9 Best Potty Training Seats in 2023 – Reviewed & Rated

The potty training seat can be considered almost a blessing when the time comes to say goodbye to the diaper. Instead, for the little ones, having to learn to use the bathroom and to manage the “sphincter control” actually represents a big commitment.

They are often too caught up in their games to take responsibility for something that is far from their interests. To facilitate this change, parents or carers must have a positive, understanding and patient attitude, as this type of learning takes time and dedication.

Here we had listed out the best potty training seats that are presented below.

Munchkin® Sturdy™ Potty Training Seat, Green
  • Portable toddler potty seat, perfect for potty training boys and girls
  • Contoured to hold child securely in place.Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean
  • Nonskid edge ensures that seat doesn't move
SaleRANK NO. 2
Toilet Potty Training Seat with Step Stool...
  • FITS MOST TOLIET SHAPES AND SIZE: SKYROKU kids potty training seat fits all standard size and elongated toilet seats(like V/U/O shape.NOT for square ). Foldable design make the potty training ladder moves easily, you can put toilet training seat aside when you don't need it.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: This upgraded toilet seat contains many advantages:(1) design for adjustable ladder for different height; (2) design for protecting the spine; (3) design to avoid splashing urine; (4) design of soft and removable cushion for comfortable and clean use; (5) foldable design; (6) rotating design for adjusting different toilet.
  • SUPER STURDY: Made of PP material, can hold 75kg(165lb) mostly, sturdy enough when your toddler climbs up/down. Also environmental friendly.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Rabb 1st Potty Training Seat, Upgrade Toddler...
  • 🧸Heighte Adjustable - The Rabb 1st potty training seat features 6 adjustable positions, and we've included detachable screws so you can easily raise or lower the children's toilet ladder by up to 3 inches, ensuring a perfect fit on any surface. Our product's stability is a testament to a mother's trust in our brand.
  • 🧸Soft Cushion - Our potty training seat with step stool comes equipped with a waterproof PVC seat cushion that is soft to the touch, providing protection for children's sensitive skin. It also remains comfortable to use during winter months without feeling cold.
  • 🧸2-in-1 Usage - Our multifunctional toilet training seat can be used as a step stool for children to reach higher places, making it convenient for your little ones to brush their teeth or reach for items. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy for children to carry on their own, and the foldable design makes it easy to store.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Ingenuity: ity by Ingenuity Flip & Sit Potty Seat...
  • This semi-permanent potty seat allows adults to still easily use the toilet during the potty training process; simply flip it up and out of the way as it blends in seamlessly with the toilet seat
  • This toddler potty seat has double-sided adhesive tape strips that easily attach to the lid of an adult toilet seat (designed to fit most round and elongated seats), no tools required
  • Avoid excess clutter in the bathroom with the ITY by Ingenuity Flip & Sit Potty Seat, which takes up less space than a traditional toddler potty
Bluey Soft Potty Seat - Potty Training Toilet...
  • MADE IN THE USA: Durably constructed potty seat is made in the USA and built to last
  • EASY GRIP HANDLES: Patented easy grip handles help build confidence and security
  • FITS MOST TOILETS: Securely fits on most regular and elongated toilets
Frida Baby Fold-and-Go Potty Seat for Toilet |...
  • GO ON THE GO: Fits most toilets to make potty training on the go or during travel easier for parents and toddlers or kids
  • COMPACT + LIGHTWEIGHT: Portable design folds to fit in your diaper or handbag for use on the go
  • TRAVEL BAG INCLUDED: Fits into included travel bag for discrete use and storage in public
Zieyeen Potty Training Seat with Step Stool...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The baby potty training seat with step stool ladder is designed with 5 small adjustable height holes on the bottom pedal pole, the comfortable potty chair also includes removable screws, the adjustment range is about 1-5cm, so you can flexibly adjust the height according to your baby's growth. When not in use, the potty chair for toddlers can be easily folded and stored compactly and safely under the sink cabinet or in a wall gap, which is a huge space saver.
  • SOFT REMOVABLE PVC CUSHION: The potty seat for toilet comes with a high quality PP material+waterproof PVC seat cushion - no more hard and cold plastic seat, soft and comfortable, adapts to temperature changes, so that your baby will no longer resist going to the toilet in the cold winter. Toddler potty training toilet seat makes cleaning easier, no need to worry about moldy dirt hurting baby's skin, providing baby with a quality and comfortable toilet experience!
  • DEEPENED RECESS TO PREVENT URINE SPILLING: The potty training seat for boys has a raised splash-proof design in the middle of the seat, with 2.8inch deepened arc recesses to effectively prevent urine spilling, and the recesses are easy to clean with no dead space. The wrap-around backrest design protects the baby's spine and prevents toddlers from leaning backward and causing panic.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Jool Baby Potty Training Seat for Boys and Girls...
  • Our Toilet Training Seat with handles fits most standard toilets securely.
  • Specially Designed Splash Guard: Prevents urine from spilling out of the toilet and keeps your bathroom clean!
  • Made with a non-slip material & handles, allowing your child to gain confidence when using the bathroom as a beginner.
Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder for...
  • Foldable Design:Potty training seat fits all standard size and elongated toilet seats. with the foldable design, make the potty training ladder moves easily or storage
  • Adjustable Leg:Potty Training Seat with adjustable height in Leg. It is convenient for different kids needs
  • Sturdy enough: Potty Training Seat are made of friendly PP material, it can hold 75kg(165lb) when your toddler climbs up/down. Sturdy enough

Potty Training Seat Buyer Guide

Given the wide choice of baby potties available on the market, it is normal that you have doubts about which model is most suitable for your son or daughter.

Furthermore, let’s imagine how many doubts you will have on the subject of “sphincter control”. For this reason, we have prepared a series of frequently asked questions for you, which will help you answer your questions.

What Is a Baby Toilet?

A children’s toilet is a potty, generally made of plastic, which adapts in size and shape to the reality of children. We have a wide range of different designs, colours, sizes and some more creative models that look like toys with music and lights.

The advantages of a potty for children are many. In particular, we emphasize the interest that children can feel at the mere sight. They are made to measure, which is why children love to sit on them. T

here is another advantage not to be overlooked: baby potties are much safer than a regular toilet since the latter has a much larger diameter than our children’s bottom.

What Potty Models for Children Can I Find?

The market offers a wide variety of choice of baby potties to choose from to buy the model that best suits our little one, also according to our needs.

There are colourful wall potties, which are perfect if we want our son to pee on his feet. And there are also some simple folding reducers, which adapt to the traditional toilet.

Also, there are baby potties that resemble adults’ toilets in color and shape. Some are equipped with toilet paper roll holders, and others have a fake “flush toilet” with its lid, very useful for storing wet wipes, storybooks or toys. Also, there are transportable jars, some folding, and others that close as if they were briefcases, perfect for any movements.

Is the Baby Potty Incompatible with The Diaper?

No, it is not incompatible. You can start by familiarizing the baby with the potty, without having to get rid of the diaper. Maybe, you can alternate the use of the potty with a diaper panty.

Or you can use both at the same time and then, remove the diaper gradually while the child understands that he has to use only the potty. Remember that we are talking about a process that takes time and that children do not achieve this from morning to night.

There will be ups and downs, and you will need to be psychologically prepared. You may happen to believe that your child is finally able to control the sphincters, but then something happens in your lives that makes him regress, and he wants the diaper again. So be patient.

What Exactly Is Sphincter Control?

Sphincter control represents an important milestone in the development of children. It is a process related to the learning of hygiene habits related to “pee” and “pupu”. Not only do the children manage to hold back, but they recognize the place and the right ways to do their needs.

It is a goal that is fixed for around 2-3 years. All babies, on a scale of normal development, sooner or later drop out of the diaper. However, this result can be achieved at different times in children’s lives, depending on everyone’s neurological maturity.

However, we must encourage and direct this process, since it constitutes important learning for the autonomy and integration of the child in the school and social sphere.

Where Can I Place Baby Potty in House?

It would be better not to. It is advisable to place the potty in the bathroom at home, so children will learn to recognize which is the right place to “poop” and “pee”.

It is also useful for teaching your children to be more organized and to let them discover the secret of order: “a place for everything and everything in its place”. We also suggest that you invite your child to accompany you to the bathroom. You will see that he will imitate you.

Also, by always having the potty in the bathroom, you will avoid bad smells or disasters from happening in places in the house that are normally more difficult to wash.

And that’s what usually happens when the baby gets up or down from the toilet. In this regard, large and heavy potties and those that have a non-slip base are very useful.

How to Choose the Potty Training Seats?

Before making a purchase, it is important to read up well. The offer of baby potties is very wide, and if you know the most relevant aspects to consider, looking for the model that best suits your needs will be simple.

Right here we had shared a proper video guide so that you can choose and pick the best potty training seats for your children.

Design and Accessories

Have you ever thought how decisive the choice of a coloured potty or particular shapes that attract the attention of your children can be? Normally it is fun for them to sit on a potty made in bright colours and that has the shape of an animal.

Some potties even have cheerful lights and sound to draw the attention of our little ones and encourage them to do their little ones.

Remember that you can also choose potties that look like miniature toilets for adults, with handles and dispenser of wet wipes or toilet paper.

The little ones love to play the grown-ups and to imitate everything adults do. Therefore, these toilets with “real” shape and colours can very much please children. And they’re even more fun if they make a sound “when you pull the chain”.


We cannot forget that, in addition to looking for a nice potty, we must also find one for which our little one feels comfortable. There are ergonomic models, with back and armrests.

But sometimes, our children feel more comfortable on a small, backless potty. You are the person who best knows your child’s tastes, don’t forget to choose a potty that offers him greater comfort.


You need to think about your child’s safety and choose an appropriately sized potty, from which he cannot easily slide or fall.

You can look for a potty with a non-slip base, with back and armrests. You could also opt for seats or reducers that fit the toilet. Some have ladders with non-slip handles.


The dimensions are related to comfort and safety. It is important to consider the weight and stature of your son or daughter to choose an appropriate size potty.

This will help your child sit on the toilet with a correct posture, without, for example, having to bend over. If you make sure that his feet touch the ground, you will also avoid bad falls.

Therefore, you should avoid choosing a potty that is too small or too large for your child’s size. Children indeed grow up quickly, and we often prefer to buy things a little larger than necessary to make them last longer. But in the case of a potty for children, it is better to look for a tailor-made one to avoid unexpected events.

Material and Cleaning

When it comes to our children, we always want the best for them. For this reason, among the aspects to consider, it is very important to choose a potty for children made of resistant, but above all non-harmful and ecological materials.

Some potties are made with PP (polypropylene), an excellent quality plastic considered eco-compatible. Also, don’t forget that you will have to wash this potty frequently.

For this, choose one that is easy to clean, or that is equipped with a removable tray. Some accessories allow you to keep it cleaner. A child potty with splash guard, for example, is of great help in keeping the environment in which it is located clean.

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