8 Best Vacuum Sealers in 2023 to Keep Your Food Fresh

Often present among the tools of the supermarket fridge counter, the sealing machine to create the vacuum is catching on among the appliances present in the kitchen and used with a specific frequency.

This is because it is ideal for keeping the organoleptic properties, the scents and aromas of some foods that we will not consume in a short time.

It is an alternative to the more usual systems of food preservation, such as freezing or pasteurization, less risky, and it is easy to realize quickly if the conservation has not been successful, reducing the risk of food poisoning.

We see in this guide which features to pay attention to before choosing the right vacuum sealing machine beyond the simple price comparison.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Nesco Deluxe Food VS-12 Vacuum Sealer, 130 Watts,...
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: 130 watt, 25. 1 InHG double vacuum pump for optimal performance. Ensures maximum air extraction when sealing larger food items
  • VARIABLE SETTINGS: Includes 3 settings - dry, moist and double. Plus, you can choose between normal vacuum pressure, or gentle, to keep soft foods safe
  • EASY-LOCK HANDLE: The easy-lock handle makes one-handed operation smooth and easy
Gasbye Vacuum Sealer Machine, 90kPa Food Sealer...
  • [Double Heat Seal] The Gasbye Vacuum Sealer Machine features dual heat seals to ensure your seals remain air-tight for months. Opt between a single or double seal each use, catering to your specific preservation needs.
  • [90kPa Powerful Suction] With a robust 90kPa vacuum pump, our sealer leads the market in suction power, ensuring each bag is vacuumed thoroughly for optimal freshness and protection.
  • [Built-in Storage & Bag Cutter] Keep your kitchen organized and efficient. This model includes integrated storage for food bags and a built-in cutter that allows you to quickly and easily size your bags.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Vacuum Sealer Machine, with Starter Kit and 2-Year...
  • ✔✅【8 Functions & Modes All in One】Pulse- Control the vacuum pressure manually; Moist & Dry Modes - Maximize freshness for different types of food; Vac Seal- One touch operation; External VAC- for jars, canisters and wine preservation; Build in cutter- Easily customize bag size; Seal- Quick seal only; Stop- Cancel the current process at any time.
  • ✔✅【8X Longer Food Freshness Saver】Beelicious upgraded powerful vacuum pump provides strong and stable suction, along with advanced sealing technology, keeping your food fresh for up to 8X times longer and saving your money & fridge space.
  • ✔✅【Beelicious Quality & 2Years+ Warranty】Meet ETL safety standards. Beelicious offers 2 years +3 month warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee and a lifetime technical consultation. All problems will be solved within 24 working hours.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealer Machine, Fast-Compact...
  • 【Fast Sealing & Working Continuously】Equipped with Globefish technology for high-speed continuous working, Bonsenkitchen vacuum sealer machine vacuum seals 30 bags continuously in just 15 minutes, saving time for you to process large quantities of food. With intuitive control buttons and clear instructions, vacuum sealing is quick and easy to master, even for beginners. Select any function button; the LED indicator will prompt you to start or end.
  • 【4 Modes - Meet Your Needs】 Dry - one-touch automatic vacuuming and sealing, perfect for non-liquid foods such as meat, nuts, and vegetables; Vac - control the vacuuming process yourself, suitable for soft foods such as bread, to avoid food deformation or moist food; Seal - only sealing, for potato chip bags or aluminum foil bags; Accessory - designed for vacuuming jars, sous vide bags and boxes, effectively reducing food oxidation.
  • 【3-Year Quality Commitment】Bonsenkitchen has been committed to providing users with higher quality services. We have decided to extend the original one-year coverage period for another two years. Meanwhile, we will provide you with lifelong technical guidance for your products.No matter what problems you encounter during use, we will try our best to solve them for you.Efficient air sealer machine helps you accomplish sous vide cooking and prevent freezer burn.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine Powerful 90Kpa...
  • 【Keep Food Fresh and Save Money】Mesliese vacuum sealer machine is designed to provide a powerful suction with max 90kPa, making it much easier and quickly to vacuum all kinds of food. A more helpful way to save money and time. Keep your food or fruits fresh 10 times longer than ordinary storage methods in the freezer.
  • 【6-IN-1 Functions】 6 functions of Mesliese food sealer meet all your needs to preserve various kinds of food. "Dry&Moist" Modes and "Normal&Soft" Modes for you to choose depend on the food types. "SEAL" and "VAC&SEAL" Methods are for only sealing or vacuuming & sealing the bag. What's more, you can also use the vacuum tube for vacuuming canisters, jars, or wine bottles.
  • 【TESTED 90Kpa Powerful Suction】Mesliese vacuum sealer supports 20 times continuous sealing with 120w strong power. The heavy-duty motor provides REAL 90kpa powerful suction, vacuuming the food more tightly than ordinary machine. Vacuum time 3-10s, Sealing time 9-12s. Allows you to preserve your food with no hassle.
SaleRANK NO. 6
MegaWise Vacuum Sealer Machine | 80kPa Suction...
  • 80kpaSuction Power* Updated 2023 vacuum sealer uses a DC motor pump with electromagnetics and pure copper for enhanced suction power. It sucks all air out TIGHTLY to preserve your meat and vegetables for 10 times LONGER or more to prevent oxidation and keep things fresh. Updated version solved many issues found from previous version.
  • Works with more Food Types" Updated unit has a MOIST mode that removes liquids (as much as 10ml) from your meat or fish with a tight seal. Dry mode to work with food without water; Vac Pulse allows you to control how much you want to vacuum (e.g. marinated beef with juice without sucking liquids out); SEAL MODE to seal snack leftovers. Vacuum hose included to vacuum storage jars and wine bottles.
  • One-Touch Automatic Vac/Seal Operation * So easy, quick and practical: With the one touch button, you can get the food vacuumed and sealed tightly in 10-20 seconds . The 11.8in sealing bar works with most bags. Updated ver. works over 50 cyles without overheating. Ehanced structure for durability.
Pyukix Vacuum Sealer Machine, Food Sealer Machine...
  • 【8-in-1 for All Your Needs】One-touch vacuum sealer machine with all 8 functions at your fingertips. Dry, Moist modes allow for customized vacuum and seal for food like meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts, bread, fried potachips and beyond, extending food freshness by 10 times. Moreover, the vacuum hose accessories suitable for wine, jars, and vacuum sealer bags.
  • 【80kpa Suction Power】Pyukix vacuum sealer upgraded 80kpa uses a DC motor pump with electromagnetics and pure copper for enhanced suction power within 10s. Sucks all air out TIGHTLY to preserve your meat and vegetables for 10 times LONGER or more to prevent oxidation and keep things fresh. Faster and seals better than others.
  • 【Bidirectional Bag Cutter & Storage】The independent vacuum bag storage makes this vacuum sealer machine easy to stock bags and avoid contamination. The bag cutter come with upgraded high carbon steel blades, cutting times up to 20,000 times. Save Your Time and Space.
Vacuum Sealer Machine With Vacuum Sealer Bags,...
  • ✅【Airtight Seal, 10X Fresh Longer】The robust motor produces 70kpa strong suction power to extract all air from the bag. The extra-large heating bar creates an 11.81" x 1.57" sealing strip allowing you to seal multiple bags in one sealing time. The food vacuum sealer machine keeps the original flavor and retains the freshness of any food for up to 10 times longer than its shelf life.
  • ✅【5 Adjustable Modes & External Vacuum System】Dry/ Moist/ Seal/ Pulse/ Canister. This vacuum sealer provides customized preservation methods according to different food types and cooking requirements. Press “Cancel” to stop anytime if you want to. External VAC- for jars, canisters and wine preservation.
  • ✅【Fully Starter Kit Included & Convenient Accessories Storage】The automatic vacuum sealer comes with 1*Extra-Long Vacuum Seal Roll (7.87"x 16.4'), 1*Bag Cutter, 1*Vacuum Tube. The vacuum machine has a dedicated storage space for accessories. The food vacuum sealer kit is all stored inside the machine, saving space and not easy to lose.

How to Choose Vacuum Sealer?

A vacuum machine is a high precision instrument that seals every food at best, concentrating purely on the products from which the air contained in most of the packs has been removed.

Thanks to such a system, each food is safe from any harmful and harmful microorganisms, such as mold and bacteria.

In addition to the food sector, such a device can also be very useful in the collector’s sector thanks to the ability to preserve certain objects from unfavorable climatic conditions.


The models at the top of the sales rankings and those most appreciated by consumers are particularly versatile ones. Sure, they have a higher market price than the simpler machines, but they are richer in useful functions.

For example, the possibility of adjusting the suction speed according to the specific food to be kept under vacuum could be very useful. Many also appreciate the possibility of sucking the air in pulses, which guarantees greater control during suction.

Others, however, cannot do without a more delicate aspiration, specific for crumbly foods such as biscuits. The presence of tools to remove the air from cans and special containers makes the appliance even more complete and versatile.

Materials and Design

The shell of the vacuum machines can be made of stainless steel or different types of plastics. Of course, if you want an appliance that lasts forever, you may prefer the first option.

If you want to save a little and think of making sporadic use of this appliance, you could easily choose a good product with a plastic shell, the options on the market abound.

Attention also to the design: as can be seen from the review of many users, it is an aspect not to be underestimated from two points of view. First of all, a model that is particularly well-groomed from an aesthetic point of view can be kept in plain view in the kitchen.

Secondly, it is necessary to evaluate the dimensions and the occupied dimensions: a compact and handy model could prove to be the most suitable for those who do not have available space.

The intensity of Intended Use

The best brand will be the one that can offer a robust and solid product at a reasonable price. The best products, however, intended for domestic use, have prices that are around 200 euros, but this figure varies greatly from model to model.

If you intend to spend less, you will need to make an accurate estimate of the occasions when it is possible to use the sealing machine during the year.

The best machines withstand prolonged use even for several hours, and the others instead need frequent breaks to prevent the components from suffering wear and tear when overheated.

How to Use the Vacuum Sealer?

Often, to adequately store food, the refrigerator alone is not enough. In fact, how many times have you ever found cured meats inside? To extend the “average life” of food, a vacuum machine can be used, which allows food to be stored without air inside a sealed bag.

The Vacuum Technique

We want to take a moment longer to explain clearly, what the vacuum technique consists of and why it allows us to extend the state of conservation of food.

We have said how air is eliminated with vacuum: this condition prevents most microorganisms and bacteria from developing. In this way, not only the integrity of the food remains intact but also the flavor and color.

Conservation Times

One of the questions readers are probably asking is how long a vacuum-packed food can last. Well, there is no clear answer in the sense that the duration, the freshness, depends on the food.

Not all of them answer the same way. However, generally speaking, we can say that the good state of conservation can last from one to three weeks.

Not a little if we think that ham should be consumed at most in two days since it was sliced ​​before it loses its characteristics of humidity, softness, flavor, and heat while on the third or fourth day you risk finding mold.

Frozen Foods

But what are the types of foods that can be stored, and in what state? We want to start with frozen food. Some might ask: if I already freeze food to keep it for a long time, why should I put it under vacuum?

We are happy to answer that question. Putting the food in the freezer does not mean that it does not deteriorate due to the so-called cold burn, a consequence of the excessive time spent in the freezer.

If the food, on the other hand, is vacuum-packed before being frozen, it can maintain a good state of conservation even after a year.

Cooked Foods

It is a good habit to store already cooked food under vacuum which without this system could last in the fridge for just a few days.

But if put under vacuum, it will be possible to eat it even after two weeks: the flavor and all the rest will remain intact as if it were freshly cooked food.

The Bags

To store food under vacuum, common but specific bags cannot be used. Usually, when buying a packaging machine, it comes with reusable bags.

Of course, they should be washed thoroughly and used only for vegetables, fruit, and dry food. All other foods, with the bags, used several times, could develop bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

What allows an instrument of this kind to create a vacuum is precisely a pump capable of sucking the air inside the bag or container that you are going to insert.

For this reason, it is good to evaluate the suction power of the model to be purchased: it is good to opt for one that is between 500 and 700 bar. In this way, your food will be stored for much longer.

How to Vacuum Pack without A Machine?

Do you want to vacuum-pack your food but you don’t want or can’t buy a special machine? Here are some methods that can be useful, provided of course that you have the appropriate envelopes available.

First, a simple straw will suffice: place it inside the bag, until it reaches the end. Suck the air and then squeeze the straw, so that it cannot fall. Close the bag, and you’re done.

Another useful method is the one that sees the use of a basin: just take a special bag, with a zip for closing. Place the food inside, then put the bag inside a bowl, which you have previously filled with water.

Immerse the bag gradually, while the air comes out and, in the end, seal it by closing the zipper. Finally, if you are used to drinking in plastic bottles, you can use one of these empty.

Cut the upper part that is the one that includes the neck. Always put the food inside a bag, put it in this piece of bottle, vacuum, and then close again with the cap of the same bottle.

Here we had reviewed the best vacuum sealer. These sealers are used for long term food storage and keep them fresh such as the fish.

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