9 Best Vizio Sound Bars in 2021 – the Best Sound Bar Setup

Does the TV you have purchased not have excellent quality audio? Don’t worry: soundbars are devices that serve to have excellent audio quality without having a thousand accessories or having to use cables and wires. What are the best TV soundbars?

Here is a complete guide to choosing the most suitable for your needs, with particular attention to the best economic soundbars and those with the integrated subwoofer.

You spent hundreds of euros on your shiny new TV, but did you realize too late that the sound quality wasn’t what you expected? Would you like to enjoy immersive sound but your living room or, generally speaking, the place in which you have the TV is not large enough to connect an entire surround sound system equipped with different channels?

Are you annoyed merely having to run cables all over the room, but don’t want to give up quality audio? The solution to all these problems is a soundbar, and on this page, I will explain what they are, how they work, and the best soundbars you can buy right now. Here we will be listing the top 9 best vizio sound bars.

Vizio 36" SB3651n-H6 5.1 Soundbar with Wireless...
  • Performance 6 total speakers produce a truly Immersive 5.1 surround sound experience.: Wireless Subwoofer Experience deep booming bass with the wireless subwoofer.: Dedicated Center Speaker Delivers crystal-clear dialogue so you don’t miss a word: Rear Surround Speakers: Experience truly immersive surround sound with speakers placed behind you.: DTS Virtual:X sound enhancement creates room-filling floor-to-ceiling multi-dimensional sound.: power_source_type: Corded Electric : connectivity_technology: HDMI
VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, 36” 5.1 Channel Home...
  • Performance Brilliant clarity with 6 powerful speakers for a truly Immersive 5.1 surround sound experience.
  • Wireless Slim Subwoofer Experience deep, booming bass with this versatile subwoofer that brings you deep, booming bass and can be positioned upright to fit discreetly it in the corner of the room, or lay it on its side to tuck it under your couch.
  • Dedicated Center Speaker Delivers crystal-clear dialogue so you don’t miss a word.
VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar for TV, Home Theater...
  • 18 high-performance speakers Unrivaled home theater performance.
  • Adaptive Height Speakers Automatically rotate to optimize your audio experience.
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X: Cinematic sound around and above.
SaleRANK NO. 4
VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, 36” 5.1 Surround Sound...
  • True 5.1 listening: enjoy True 5.1 surround sound with the included rear Surround sound speakers and a wireless subwoofer. 3 channel sound bar: A 3 channel sound bar boosts your TV audio and delivers crystal clear dialogue
  • Note: Please refer Troubleshooting steps at pg. 36 in user manual
  • Wireless subwoofer: experience room-shaking bass with the wireless subwoofer. Sound Pressure Level - 101dB
SaleRANK NO. 5
VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, Channel Home Theater...
  • Dimensions: Sound Bar: 46.00" x 2.52" x 3.34" | Sound Bar Weight: 7.20 Lbs | Subwoofer: 14.00" x 15.00" x 14.00" | Subwoofer Weight: 31.99 Lbs
  • Your purchase includes: Sound Bar, Wireless Subwoofer, Remote Control with LCD display, Wall mounting Hardware, RCA to 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable, HDMI 2.0 Cable, Power Cables, Digital Optical Cable and Quick Start Guide
  • Experience cinematic surround sound with 4 up firing speakers and rear surround speakers
SaleRANK NO. 6
VIZIO 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar (SB3620n-H6)
  • Low-Profile 36” Design Provides a wider soundstage and fills the space beneath larger screen sizes.
  • Room-Filling Performance Experience rich, clear sound with up to 91dB of total SPL output for performance that is beyond its size.
  • Essential Connectivity & Control Get setup and listening in seconds with the included cables plus Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming of your favorite music and podcasts.
SaleRANK NO. 7
VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, 36” 2.1 Home Audio...
  • Performance 3 total speakers create louder, clearer, and more powerful sound
  • Wireless Subwoofer Experience deep, booming bass with the wireless subwoofer
  • DTS Virtual:X sound enhancement creates room-filling, floor-to-ceiling multi-dimensional sound
VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar
  • Optimized for 4K HDR content with Dolby Audio 5.1 Bring out the best audio performance from your 4K HDR content with Dolby Audio 5.1 when connected through HDMI.
  • Loud and Clear: The 96dB sound pressure level and 50Hz – 20kHz frequency range deliver dynamic and accurate Sound.
  • DTS Virtual:X: Enhances any content with room-filling, floor-to-ceiling virtualized 3D sound.
VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, 36” 2.1 Surround Sound...
  • Performance 3 total speakers create louder, clearer, and more powerful sound.
  • Wireless Slim Subwoofer Experience deep, booming bass with a slim-profile design, the subwoofer can either lay on its side to be placed under a couch, or stood upright to discreetly fit in a corner of your space.
  • DTS Virtual: X sound enhancement creates room-filling, floor-to-ceiling multi-dimensional sound.

Buyer Guide to Choose Best Vizio Sound Bars

Until a few years ago, the only way to appreciate engaging audio was to equip yourself with an extensive sound system and literally spread all the speakers, the subwoofer, and untangle between dozens of meters of cable that had to be hidden as possible by the prying eyes of the guests.

The Differences Between the Soundbar and Home Theatre

And it precisely knows the operation of a soundbar that the differences with a home theater become particularly evident. While the soundbar is a single physical speaker (in which, let’s not forget), there are several speakers. Home theater systems use different unique speakers to be placed inside the room.

In general, these are systems that use at least 5 “satellites” (i.e., the left, center, right and surround left and right speakers), together with a subwoofer to be positioned at the front of the system. The speakers are two-way, that is, they emit only high and medium, while the bass is managed entirely by the subwoofer.

Clearly, the best soundbar can never reach the quality of the best home theater system, both in terms of power and in terms of audio quality.

But the convenience of having a single device to be connected, eliminating all the cables needed to position the satellites and, maybe, also exploit the potential of digital assistants in a single speaker, perhaps it’s worth the compromise,

How to Choose the Best Soundbar?

In choosing the best soundbar, the economic factor will probably influence the device’s purchase. There are all the prices but, regardless of the cost, the factors to be evaluated are manifold. It is essential to consider the audio quality, the design, the connectivity, the audio technology that is supported, and the power.

Parameters to Consider Before Buying a Sound System

Audio Quality

Judging the sound quality of a soundbar is very complicated. Also, because, especially as regards the medium / high market segments, we are now talking about devices capable of guaranteeing a sound rendering that, until some time ago, was genuinely unimaginable in such compact devices.

Clearly, however, that of audio quality is one of the factors in which a very subjective evaluation comes into play, that is based on the specific tastes of each user and, above all, on his needs.

The actual audio performance is influenced not only by the quality of the speakers and integrated amplifiers but also by the positioning of the soundbar, by the size of the environment in which it will be mounted and by the type of use that will be made of it.

Audio Technologies

In any case, it is crucial to understand which audio technologies are supported by the soundbar you are about to purchase.

To obtain a satisfactory sound performance, it is essential that, before purchasing, make sure that the model chosen supports the aptX, Dolby Atmos and DTS audio technologies.


Design is clearly the first factor to consider when approaching any soundbar model. Cheap soundbars generally consist of a single unit, while others include the possibility of using other external speakers and subwoofers.

There are, in fact, active soundbars, an integrated subwoofer, or passive soundbars that need power and other external speakers.


Connectivity is probably one of the most important factors to consider. A factor that varies greatly depending on the type of device to which it will be connected. Some soundbars connect via the digital optical cable, others relate to the TV via an HDMI cable that uses ARC technology, others have different analog inputs and even NFC.

It is also essential to consider the presence of Bluetooth, to easily connect the smartphone, NFC or WiFi, if you want to use services such as Spotify, Apple Music and the like, without the need to necessarily use the smartphone.


It is an essential factor, but very simple to evaluate. Basically, the power of a soundbar depends on the number of speakers it integrates and the energy in watts of each of them.

From these values, ​​you can understand the maximum volume that each model can reach. Still, it is very important to consider a vital thing: a powerful soundbar is not always necessary, especially in environments that are not too large.


Assuming that soundbars are not only hardware but above all management by software, it is easy to understand that one of the most critical factors (capable of guaranteeing excellent audio performance) depends precisely on the hardware management system .

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