the stores from which it is possible to buy and/or download ebooks and many other features that at first glance they could be forgotten. Here we will be listing the 13 best kindles for readings.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8"...
  • Kindle Paperwhite – Now with a 6.8” display and thinner borders, adjustable warm light, up to 10 weeks of battery life, and 20% faster page turns.
  • Purpose-built for reading – With a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight.
  • More books in more places – Store thousands of titles, then take them all with you. A single charge via USB-C last weeks, not hours.
Kindle – The lightest and most compact Kindle,...
  • The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharp text and images.
  • Read comfortably with a glare-free, paper-like display. The adjustable front light and dark mode make reading effortless, day and night.
  • Get lost in your story. Tune out messages, emails, and social media with a distraction-free device specifically made for reading.
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB) –...
  • Get more with Signature Edition – Everything in the Kindle Paperwhite, plus wireless charging, auto-adjusting front light, and 32 GB storage.
  • Purpose-built for reading – With a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight.
  • More reading time – A single charge via USB-C or compatible Qi wireless charger (sold separately) now lasts up to 10 weeks.
Kindle Oasis – With 7” display and page turn...
  • Our best 7", 300 ppi flush-front Paperwhite display.
  • Adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber.
  • Waterproof (IPX8) so you can read in the bath or by the pool. Your Kindle has been tested to withstand accidental immersion in water.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Amazon Kindle Scribe (16 GB) the first Kindle and...
  • THE ONLY KINDLE WITH A DIGITAL NOTEBOOK AND PEN – Read and write down thoughts in books or a separate notebook, distraction free. Selected one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2023.
  • EXPLORE KINDLE NOTEBOOKS – A digital notebook you can write on. Journal, sketch, take notes, and more.
  • CONVERT HANDWRITTEN NOTES TO TEXT – View or share your notes with contacts and browse notes on the go through the Kindle app.
Kindle Kids (2022 release) – If it breaks, we...
  • Great value – Kindle Kids (2022 release) now with an upgraded high-resolution display, 2x the storage, and longer battery life. Includes a cover, 1 year of Amazon Kids+, and 2-year warranty - up to $209 value.
  • Amazon Kids+ is a subscription designed for kids aged 3-12 to safely learn, grow, and explore. On Kindle, kids can have unlimited access to thousands of books, and hundreds of audiobooks. After 1 year, your subscription will automatically renew every month starting at just $4.99/month plus applicable tax. You may cancel at any time by visiting the Amazon Parent Dashboard or contacting Customer Service.
  • Establish healthy reading habits – kids read, on average, more than an hour a day when they sit down with their Kindle.

Everything You Need to Know About Best Kindles

Kindles are the best-known and best-selling ebook readers, they have an excellent quality/price ratio and can count on Amazon’s efficient and diversified services. But which one to buy among all those available? Please read our guide, and we help you find the model that best suits your needs. Don’t miss the bottom ranking with the review of the best Kindle for us this year.

Quality Price

Amazon launched the first Kindle in 2009, and since then, there have been a dozen versions, each increasingly evolved – and expensive – than the previous one.

Which one to choose then? There is a clear difference between the Kindle 1, 2, and 3 and those of subsequent generations. The former has an integrated keyboard, are more bulky in size, and have fewer functions.

Today they seem to belong to a very distant past, but this is not the case. The advantage is that they have a cost accessible to all budgets, ideal for those who want to spend as little as possible. The turning point came with the Kindle Touch, which eliminated the keyboard and increased the functions; subsequent versions represent continuous evolutions.

Those who compare prices and performances will notice that the most appreciated and sold models are not necessarily the latest arrivals. These, while unbeatable in terms of reading quality and comfort of use, cost two or three times higher than a good Kindle with essential functions.

The screen of a simple model is much higher than that of a tablet. The battery has been improved and lasts for weeks, not hours, allowing you to read everything you want practically without interruptions. The size and weight are reduced, allowing you to carry the Kindle with you everywhere, even in your pocket.


Kindle is also a strong ally to encourage children to read and understand foreign and Italian words, thanks to particular quick and straightforward to use functions.

By selecting a name with your finger, the definition appears, while it is possible to highlight it, add a note, review all the words whose meaning you have searched for. Check that the Kindle you want to buy allows you to do all this.

They are using Wi-Fi connectivity or the most advanced 3G to access Amazon for free takes just a few seconds to connect to the store and download a new book. A relationship allows parents to know what their children read and how much time they spend reading, and can also establish rewards if specific goals are achieved.

A new solution proposed by the American multinational is to offer two versions, one with a small advertising content at the end, which ensures savings on the initial cost, and a normal one without advertising.

Comfort of Use

Kindle is, if not the best brand of e-readers, the best known. It ensures considerable comfort of use, but the various models differ in weight and size, so if you want maximum comfort, you may prefer a particularly compact and light version.

Of course, the screen is another fundamental discriminant because it improves reading, making it more restful, in some cases allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Even a higher resolution makes it more pleasant: the Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite, for example, reach 300 PPI; the latter, moreover, has a more distinct character that tires the eyes even less.

Good Screen but Touch to Review

For many regular readers, the transition from paper to an ebook can be traumatic. Still, once you are used to it, you appreciate the countless advantages of an ebook reader such as Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, probably the primary device in this sector. One of the aspects that most pleased the readers is the high definition screen.

And the list of strengths could belong; let’s try to summarize. They start with adjustable lighting with which you can read safely, even in the dark and without straining your eyes. But let’s take the opposite example, that is when there is too much light.

How often have you happened to not see anything on your tablet because there is too much sunlight? With this Kindle, the problem does not arise. A note, in truth, there is to move. The touchscreen did not convince. Given that seconds different readers respond slowly.

Comfortable to Support

Another strong point that we consider appropriate to bring to the attention of the reader is reading comfort: the ebook reader can be supported with one hand and for a long time without getting tired.

The reason? First of all, it’s a light device, and it’s really thin. If you like reading, especially while traveling, perhaps by train, the Kindle Paperwhite will surprise you with how comfortable it is.

More than satisfactory, the battery life, which, with the appropriate precautions, can last up to six weeks. If you are a voracious reader who is not satisfied with a half-hour of daily reading, the estimates must be seen in a significant drop but there is still something to be satisfied.

Add Your Notes

A function that is probably underestimated but which we think is very useful is that which allows you to add notes in the margin. Many readers have this “vice” of taking notes, writing down notes and so on. Let’s think about the great utility that this function can have for students.

We also got a good impression from the characters, very accurate and well defined, in our opinion. The function for scrolling the page, then, allows you to move from one chapter to another or even just a few pages without ever losing your mark.

If you are often away from home, it is better to take the model with Wi-Fi + 3G, it costs something more but allows you, for example, to buy books even when you are out and about.

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