Top 10 Best Wall Clocks in 2022 – Reviewed & Rated

Choosing a nice wall clock can make a difference in home decor. This device is not only used to keep the time under control. It is a real piece of furniture that can give a room a touch of class (or make it look tacky, if not chosen carefully).

The many models on the market can make the final decision difficult, and make you buy a wall clock not suitable for your rooms.

Here we had listed out the some of the best models of the wall clocks that are presented below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock Silent Non...
  • 10 Inch clock. Large black bold numbers against white face background creates easy viewing. Precise Quartz movements guarantee accurate time
  • Silent non-ticking mechanism with sweeping movement. enjoy a quiet environment!
  • Sturdy plastic frame and glass lens make it easy to clean and keeps dust away from dial
SHISEDECO Modern George Nelson Sunburst Clock...
  • Eye-Catcher Design: Top quality reproduction of the original designed by Nelson in 1948, one of his most beloved design creations.
  • Dimensions: Φ18.5 inches x Height 2.8 inches;(Size: Diameter 48CM).
  • Powered on 1 AA battery (not included); Mid century modern replica; Aluminum Quartz holder/Movement.
SaleRANK NO. 3
FirsTime & Co.® Farmhouse Shiplap Wall Clock,...
  • SIZE MATTERS – Our FirsTime & Co. Farmhouse Shiplap Wall Clock has a 29" diameter and 2" depth, making it a great size for any space.
  • IT’S IN THE DETAILS – This round clock is crafted of wood with a distressed white coloring, black Roman numerals and an open face. It’s a great addition to any home’s coastal or shiplap chic décor.
  • HANG IN THERE – This clock is designed to be hung on the wall. Hanging hardware is not included.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Seiko 11" Brushed Metal Wall Clock
  • Round, sturdy black case
  • Easy-read black numerals
  • Precise quartz movement
Hippih Clock Black Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking...
  • Easy to Read - Black bold numbers display on white face can be easily watched.
  • Silent Non-ticking - The high-quality movement for precise time, quiet sweep.
  • Battery Operated - 1 AA ordinary Carbon Zinc battery(not included).
Lance Home Creative Special Large DIY Quartz...
  • ✔ MATERIAL - Acrylic clock face,aluminum clock pointer and EVA foam stickers;
  • ✔ SIZE: Hour hand length - 31.5cm /12.4" ; Minute hand length: 39cm / 15.3"; Clock machine face: 12cm/ 4.9";
  • ✔ FINISHING SIZE - The clock finishing size depends on your preference to decorate your wall, the minimum achieving is: 63cm x 63cm / 24.8" x 24.8";
SaleRANK NO. 7
Bulova Clocks C3542 Cranbrook Wall Mount Analog...
  • Cranbrook wall mount clock offers classy addition to your home
  • Beautiful walnut finish with carved accents add decorative flair
  • Solid hardwood and veneer case construction.Adjustable volume control
SaleRANK NO. 8
30" Antique Bronze Baldaud Roman Numeral Wall...
  • This round wall clock is both rustic and modern with it's sleek design and antique inspired details
  • Wide clock frame is finished in distressed Black and features a beveled profile
  • Clock inner features antique white background and roman numerals
Howard Miller LaGrange Wall-Clocks, Golden Oak
  • WALL CLOCK: This LaGrange Wall Clock features a Golden Oak finish on select hardwoods and veneers to compliment your home decor. The model has intricately carved overlays to accent the pediment and bottom profile and includes a brass-finished lyre and grid pendulum framed by gold-tone detailing.
  • DURABLE: The wooden frame will relieve stress in a busy household. Hang it in the kitchen, office, or living room as it features Arabic numerals, decorative corner accents, front glass, serpentine hands, and fixed blue moon phase to stand out over the brushed brass-finished dial.
  • CHIMES: Easily tell time with dual-chime movement that plays Westminster or Ave Maria chime to strike each hour with an option to play on ¼, ½, and ¾ as well. Set the automatic nighttime chime shut-off for convenient volume control to have anywhere in your house.
Yoobure 10 Inch Silent Quartz Decorative Wall...
  • 🕘 Non-ticking Wall Clock--- Built-in quiet sweep continuous-movement second hand, no ticking wall clock ensures a silent sleeping or working environment.
  • 🕘 Concise Style--- Special and elegant design with classic black and white, not only for telling time, but fully meet all your decoration needs.
  • 🕘 Clear to Read--- Silent wall clock with large numerals designed on white face, easy to read quickly. Front clear cover gives perfect view and keeps dust away from dial.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wall Clocks

The review we made on the best wall clocks on the market will have served you to know the main features. You have seen some of the best models available. However, you need more information to make the best possible purchase. So pay attention to all the contents of this buying guide.

What Is a Wall Clock?

A wall clock has the same basic functions as other types of clock. Depending on the model you choose, it will offer you some features or others. Also, they work in different ways.

Although with some basic features, there are several options, some more complete than others. The design and size also change.

What Types of Wall Clock Are There?

When you need to buy a wall clock, you have to take into account several aspects. One of the most important is the type of wall clock you want to opt for. As you have already seen in the part relating to the best models evaluated, there are several classes.

But there are still many options to consider. In the following list, we have made a selection of the most frequent ones, take note.

  1. Pendulum: This class of watches is the most classic. Strikes mark the hours. A pendulum hangs from the center of the clock and marks the seconds with each movement. The noise emitted can be disturbing, especially during the night.
  2. Domed: It is the most common wall clock. There are numerous different designs, and this will make a difference.
  3. Cuckoo: Although it may seem like a lie to lovers of minimalism, there was a time when this model was the most in. The hours are punctuated, and in the original, a bird comes out to do it. Now there are other options.
  4. Digital: Digital watches became fashionable a few decades ago and continue to be a good choice. They have an LCD screen where all the information appears, not just the time.
  5. A three-dimensional number: It is an option that will allow you to develop your creativity to a certain extent since it is necessary to mount the clock on the wall. Usually, it has a body with hands and metallic numbers with which to form a sphere.
  6. Adhesive numbers: They are similar to the previous ones. They consist of a body in which the mechanical structure and the hands are located. They have a vinyl that sticks to the wall and with which they make up the clock.
  7. With original design: In this case, the watch has a design with an original shape. The possibilities are endless, but surely you will say goodbye to the spheres to welcome any type of shape.
  8. With two weights: These types of watches are the most similar to the pendulum. But in this case, they have two weights. The first is for clock operation and the second for it to ring. It is also called ‘bing bang’ for the sound it makes.
  9. Carillon: Even these models are similar to the pendulum, but in this case, they consist of three weights. The first to give rope to the clock, the second for the striking and the third for the quarters.
  10. Double-sided: In this case, only one kind of base is fixed to the wall; they imitate the clocks that were found, for example, in the stations. They are also a very original and retro-looking option.

Is a Digital or Analog Wall Clock Better?

The analog clock shows the time using two or three hands, while the digital clock does it on an LCD screen. If you are wondering which is the better of the two, the answer is the one that convinces you the most.

However, you need to consider that both have pros and cons. These are the main ones we have found:

  • Analog Wall Clocks They are very aesthetic, and surely you will always find a model that fits your decor. In some cases, you will not see the time with the desired accuracy.
  • Digital Wall Clocks Their main advantage is that you can easily see the exact time and also show other information. On the other hand, aesthetics are complicated for certain furnishing styles, and you can have the impression of being in the office.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall Clocks

Surely at this point in the buying guide, you know the most important features of wall clocks. There are several aspects that you learned during this article.

But there are additional features that you need to consider. But before looking at them, it’s time to get to know the main advantages and disadvantages:


  • You will know the time at all times.
  • There are very inexpensive options.
  • Some models are very ornamental.


  • There are somewhat old-fashioned models
  • There are somewhat expensive options

How to choose the wall clock?

Now the time has come to conclude this guide, but first, we want to review some purchase criteria with you. You must pay special attention to all the aspects that you will see below.

If you consider this when purchasing the wall clock, the result will be guaranteed. Don’t skip anything, you see.


As we have already commented in this guide, wall clocks work similarly. For this, when buying, make sure that the model chosen fits the style of your home.

Above all, if you focus on more classic models, you must be sure that it will be a success. Be careful because they can “weigh down” the furniture.


You must pay attention to the size of the wall clock you like. It must be the right size. It would not be nice to see an oversized watch taking up all the available space.

But it wouldn’t be nice if it were small enough to make a bad impression or be ridiculous. For this, measure the space well before buying.


You may think that the noise emitted by a clock is important only if you plan to place it in a bedroom. However, if it is very noisy, it will also be annoying in the room.

Do you think that some models can be heard from other rooms even with the doors closed? It can occur during the day but generally occurs in the silence of the night.

Type and Model

When choosing your wall clock, you need to evaluate the type and model. First, you will need to decide whether you prefer an analog or digital watch.

You have to analyze your style and the place where you will place it. Secondly, you will have to choose from the many options that you will find on the market as you have seen. Find the one that best suits your decor.


The place where you decided to place your watch will influence your final decision. The choice is different if it is the kitchen or the hall.

You must take this into account because some models are suitable for any room, others are not. For example, a pendulum clock is unlikely to go well in the kitchen.

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