12 Best Universal Remotes in 2023 [Buying Guide]

Changing TV channels, accessing consoles or managing Bluray, these and many more are the options that make the universal remote control an essential companion for playful moments.

In case you have lost or broken yours, follow this guide, we will explain how to choose one compatible with your devices and perfect for your needs.

There are many types on the market, however, and it is not easy to understand what features a universal remote control must have, or what criteria it must meet, to obtain maximum satisfaction from the purchase. Stay with us and any doubts on the subject will disappear.

Here we had listed out the best universal remotes that are given below.

Universal Tv Remote for LG,Samsung, TCL, Philips,...
  • Universal replacemenremote control can be directly used for LG, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, TCL, Vizio, Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba, Maganvox, Hisense, JVC, RCA, Hitachi, Haier, Westinghouse, Vestel, and Seiki samrt tvs remote controls. There are two setting methods, making it easy to get started.
  • Brand setting method: after pressing the corresponding brand button for 5 seconds, the LED flashes for the third time, and the setting is completed
  • Brand setting method: after pressing the corresponding brand button for 5 seconds, the LED flashes for the third time, and the setting is completed.(Including an instruction manual)
Philips Universal Remote Control Replacement for...
  • Multi-device control – Operate up to three audio and video devices such as your TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player, cable or satellite receiver, soundbar, streaming media player or other compatible devices
  • Best remote code library – Universal remote works with all major brands and supports thousands of the latest audio and video devices (not for use with radio frequency devices like Roku Streaming Sticks and Amazon Fire TV/Sticks)
  • Preprogrammed for Samsung and Roku – Universal remote’s TV and STR device buttons are preprogrammed for immediate use with Samsung TVs and Roku streaming media boxes (not compatible with Roku Streaming Sticks)
SaleRANK NO. 3
Universal-Remote-Control-Replacement for...
  • 【Simple Setup 3 Device Universal Remote】Multi Device Control that can operate Up To 3 Different Audio And Video Components Such As Tvs/ Media Streaming Players/ Sound Bar Audio/ Boxes And More
  • 【All In One Remote】This Universal Remote Works With All Major Brands And Supports Thousands Of The Latest Audio/Video Equipment,compatible with Samsung,LG,Sony,Philips,Hisense,TCL,Insiginia,Toshiba,Emerson,Vizio,Roku Smart TVs and More Brands
  • 【Easily Program】①Press and hold down the SETUP button for 3 seconds until the red light on the remote turns on.②Press and release the device button on the remote for the type of device you wish to control(for example TV, STR, AUD).③ Enter the 4-digit code from code list.(come with instruction)
SaleRANK NO. 4
Newest Universal Remote Control for All Samsung TV...
  • 1. Universal infrared remote desgined.It is compatible with most of new and old Samsung TVs. Support 2K 4K UHD LED LCD HDTV,3D,Smart TV. Especially for Samsung remote Model:BN59-01199F,AA59-00666A,AA59-00741A. including smart hub buttons.
  • 2.Farther transmitting distance, stable performance. Replaces your damage or old one and covers the all functions of the original remote.
  • 3.Simple universal remote,small and compact size makes this remote control easy to grip and uneasy to slip. Easy to use, No programming or setting up required.
SofaBaton X1S Universal Remote with Hub and App,...
  • Comprehensive Code Library - State-of-the-art technology aims for our SofaBaton X1S Universal remote controls to work 100% on future devices. Our ultra modern remote controls are fully compatible due to our world’s most complete database supporting over 6,000 brands and more than 500,000 Device Models! The database is continuously being updated, which means you can keep up with the latest hi tech trends, now and in the coming years.
  • Custom One-Click Activities - You can set up custom activities that action several commands at once to control your home entertainment. Just press the scroll wheel button to quickly switch to your desired scene without manually operating each device. For example, Add an "Watch TV" activity to automatically turn on your cable box, audio receiver, TV, change the receiver to the right channel, and switch your TV to the right HDMI input, making your life more convenient and efficient. Activity is very powerful, hurry up and enjoy the magic!
  • Powerful Sofabaton Hub - X1s Hub offers 360-degree control and a more stable signal. You can easily control your device from your couch or anywhere in the room without aiming your remote at the devices. It comes with 2 IR blasters, which solves the problem of signal blind spots and prevents the signal from being blocked. The cool thing is that you can hide the Hub in the cabinet to create a neat entertainment area.
SaleRANK NO. 6
GE Universal Remote Control, Samsung TV Remote,...
  • Multi-device control – Operate up to four audio and video devices such as your TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player, cable or satellite receiver, soundbar, streaming media player or other compatible devices
  • Best remote code library – Universal remote works with all major brands and supports thousands of the latest audio and video devices (not for use with radio frequency devices like Roku Streaming Sticks and Amazon Fire TV/Sticks)
  • Preprogrammed for Samsung TVs – Universal remote’s TV button is preprogrammed for immediate use with Samsung TVs – simply add two AAA batteries (not included)
SaleRANK NO. 7
Universal TV Remote for Samsung,LG, Sony, Sharp,...
  • All In One Remote : Universal Remote is suitable for all TV remotes Samsung,LG, Sony, Sharp, Vizio, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sanyo, JVC, TCL, Hisense, Vestel, Seiki, Insignia, Magnavox, haier, Panasonic TV and other brands
  • The remote control is light and compact, easy to grasp and has more complete functions. It is a good choice for you to replace the old or damaged remote control
  • Brand setting method: after pressing the corresponding brand button for 5 seconds, the LED flashes for the third time, and the setting is completed.(Including an instruction manual)
SaleRANK NO. 8
【Pack of 2】 New Universal Remote for All...
  • 【Package lncluded】 Pack of 2 remote. Two-pack remote control can solve your home backup remote control needs. Infrared remote no pairing or programming needed. Just Insert 2 Pcs*AAA batteries to get it work(Batteries and manual are not included)
  • 【Applicable Type】This infrared replacement remote works with all Samsung Smart TV, LED, LCD, HDTV, 3D, Series TV,Compatible with All Samsung Series TVs. We offer you an authentic details same as we advertised.
  • 【Key Features】The universal infrared TV remote features 3 shortcut buttons for Netflix, Prime video and Hulu for extra convenience. It is perfect to replace your old or damaged Samsung TV Remote with the Loutoc remote.
SofaBaton U2 Universal Remote with Smartphone APP,...
  • 【One for ALL Universal Remote】 Sofabaton U2 universal remote control replace 15 Infrared and Bluetooth device remote. Say goodbye to the messy remote control. Works 500,000+ devices from 6000+ brands, Compatible with smart TV, DVDs, satellite receiver, digital terrestrial receiver, cable set-top box (STB), TiVo, Blu-ray player,etc. Easy to setup with Smartphone App, just one-click to add your devices from the code library database. Not support Wireless or Wifi device.
  • 【Excellent IR Signal Range】 Our upgraded U2 Universal Remote increases infrared range to 35 feet, give you a greater transmitting distance and real-time response to fast forward without delay. No More Worrying About Signal Disconnection. Definitely the best choice for you!
  • 【Programmable Macro】 Super easy to program and customize. Macros are used to send multiple commands (up to 10) from a single button.You can combine commands from the same device, different devices. Let you assign custom key actions, rearrange keys, record macros, and much more. Save your time and effort, offering you maximum flexibility.
SaleRANK NO. 10
GE Big Button Universal Remote Control for...
  • Large, simplified keyboard – Universal TV remote’s ergonomic design is comfortable to hold; big buttons are easy to read and navigate; ideal for those with impaired vision or anyone who simply wants a hassle-free entertainment experience
  • Multi-device control – Simplify your life and gain complete control of up to two devices, such as a TV, soundbar, cable box, satellite receiver or other compatible device
  • Easy setup – Add two AA batteries (not included) and enjoy simple automatic code search and direct code entry programming, as well as master volume control to adjust the audio no matter which device is being used; preprogrammed for Samsung TVs
SaleRANK NO. 11
SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with OLED Display...
  • 【U1 Universal Remote & Replaces 15 Other Remotes】Our unique remote control support 500,000+ devices from 6000+ brands, the database will update as new devices come out, you don't need to worry about the newest device doesn't match. Both compatible both IR and Blutooth, Not support Wireless or Wifi (Such as Ruku Stick). Say goodbye to that jumble of remotes once and for all
  • 【App One-Touch Set Up】SofaBaton customized smartphone APP, one-button settings, no need to enter complex code to pair. Simple control for the whole house only by one remote, ditch all your complex remotes, just one remote for you. Compatible with / Ruku/ Kodi and other smart TV、STB 、Projector、DVD、AV Receiver and so on
  • 【OLED Display & Motion-Activated Function】The bright color OLED screen directly displays the current status and convenient for switching different devices. The motion-activated feature can automatically adjust the remote control brightness and save energy to gain longer battery life. A unique wheel design can easily switch devices just with a simple scroll. You must own this universal U1 remote!!!

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Universal Remote

As you have seen, current remote controls are more complex than expected. Their degree of compatibility varies because today there are more and more remotely controllable devices.

In order not to get lost in this “jungle” of information, let’s answer the most frequently asked questions about these particular products.

What Are Remote Controls and What Are They For?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but as technology has changed a lot in the past twenty years, a small step forward is needed. Remote controls are nothing more than an electronic device that allows you to operate machines and appliances remotely, in a very simple way.

Generally, this type of equipment is associated with televisions. However, the convenience of the best remote controls has also landed in the world of gaming and desktop computers: with them, it is possible to manage.

For example, video streaming applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in a much simpler way.

What Advantages Do the Best Remote Controls Offer?

Man exerts a cruel tyranny on technologies, which he uses for his hedonistic ends in the name of a more pragmatic life. For this reason, remote controls do not have many disadvantages, but above all advantages. The following table summarizes these pros and cons:


  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Ease of use
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long useful life
  • High compatibility
  • Ergonomic and accessible design
  • Powered by AAA batteries


  • Some models may have incompatibility problems with some devices

Can Universal Remote Also Be Used for Computers?

Certainly. Obviously, not all universal remote controls have this possibility, but many yes: to find out, just consult the product specifications.

The connection is usually made by connecting the remote control to the computer through a USB cable; then, before starting to use the device, it must be installed and configured according to your tastes.

If you still have doubts about how you can synchronize the remote control with your desktop or laptop, don’t panic! As we have already said in the previous paragraph, simply connect, install and configure it.

If these procedures don’t seem clear enough, here is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to do:

  1. As we have already said, the first step is to connect the remote control with a USB cable. Usually, this is found in the product packaging.
  2. When the connection is active, the computer will open a window with precise instructions for installing the new software (remote control).
  3. In some cases, it is required to download the specific driver or codes from the manufacturer’s web page. If this is the case, it will all be explained in the device instructions or in the window opened by the computer.
  4. After that, you can configure the functions you want to combine with the remote control. Once done, the installation process can be completed and, at this point, you will be ready to enjoy your purchase.
  5. Remember that not all remote controls are compatible or suitable for use with computers. On the contrary, the more sophisticated ones can be connected to the computer to be configured and subsequently manage the PC as a TV.

A sequence of Commands or Macro Commands?

To answer this question we can connect to the previous point. If you’ve read it, you already know that some models of the best remote controls can be configured to your liking.

In this way, you can create sequences of commands or macro commands that allow you to make the most of the product. Of course, isn’t it? The ability to program your remote control is undoubtedly an advantage.

For example, if you want to watch a movie, you can configure the remote control so that at the push of a button, the movie starts. Obviously, this configuration is not available in all remote controls, because some are already programmed in a certain way from the factory.

How Do I Configure a One for All Universal Remote Control?

To configure a One For All universal remote control, generally follow the same procedure on most models and explanations are attached to the package. However, to give you an example, proceed as follows.

Turn on the TV manually; press the “TV” button on the remote control we want to configure, then the “Magic” button until a red light starts to flash.

At this point, self-configuration occurs, ie the remote control recognizes the television and the relative functions are already active. Alternatively, you need to enter a code that varies depending on the model of the TV and the brand.

Usually suggested in the manual of the remote control itself or available online. Finally, the “Magic” button must be pressed again to confirm the success of the configuration.

Purchase Criteria

These types of devices are more complex than it seems: now you understand it. For this, when you want to buy one of the best universal or specific remote controls for your device, you have to follow a series of criteria. These are not a guarantee, but you can ensure a good purchase.

  • Ease of use
  • Flow
  • Additional Functions
  • Materials
  • Number of devices

Ease of Use

Obviously, this aspect does not completely depend on the product itself, but on your familiarity with using new technologies. The manufacturer must also take his share of responsibility. You have to find a model that is easy to use, not only day by day, but also at the time of configuration.


There is nothing more annoying than a remote control that forces you to stay very close to the TV or device you use it with, or even worse, which must be directed precisely to the command receiver. On average, the range of remote control is 8 meters: the greater this distance, the better.

Additional Functions

Not all remote controls on the market can perform all the functions available on the device with which they are used. The Air Mouse is a very good option, which works like a pc mouse, but with a Smart TV.

Other models offer direct access to streaming applications, while others do not. You have to evaluate all this well.


Most of the models, even the best ones, are made of plastic materials. However, some of the plastics used are of better quality.

If you live with children or animals, we advise you to make sure that the product you are going to buy is made of robust materials, in order to extend its useful life. We can’t forget the keys: they can have a softer or stiffer finish and pulse depending on the model.

However, this is an aspect that does not affect the response sensitivity, which instead depends on the internal circuits.  Then, choose the option that is most convenient for you; obviously, the hard rubber keys will wear less.

Number of Devices

Some of the best remotes can be used with a single device; others, equally good, allow to be used with two or more systems: televisions, consoles, computers, DVD or Blu-Ray players.

If you want to reduce the number of remote controls, the best thing is to look for the model with very high compatibility.


The modern user who uses various devices always looks for one of the best universal remote controls on the market; if you add to this the possibility of using it with various devices, all the better.

Sometimes, however, there are models focused exclusively on a certain system (such as the PDP PS4 remote control). If your faithful remote control is gone, or you are looking for a better one.

Investing in the best universal remote control on the market, both cheap and medium-high range, is not a bad idea. You need to evaluate certain aspects such as the size of the model, the ease of use and also the materials.

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