The 13 Best Wireless Mouse on 2022 – Top Rated Picks

After doing the tantrums for a few days, did your computer mouse stop working? Good, that is bad, but at least now you have a valid excuse to buy a new one! In this regard, how about replacing your old mouse with a wireless mouse?

How do you say? They cost too much, they are not very precise, and you don’t know if your computer “digests” them? I’m sorry, but I think you’re not very up to date on the subject.

Right below, we had listed out the best models of the best wireless mouses.

SaleRANK NO. 1
LED Wireless Mouse, Uiosmuph G12 Slim Rechargeable...
  • Rechargeable: Built-in rechargeable battery, no need change battery. Special soundless design for the right and left buttons, won’t disturb others.
  • Colorful Light: 7 different color changes randomly while in use, offering soothing lighting, creating cool and fancy atmosphere for work and play.
  • Energy Saving: The mouse will be in sleep mode in 8 mins of inactivity. And the LED light can be turned off by the bottom light switch.
SaleRANK NO. 2
Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse - DPI...
  • Compact wireless mouse with adjustable DPI for preferred sensitivity (600, 1000, 1600, 2400, or 3600 DPI)
  • Advanced optical sensor; works on most surfaces; clickable metallic scroll wheel; back/forward thumb buttons for easily navigating web pages
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection (does not support Bluetooth) with a 33-foot range; uses AES-128 encryption for added security; this mouse uses a small USB receiver that can stay plugged into your computer without obstructing other ports
SaleRANK NO. 3
Wireless Computer Mouse, cimetech 2.4G Slim...
  • ▶ 3 ADJUSTABLE DPI: 800,1200,1600 DPI, easily change the cursor sensitivity depending on your activity. Computer mouse comes with a Nano receiver (stored in the back of the wireless mouse with magnetic force). No need any driver, and you can plug and play the wireless mouse for laptop directly.
  • ▶ Efficient Wireless Transmission: Powerful, reliable 2.4GHz wireless mouse connection with high anti-interference performance with 50ft/15M transmission distance. A Mini USB receiver supports plug and play.
  • ▶ Longer lifespan: Laptop mouse passed 5,000,000 times keystroke test to guarantee extra durability. Switch button on the back of this cordless mouse to save power. And it will enter sleep mode after 15 minutes of no-operation. Press any button to wake it up.
Wireless Mouse - 2.4G Slim Portable Computer Mouse...
  • 2.4GHz Stable Wireless Connection - A tiny wireless receiver (stored in back of the mouse) provides stronger anti-interference ability, faster transmission speed and more reliable connection up to 15m (49 feet), without any hassle of additional wire and driver. Just plug and play.
  • Enduring Quality & Power Saving - High DPI Movement resolution allows the mouse to track on nearly any surface. Rated to 5 million comfortable clicks. Turn into sleep mode in 8 minutes of inactivity for energy saving, easily activated by clicking any button. 1 AA Battery (NOT Included) is needed for this mouse.
  • Ergonomic Shape & Bright Color - Slim ergonomic design and smooth frosted surface for an incredible user experience. Bright gradient mint green to purple show your individuality.
Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Wireless...
  • Long-lasting and Versatile: Designed for endurance with 24-month battery life (1), M720 is compatible with computers, laptops and tablets, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and iPadOS.
  • Comfortable Grip: Crafted for the right hand, this full-sized wireless PC mouse features a rubber body and a sculpted design for palm rest grip and comfort like never before
  • Hyper-Fast Scrolling: Fly through long documents and web pages with a simple spin of the mouse wheel with the additional instant-stop feature and an option to switch to click-to-click scrolling
Logitech M170 Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz with USB...
  • Optical - wireless - Radio frequency - black - USB - computer - scroll wheel - 2 buttons) - symmetrical
  • Radio frequency wireless connectivity offers more freedom for people who want to control their computers from a distance
  • Built-in 2-Buttons and scrolling wheel for fast page navigation and better control over browsers' Tabs
WisFox 2.4G Wireless Mouse for Laptop, Ergonomic...
  • ▶[COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN] WisFox Wireless Mouse is really well-built and still feels very light, with a clean design and sleek aesthetic. Contoured Shape for the ultimate comfort of use. Sweat-Resistant Coating to further elevate your experience. All in all, this is a comfortable, functional and satisfying laptop mouse for chromebook, home, work, or travel.
  • ▶[3 DPI LEVELS & 6 BUTTONS] 3 Adjustable DPI Settings, 800, 1200 and 1600. This computer mouse gives precision tracking on just about any surface, with a DPI button helping to change the sensitivity on the fly. Extra 2 Side Buttons ideal for both work and gaming. Plug and play directly with A RECEIVER STORED IN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT, no any driver needed!
  • ▶[HIGH DURABILITY & STABLE SINGAL] 5 Million Times Keystroke Test to guarantee superb durability of this cordless mouse, together with advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology to ensure strong accurate connection to your computer, as well as a longer working distance of 33 feet. Easy and convenient. Go ahead, and enjoy being more productive with the USB mouse!
Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse for PC with...
  • Your hand can relax in comfort hour after hour with this ergonomically designed mouse. Its contoured shape with soft rubber grips, gently curved sides and broad palm area give you the support you need for effortless control all day long.
  • You’ve got the control to do more, faster. Flipping through photo albums and Web pages is a breeze, especially for right-handers—with three standard buttons plus Back/Forward buttons that you can also program to switch applications, go full screen and more. And side-to-side scrolling plus zoom gives you the power to scroll horizontally and vertically through your music library, maps and Facebook feeds, and zoom in and out of photos and budget spreadsheets with a click.
  • 2 years of battery life practically eliminates the need to replace batteries. The On/Off switch helps conserve power, smart sleep mode extends battery life and an indicator light eliminates surprises.
seenda Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Noiseless Mouse with...
  • 💕 Wireless Mouse with More Color -- If you want a cute, colorful mouse, this should be the one. Also, the various color option and the compact size make it the best choice to help your kids work well on their E-Learning on their laptops
  • 💕 Plug & Play Super Easy to Use -- Really plug & play design, no drivers need to be installed. 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology provides a powerful and reliable connection up to 33ft
  • 💕 Portable Size & Noiseless Mouse -- Portable design make it easy to store in bag for traveling, responsive buttons provides very soft click with less noise, no more disturbing for others with the loud clicking sound
SaleRANK NO. 10
【Upgrade】 LED Wireless Mouse, Rechargeable...
  • 【2020 Latest Upgrade LED Design】The upgraded version mouse with the LED lights adds more fun to the boring office life. The bottom of the mouse has a switch, you can switch lights freely. Low-key or sparkle, switch in one second, suitable for any occasion.
  • 【Rechargeable Optical Mouse】Built-in durable rechargeable battery, it can be easily charged using the included USB cable without replacing the battery. Just 2 hours charging, you can use it about 7-15 days. Standby time is very long, energy-saving features, automatic sleep mode and wake-up mode are installed to save energy. Turn off the mouse LED light when not in use to save power.
  • 【Plug and Play】No need to install any driver, just plug the USB receiver into your laptop will the mouse start to serve. 2.4GHz wireless technology provides powerful and reliable connection, effective up to 10 meters of range. Advanced optical tracking technology with fast click and responsiveness. 3-Level adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600 DPI), freely to satisfy daily work. Equipped with USB-C to USB adapter, let you worry-free use of any device.
SaleRANK NO. 11
HP Wireless Mouse X3000 G2 (28Y30AA, Black)
  • Wireless convenience: No more wires with the reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Dependable power: Efficient battery life delivers up to 15 months of everyday use
  • Contoured comfort: A contoured shape designed for all-day comfort in either hand
SaleRANK NO. 12
VersionTECH. Wireless Gaming Mouse, Rechargeable...
  • Durable and Noiseless Clicking: The wireless mouse passes over 5000000 keystroke clicks test, ensure a long time and precise operation. Both left and right buttons are adopted with noiseless design, quiet clicks free your worry about bothering others and keep you stay focused on gaming and working.
  • Rechargeable Wireless Mouse: Built-in rechargeable battery and charging cable, no need to change batteries. In addition, the mouse equipped with advanced smart power-saving technology, the mouse will auto-enter sleep mode after 8 minutes of no-operation. Note: the mouse cursor will move slowly, unstable or stop moving at low battery.
  • RGB 7-Color Breathing Light: Unique lightning crackle design combining with 7 colors breathing LED light,multiple colors change automatically, highlights the atmosphere of gaming especially at night. Please note that Light mode will speed up the battery consumption, turn off the light while you don't use the mouse.
SaleRANK NO. 13
HOTWEEMS D-09 Wireless Mouse for Laptop -...
  • 【Less Muscle Strain Ergonomics】Advanced ergonomic computer mouse provides total comfort with 30° ergonomic handshake angel, contoured grips and premium matte finish.
  • 【Faster Wireless Transmission Speed】 33FT 2.4G wireless connection reduces all the interference and delays. Just plug the USB receiver into pc or laptop and your D-09 works instantly.
  • 【3X Less Hand Movement】800-2400 DPI high precision sensor reduces muscle fatigue and boost your workflow. Cursor moves 3X faster than basic computer wireless mice.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wireless Mouse

I can guarantee you that wireless mice are now extremely precise (there are also some for gaming that guarantees performance very close to those with cable), and most of them can be brought home at very affordable prices.

To find out which wireless mouse is best for you, you need to learn to evaluate some aesthetic, practical, and functional characteristics of the various types of mice available on the market: here are the most important ones to consider.


Mice can have various shapes, each of which is optimized for a different type of handle. The most common handle is the one called palm grip (palm grip) in which the palm rests completely on the surface of the mouse.

Then there is the claw grip (claw grip) in which only the fingers are placed on the mouse, without the palm, and finally, we have the fingertip grip (taken with the fingertips) in which the mouse is moved with the tip of the fingers without constantly keeping your hand resting on it.

Ergonomic mice deserve a separate discussion, which can have a horizontal or vertical grip and are designed to be used with the arm outstretched (so as not to stress the joints and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome).

Some ergonomic mice are characterized by the presence of a trackball, a “ball” that allows you to move the mouse cursor on the computer screen without physically moving the mouse.


Another feature to consider before buying a mouse is its weight. In principle, the lighter mice allow very rapid movements; they do not tire the hand but are not very precise compared to the heavy ones.

The heavy mice, on the contrary, are very precise but have slow movements and quickly tire the hand. To underline the fact that some mice – generally, the more expensive and advanced ones are supplied with weights that can be inserted inside to change their weight if necessary.

Number of Keys

Most of the mouse has three buttons: right-click, left-click, and scroll wheel (which can also be used as the key) to which very often are joined one or two side keys with variable functions.

This configuration is fine for most uses, except for gaming, where a mouse with more keys may be more useful. The additional mouse keys for gaming can be associated with various functions thanks to special software to be installed on the PC. In this case, we speak of programmable keys.

Optical or Laser Sensor

The sensor is the most important part of a mouse, the one on which the accuracy and efficiency of the device depend. It can be optical or laser.

The optical one (LED) ensures greater speed of movement, has a good level of precision but does not work on surfaces that are too smooth or in glass, this is because the sensor takes “photographs” of the surface on which it is located and compares them to calculate the movements to do.

The laser sensor, on the other hand, also works on smooth surfaces as it captures images with greater contrast. It guarantees a higher level of precision than the optical one, but it also has a greater sensitivity to the specks of dust that can be found on the desk.


Resolution is a parameter which, expressed in DPI (dots per inch), indicates the number of pixels the mouse cursor moves for each inch of movement (e.g., if the mouse has a resolution of 1600 DPI, the cursor on the screen moves 1600 pixels for every inch traveled on the desk).

Contrary to what the advertisements want us to believe, this value does not indicate the level of precision of the mouse, nor its degree of sensitivity (which can be adjusted at the software level).

I recommend a mouse with a very high resolution only if you have a display with a very high resolution. Instead, focus on the accuracy of the device by reading online reviews and user comments.

2.4 GHz or Bluetooth Wireless Connection

Wireless mice can operate radio frequency via the 2.4GHz wireless network or via Bluetooth. Those based on the 2.4GHz network require the use of a small USB stick (called a dongle) and work on all computers.

Bluetooth ones do not require the use of dongles but only work on computers that support Bluetooth technology (unless you use external keys, but this would not make sense!). Generally, they have shorter autonomy than RF ones.

The range can vary from mouse to mouse but is typically 10 meters. Some wireless mice can be associated with multiple devices simultaneously and allow you to switch from one device to another with the push of a button (without having to perform a new pairing each time).


The wireless mice can be powered by rechargeable batteries such as those of smartphones, which must be charged occasionally via USB cable, or by common AA or AAA batteries. Their autonomy is variable, although in general, we always talk about weeks per charge or per battery change.

Technical Parameters

In the datasheets of the mice, you can find various items related to technical characteristics that, although apparently, they may seem very difficult to understand, in reality, they can be evaluated with extreme simplicity. Here are some examples.

  • Polling Rate – is the frequency with which the mouse communicates its position to the operating system, is expressed in Hz, and it is good that it has a high value.
  • Malfunction Speed – this is the speed above which the mouse sensor stops recording movement correctly.
  • Acceleration – is the degree of speed that the mouse pointer can reach about hand movement. In fact, according to the time taken by the user to move the mouse, the cursor reacts differently. The acceleration value is measured in “G,” and a movement of 9.8m / sec is equivalent to each “G.”
  • Advanced Scrolling Options – some mice offer advanced scrolling options, i.e., scrolling pages. For example, some mice support horizontal scrolling of pages and others that allow you to scroll vertically in jerks, therefore with precise interruptions, thus avoiding infinite strokes on the same text.
  • Response Times – is the length of time it takes for the wireless mouse to capture user input. It is calculated in ms, so the lower this value, the higher the responsiveness of the mouse.
  • Gesture Support – some advanced mice have a touch surface that allows you to interact with the computer through gestures, a bit.
  • Use by Left-Handed People – not all mice are suitable for left-handed users. If you are left-handed, before buying a mouse, make sure that it is suitable for use with the left hand.

As easily understood, the values ​​that I have just listed are important, especially in areas such as gaming or graphics, which require a certain precision of the mouse cursor.

If you need a “generic” mouse to use for activities such as web browsing and office work, you can also not focus too much on these aspects.

Led Lighting

Mice should also be evaluated based on their aesthetic appearance. If you like particularly flashy or aggressive-looking mice, know that there are several models equipped with LED lights that can often be programmed via PC software.

Software Compatibility

2.4GHz-based mice work with all PCs (and not just PCs), while Bluetooth mice only work with devices that support Bluetooth technology.

But we have already said this. What I want to emphasize now is that to program the keys and the LED lights, specific software is needed that may not be compatible with all operating systems (e.g., they may be compatible with Windows and not with macOS) or with all versions of the same operating system (e.g., they could work on Windows 10 but not on Windows 7).

Before buying a customizable mouse via software, therefore, make sure that the programs necessary for configuring the device are compatible with your computer.

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