8 Best Trash Cans for Your Home Kitchen & Office in 2023

We do not always notice how important it is to have the best dustbin available. Who among us knows how to buy the best trash cans? We are talking about containers for separate collections for the home, a designer basket with a high and brand price, or even the cheapest one to choose and buy.

We will read every opinion that recommends a low price or the best product based on the quality/price ratio for sale online or on the market, and we will choose the one we like best.

There is no house where there is no dustbin. Unfortunately, we all produce waste, and we have to cram it somewhere, waiting to throw it away. Some throw everything together and those who, instead, follow the separate collection, an ecological choice which, however, requires equally differentiated disposal.

Here we had listed out the best trash cans that are present below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Rubbermaid Commercial Products 28QT/7 GAL...
  • DURABLE: Rolled rims add strength and are easy to clean
  • EFFICIENT: Fits under standard-height desk
  • OPTIONS: Recycling option and numerous color options available
SaleRANK NO. 2
QUALIAZERO 50L/13Gal Heavy Duty Hands-Free...
  • OUR QUALITY: High-Quality 430 Stainless Steel and ABS Construted. Our Trashcan is Build to Last! Fingerprint and Smudge Resistant Coating Make Cleaning a Breeze.
  • OUR CFRAFTSMANSHIP: Large, Wide Opening Area. Provides Easy Access for Daily Chore Work.
  • OUR DESIGN: Modern, Stylish, Elegant, Completes and Show Case Your Home With This Missing Piece
SaleRANK NO. 3
13 Gallon 50 Liter Kitchen Trash Can with...
  • ♻[Stainless steel] - stainless steel material is polished, with stainless steel , it shows that it is not just a trash can in appearance, the modern technology appearance gives it a good decorative effect, can be placed in the room Good match to the room decor, looks more beautiful.
  • ♻[100% AUTOMATIC] - Trash uses infrared technology.Powered by 4 C batteries(not included). When an object approaches the trash can,Hands-free operation lid opens within 0.3 seconds when in range of the sensor, and the lid will automatically close after staying for 7 seconds.
  • ♻[13 GALLON ULTRA-LARGE CAPACITY] - 13 gallons trasn can absolutely meet your daily use, in the kitchen table next to an auto trash bin, you will be more convenient to deal with kitchen waste. The regular 13 gallon garbage bag in the supermarket can be used in our garbage can, and it's kind of you to use a bigger bag. The lid of the trash can is removable, it’s convenient for you to put in and take out the garbage bag.
SaleRANK NO. 4
NINESTARS DZT-50-28 Automatic Touchless Motion...
  • 【Hassle Free Two-Year 】Hassle free process with our dedicated customer service line and at no additional charges for your defective parts
  • 【High Quality Materials】Water-resistant infrared motion sensor prevents moisture or any accidental spills from damaging the unit. Plust finger-print resistant stainless steel base helps keep the can clean.
  • 【Advanced Technology】 Delay sensing technology preserves battery life and prevents any unnecessary opening from pets, children, or walking by. Quiet closing function for longivity of product life.
FDW Garbage Can 13 Gallon 50 Liter Kitchen Trash...
  • 【13 Gallon Capacity】:Our trash can is more than equipped to meet your daily needs. It is compatible with a standard 13-gallon trash bag.
  • 【Easy To Clean & Isolate Odors】:This trash can is easy to clean due to our stainless steel design. While the sealed exterior and infrared technology ensures odor is contained.
  • 【Sensible & Modern Design】 :Our trash can uses advanced automatic censoring technology. Allowing for hands free use. Also making this trash can an attractive addition to any room.
SaleRANK NO. 6
N. NETDOT 3 Pack 10 Liter Small Trash Can with...
  • 【Perfect size for tight spaces】: The compact and sleek design of this small kitchen trash can makes it ideal for tight spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, or small kitchens. Slim profile of mini trash can allows small bedroom trash can to fit in narrow areas, while contemporary design of compost bin adds a touch of style to any room.
  • 【Secure lid to keep pets out of trash】: This small trash can with lid works great, providing a secure barrier to keep pets out of the trash. This feature of slim bathroom garbage can is especially helpful for households with curious pets that tend to knock over or rummage through dog proof trash can.
  • 【Traps smells inside】: This small black bathroom trash can is neat and tidy. Clean lines and smooth surfaces of diaper trash can make it easy to keep clean and maintain. Under sink trash can traps garbage smells inside, so your space smells fresh and clean all the time. With this pop up trash can with lid, you can say goodbye to unsightly messes and unpleasant odors!
IRISVO Small Slim Bathroom Trash Can, 2.1 Gallon...
  • ✅【PREMIUM 410 STAINLESS STEEL Bathroom Trash Can】:Our bathroom trash can made of premium stainless steel + Plastic, the surface is durable and smooth, you can easily remove the dirt, besides, it has strong waterproof and moisture-proof function, no water stains remain on the surface after rinsing, very suitable for bathroom, living room and other rooms
  • ✅【MAKE FULL USE OF SPACE】: Our 2.1GAL/ 8L small trash can measures - 12.59*10.55*6.57inch, adopts modern slim oval design, which can easily fit into narrow openings and small spaces, very suitable for bathrooms or places with limited space
  • ✅【CONTROL THE SPREAD OF ODORS】:The pop-up lid fits tightly to the mouth of the bathroom trash can, avoiding the exposure of the trash and maximally blocking the spread of odors, while the lid design can effectively prevent your pets from entering it and messing up your room with trash
SHPMXUPW 3 Pack Bathroom Small Trash Can with...
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE- AIDMTONG our ultra-slim and narrow 3-pack bathroom trash can is designed to fit into tight spaces, such as small kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Measuring 9.4*6.3*11.6 inches, our small garbage can is the perfect size for tight spaces.
  • KEEP YOUR SPACE FRESH- The secure press lid keeps pets out of the trash and traps smell inside, ensuring your space always smells fresh and clean.
  • EASY TO CLEAN- Made from high-quality, 100% recyclable ABS materials, our small slim garbage bin is easy to clean and maintain.

How to Choose the Best Trash Cans?

Hoping to help you during the purchase of the product that best suits your needs, below, we have prepared a short section dedicated to how to choose a good garbage can, taking into consideration all its main features.

Models and Dimensions

On the market, there are a large number of products among which you can opt, which differ from each other not only as regards the materials, an element that greatly changes the price, but also for the size and the general appearance, which can be simple or design.

So, before purchasing, you need to ask yourself what your stylistic, space, and capacity needs are. In case you are looking for a particular solution to be placed in the garden, an outdoor metal model may be fine, large enough to contain condominium waste or larger ones.

However, this material, which is certainly more pleasing to the eye, will probably be less resistant to atmospheric events. Therefore it would be advisable to place it in a sheltered area, such as under a canopy or to lean against a wall.

If you are willing to insert the bin inside a context characterized by blocked furniture, it will be necessary to take the measurements of the space available perfectly to avoid having nasty surprises once you have received the desired item.


After deciding where to place the new rubbish bin and deciding what its capacity should be, another fundamental step concerns the choice of the most suitable material for the situation.

For example, the bucket in the garden must be sturdy enough to be able to withstand the weather and rather heavy to prevent it from flying away with the first gust of wind.

Opting for a metal article can be a good solution, first making sure that it is rust-proof, which could inevitably form due to rain, deteriorating, and thinning the surface.

For this reason, plastic or resin models are normally recommended. Finally, it is possible to buy items entirely in wood, which integrate perfectly into an elegant garden.

If you want to know which are the best garbage cans of 2022 according to the reviews of those who have tried them, we suggest you read the ranking in this article.


Both for outdoor and indoor bins, if you are looking for a model that can accommodate wet or unsorted waste, these must be equipped with a lid to prevent bad odors from spreading in the air.

The ideal would be to opt for one with hermetic closure, especially if you intend to place it outside, where not only should the bags be protected from the weather throughout the year, but they mustn’t be reached and opened by small animals such as magpies, mice, and cats, renowned for being great diggers.

The choice of a model for interiors, on the other hand, is simpler and more versatile. Depending on the space and the type of waste you want to throw, you can buy both a bin with a lid and one without one, to be used for the collection of paper and plastic, placing it in the bathroom, in the children’s bedroom or the study.

How to Use a Trash Can?

Considering that anyone can understand the use of garbage, we thought of dedicating this section to the installation and maintenance of these objects that can get dirty very easily.

Where to Place It?

The choice of which rubbish bin to buy is subject to the use you want to make of it. If you are looking for an item to be placed in the house, you will certainly need a rather small container if instead, you have a balcony or a garden, the object in question will probably be larger and larger.

As for the apartment ones, you could opt for the smaller ones, in metal or plastic, to be placed in the bathroom, in the children’s rooms, and the corner of the kitchen.

Having more buckets in the house is always useful, especially if they have a lower capacity than the standard ones. Moreover, this solution can be convenient to be able to throw waste wherever you are.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to hide them, since their view brings to mind an idea of ​​confusion and little order, you could buy one to insert in a shelf of your kitchen, perhaps equipped with an automatic opening connected to the door, thus avoiding getting dirty hands every time.

If you are looking for a larger bin to install in the garden, the ideal would be to find one that is made of weather-resistant material and with a lid with hermetic closure, to limit as much as possible access to unwanted animals, typically attracted by the smell of food residues.

Also, we suggest you place it in a place where the sun’s rays arrive for a few hours a day since the heat can accelerate the proliferation of bacteria and consequently cause the formation of larvae and mold.

How to Wash the Garbage Cans?

It is a good practice to clean the garbage buckets at least once a month, especially if they are used for the storage of organic or undifferentiated waste, more prone to the germs that cause bad smells.

Correct washing can be carried out using chemical detergents, easily available in supermarkets, to be rubbed over the entire internal and external surface with the help of a sponge.
This procedure will be easier if you have a pump and a private courtyard. Otherwise, you will need a bucket and elbow grease. To clean the smaller ones indoors, just spray degreaser or disinfectant soap, fill it to the brim with water and leave for a few hours.

After that, you can empty it in the toilet and rinse it in the shower or the tub, having the foresight to sanitize the surfaces used. Finally, to prevent the bottom of the bins from getting too dirty, you can place newspapers at the base to absorb moisture and oils.

How to Embellish It?

On the net, you can find many ideas on how to embellish plastic garbage pails, especially those to be kept in the garden, for example, by sticking nice stickers on the surface, or painting it with water-resistant spray paint.

If you prefer something more elegant, you can buy a bin cover or make one yourself using wooden pallets, on which you can even place flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Hide the Garbage Cans?

Although on the market, it is possible to find buckets of all sizes, colored or with a particular shape, not everyone likes having them on sight.

A good way to hide them is by purchasing garbage can cover: it is an empty container, usually made of wood or resin, which on the outside can resemble a wicker chest inside which you can insert one or more buckets for separate collection.

They are usually sold purely for outdoor use since they not only hide what is inside but protect it both from bad weather and unwanted animals. Nonetheless, if you live in an apartment without a garden or balconies, you can also arrange it at home.

Which Bin Is Good for Door-To-Door Collection?

If door-to-door recycling is carried out in your city, be aware that it will not be possible to choose the bin of the size, material, and color you like best.
Each municipality makes available to citizens a series of buckets with standard dimensions.

For example, the one for the staff can be 20 or 30 L, the one for the undifferentiated 40 L, and must be collected at the town hall, in the section dedicated to waste.

However, in some areas, the delivery of only the bags, each of a different color, is expected to allow you to decide for yourself where to keep them.

Which Bin Is Better to Use Outside?

Positioning the rubbish externally is always a risk: anyone who has a garden or lives on a low floor could be the victim of vandalism by mice, magpies, or cats, which are often responsible for opening the bags and shedding waste.

For this reason, the purchase of an outdoor bin must be made with knowledge, choosing a model with a closure, preferably airtight, or without open spaces in which animals could sneak in.

It must be designed in a durable material that can easily withstand bad weather like frost and rain, and that does not heat up excessively during the summer.

How to Avoid Bad Odors from The Garbage Can?

If you have placed the bins inside the house, the only alternative to using deodorants is to frequently throw the rubbish in the appropriate bins on the days established by your municipality of residence.

In case you have placed them outside instead, to prevent the bad smell from spreading, especially in summer due to the heat, you could buy boxes for wooden or resin rubbish bins, which protect them from the elements.

Also, some more imaginative users have transformed these objects into planters to hide bad smells with the pleasant scent of flowers.

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