12 Best Thermostatic Mixers in 2023 – Reviewed & Buyer Guide

Even if it is positioned in the bathroom, the thermostatic mixers must still be beautiful to look at and combined with the rest of the furniture, as well as functional.

In fact, even for this accessory, the various companies have indulged in providing mixers with different shapes and with different functions. You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Right below we had selected some of the latest and advanced models of thermostatic mixers for you.

Fyeer 3-Way Thermostatic Mixing Valve, DN15...
  • 【RELIABLE FUNCTION】:Connect to hot and cold water inlet- and mixer water out, DN15 G1/2" male thread.
  • 【PRERIUM QUALITY】:Thermostatic Mixing Valve made of high standard brass with plasitc knob to adjust temperature.
  • 【TEMPERATURE RANGE】:Cold water supply temperature:4-29 degree marked with C,hot water supply temperature:55-85 degree marked with H. Both inlets with check valve inside. Satey temperature stops at 38 degree.
Gangang Temperature Control Thermostatic Mixer...
  • Thermostatic mixing valve: output water with constant temperaure to avoid scald. This is especiall helpful for elderly and children.
  • Cold and hot water mixer: two inlets mared with C and H for cold and hot water, ,mixing water outlet marked with mixer, (do not connect the cold and hot water inlet on reverse). You can adjust water temperature by the knob, safety temperature is 38 degree
  • Easy installation: All G1/2 male connection for inlet and outlet. just connect the hot and cold water pipe, then automatically transfer out the constant temperature water. Note: Before install this valve, let the water flow for 10 seconds to discharge the impurities in the water pipe. This is very important.
Bathroom Thermostatic Shower Mixer Wall Mount Hot...
  • Thermostatic Temperature Control: Compared with the ordinary shower, the thermostatic bath mixer can automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure to maintain water temperature stable in a quick time, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
  • ntelligent temperature: The range for the outlet water temperature is from 20 to 50°C, safety button temperature: 38°C;Don't worry about the sudden cold or hot water.
  • For suspended shower, just turn off the flow switch, hot and cold water will not turn the clock back and re-opens, the water is still the original set temperature.
Brass Thermostatic Hot/Cold Water Mixing...
  • Main function: The valve is used to mix cold and hot water in order to control the water temperature and keep the water temperature within a certain range.
  • Rugged and durable: The thermostatic valve is made of high-grade solid brass valve elements, which is durable, strong and not easy to rust.
  • Easy to install: The wall-mounted bathroom thermostatic stirring valve is easy to install and is suitable for many water heaters. Use filter nets in hot and cold water to protect the water from other impurities.
Thermostatic Mixing Valve with 1/2 NPT Male...
  • US STANDARD FITTINGS -Coming with 3 PCS G1/2 British straight thread to 1/2NPT adapters.
  • Markings in fahrenheit,outlet water temperature range: 68°F -122°F.
  • Premium brass body: one-piece sturdy brass (non-plastics) faucet body ensures quality and longevity.
2-Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve Trim Wall mount...
  • 【AMERICAN STANDARD FITTINGS】 comes with 1/2 NPT S-shape adapters to make installation using typical USA plumbing threaded pipes
  • 【CONSTANT WATER TEMPERATURE】 thermostatic shower mixing valve seriously works like a magic and adjust the water temperature so fast that you can barely feel the temperature fluctuations. It provides a constant water temp out on its output to prevent accidental scalding. It automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure to maintain water temperature stable in a quick time, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
  • 【ON-WALL MOUNT】comes with instructions; External (or exposed) mounted shower mixers is perfect for bathroom, RV, clawfoot tub, etc.
SaleRANK NO. 7
Copper Thermostatic Valve Spool Faucet Cartridge...
  • Thermostatic valve spool copper faucet cartridge [ Material ]: Brass Body [ Size ]: G1/2"(DN15)
  • [ Usage ]: Thermostatic valve [ Water Pressure ] : Working Pressure: 0.03-1.0Mpa, Recommend Pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa
  • [ Temperature ] : Inlet Cold Water: 5-29°c, Inlet Hot Water: 50-95°c, Mixing Water: 35-45°c, Adjustment Accuracy: ±2°c
Thermostatic Bath Mixer Tap Shower Valve Handle...
  • High Quality: Spool Built-in thermal components, using precision copper. Spool control precision, good stability and durability.
  • Feature: Thermostatic Mixer, Simple operation, Easy to use, Saving water and energy. Avoid water temperature the peaks and valleys
  • Safe and Comfortable: This is thermostatic for comfort and safety, and there is an override stop button set at 38°C, Temperature range 20 – 50 degree C.
H.C. BT-T40LF-38 Under Counter Thermostatic Mixing...
  • Easily adjust the temperature adjustment stem and prevent accidental adjustment with a locking nut.
  • Lead free brass body to comply with lead free installation requirements.
  • Integral checks with screens prevents cross flow and filter out debris.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best thermostatic Mixers

The product is equipped with a thermostatic valve that mixes cold and hot water continuously, maintaining constant flow and temperature.

Of course, there are also safety systems, such as interruption of the supply if there is a lack of cold water, avoiding burns to the unsuspecting user, intent on taking a shower.


Compare prices and performances of the various thermostatic mixers and you will notice the significant difference between the various models.

There are, however, products that are characterized by the excellent relationship between the overall quality and the not excessive price, as you can see among those that we recommend below.

All the mixers, however, must guarantee basic performance and, mainly, they must ensure that the temperature of the jet remains unchanged for the duration of the shower, even if other taps are opened at the same time.

In this way, there will be no pressure change and none of those annoying peaks of cold or hot water that risk causing burns and make the shower less pleasant.

This important advantage is ensured by the thermostatic valve which reacts immediately to any variation, immediately regulating the mixture. It is ideal if there are children or elderly people in the house.

It is the consumer who regulates the temperature, setting it at the desired level which can, of course, be modified as desired. Furthermore, if the flow is closed for a few moments, for example to make the shampoo, by reopening the water the temperature will be identical and it will not be necessary to wait or adjust it again.

Another feature that many users find useful is the ability to set a temperature lock, generally at 38 ° C, which, once activated, prevents it from being changed. This is an important precaution for children who want to shower or bathe alone and who may inadvertently raise it. In this way, they are safer and parents more peaceful.

Water-Saving and Safety

The possibility of having the desired temperature very early and not having to change it during the shower avoids unnecessarily wasting water before finding the right mixture and, in this way, there is less consumption and, therefore, savings in utility bills and for the environment.

Furthermore, thermostatic mixers can be equipped with other functions. For example, the best brand models are characterized by a particularly valuable finish that offers three advantages: firstly, greater resistance to wear.

Which makes these products destined to last for years and years; secondly, a channel of cold water placed under the external coating ensures that this never exceeds the water temperature thus avoiding getting burnt by touching the mixer.

Finally, the special chrome plating present on some models, being repellent to dirt, scratches and oxidation, guarantees a brilliant appearance that remains unchanged over time.

Flaps and Assembly

Sometimes, when you have wet or soapy hands, it may not be easy to grasp the end of the mixer to adjust the temperature. Some models, to allow a more comfortable and safe grip, have very useful lugs that solve the problem.

As regards assembly, thermostatic mixers should not be particularly difficult to install and a minimum of practicality is enough to be able to do it even without the intervention of a technician. It is better to check that all the accessories are included in the supply, in particular, the eccentric (adapters) with gasket.

How to Use a Thermostatic Mixer?

What is a thermostatic mixer first? It is basically a tap capable of delivering water at a constant temperature.

Where to Mount It

It can be installed in any room of your home and there are models both indoors and outdoors. The most elegant, with chromed finishes and with a modern and design cut, are suitable for environments such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

While those more spartan and able to resist atmospheric agents are more suitable for a garden, a terrace or however an external environment.

Savings in Utility Bills

Even if their cost is higher than that of a simple tap, before considering them excessively expensive, one must take into account a very important factor: saving on the water bill.

Often, when showering or washing dishes, one tries desperately to position the tap so that the water is at the right temperature, not too hot or too cold, so as not to burn or freeze in winter. This procedure, however, takes time, during which the water escapes copiously, representing an avoidable waste.

The mixer manages to save time and money thanks to its ability to independently regulate the temperature. How do you do it?


If you are convinced, and you have already purchased your mixer, it must be assembled. If you are not an expert, or not accustomed to doing it yourself, the best option would be to contact a professional in the sector.

Even if it would mean spending more money. If you have already carried out such operations, remember that you will need: silicone, Teflon tape, wrench and screwdriver.

Eccentric Fittings

Once the pre-existing tap has been dismantled you will have to use the eccentric fittings, included in the package or sold separately, to be able to equalize the hot and cold water pipe.

To arrange them perfectly, cover the thread with Teflon tape, useful to avoid water leaks, and hook them with the wrench, taking care not to overtighten.

Place the Mixer

Now, insert the mixer and try to position it perfectly horizontally, using a level if you have one. You just have to screw the mixer and make the first test.

If it works correctly you should be able to set the temperature with one of the two knobs, while with the other one open and close the water jet.

Seal with Silicone

If you do not experience any problems and do not notice any leaks coming from the pipes, you can add silicone to seal and stop the mixer on the wall.

Before carrying out this procedure, carefully dry the surface and make sure there is no drop of water.

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