The 11 Best Sofa Beds in 2023 for Sitting and Sleeping

Actually, there are many people who like to host friends to sleep, but sometimes it is a challenge if you don’t have enough space. The most practical solution is precisely the protagonist of today’s guide: the sofa bed.

It is a piece of furniture that you can take advantage of. It can be kept in the living room, given its appearance and functionality similar to that of any other common sofa, but it is perfect for having a solution for guests … there are also those who use it as the main bed.

Here we had listed out the best models of sofa beds that are given below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Best Choice Products Linen Modern Folding Futon,...
  • 3 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONS: Perfect for any occasion, three backrest settings let you enjoy meaningful conversations, watch a long-awaited sports event, or even count sheep in a peaceful slumber
  • ROOM FOR 2: This stylish futon sofa has a 500-pound weight limit that lets you lounge in good company while utilizing a fold-down armrest with convenient cupholders in the middle
  • CONVERTIBLE SOFA BED: Stay prepared for overnight guests by taking advantage of the removable arm pillows and adjustable back to switch from sofa to a comfy bed in just seconds!
VanAcc Sleeper Sofa, Sofa Bed- 2 in 1 Pull Out...
  • 【Durable & Sturdy Pull Out Bed】 Lift up and out in one smooth motion without squeaking, turn any room into a bedroom or guest room with bed couch easily and quickly. Firm frame ensure the sleeper couch longer lifespan.
  • 【Large Storage Chaise】 Built-in storage is easy to access and spacious enough to store blankets, pillows or anything you want, save your space and enjoy a cozy sleep at your fingertips with couch bed.
  • 【Thickened Cushion & Arm Cushion】 High-elasticticity sponge cushion and fluffy back cushion support you at shoulders, hips, and lower back, help to release spinal compression. Additional arm cushions also support arms nicely.
DURASPACE Sofa Bed Sleeper Pull Out 2 in 1...
  • 【3 Storage Space】Sofa sleeper has 3 hidden storage that can fit blankets, pillows, and more, which Maximize your living space and stay it tidy and organized.
  • 【Convertible Sofa Bed】Converts between sofa and bed with a simple pull out, making it perfect for overnight guests,small apartment, dorms, studios, office, residential theater room.
  • 【Reversible Chaise】Customize your space with a reversible chaise that can be oriented to the left facing or right, facing making it perfect for any room arrangement.
Skepphlay 3 in 1 Convertible Sofa Bed, Pull Out...
  • 3-IN-1 VERSATILE SOFA BED DESIGN - Skepphlay convertible sofa couch with pull out bed can easily transition from a cozy loveseat to a couch sleeper with pullout bed, ideal for any room size and overnight guests.
  • ADJUSTABLE COMFORT - Our pullout sleeper sofa bed offers a 3-level adjustable backrest for personalized relaxation. You can easily alter the angle for the perfect seating or resting position, ensuring maximum comfort at all times.
  • BUILT TO LAST - This loveseat recliner features a robust steel frame supporting up to 500 pounds. The velvet fabric resists pilling, enhancing durability. High-density foam offers perfect comfort and support balance.
Shahoo Sofa Bed Reversible Convertible Sleeper...
  • Revertible Sofa Bed: You can change the sofa into a bed by pull out the hiden part. Lying on it, your living room will become a pricate cinema. With it, your living room will have unlimited possibilities.
  • Large Storage Space: There is a hiden storage in the size of 20.1”W x 40.6”D x 6.3”H. It will play an important role in organizing the item in your living room, which makes the room neat and clean.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Made of high quality material, the sofa is firm and durable. After long time using, it can still remain its own shape. You don’t need to worry about deformation.
Tmsan 55" Loveseat Pull Out Couch, 3 in 1 Velvet...
  • PULL OUT SLEEPER: This loveseat sofa can become a pull out sofa bed/guest bed/child's bed within seconds with wheels to assist in pulling out and quickly turning the sofa into a bed to take a rest, it is convenient for your family and friends.
  • COMFY & SOFT: Our sleeper sofa bed adopts soft and smooth velvet fabric, visually elegant and luxurious. The inside is filled with a high-density sponge, which gives people a warm, cuddly feeling when sitting on it. Additionally, two plush lumbar pillows are included to enhance your relaxation experience.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The pull out couch bed is equipped with a metal iron frame and a strong wooden frame, which can stably support you lying on the bed, and it can easily support the weight of two adults, 250 lbs /seat.
SaleRANK NO. 7
3 in 1 Sleeper Sofa Couch Bed, Small Tufted Velvet...
  • 【MODERN DESIGN】The surface of our loveseat sofa bed is selected from premium velvet with orange bindings and a square tufted design, which is comfortable and stylish. Filled with high-density sponges, it is comfortable to sit on and is not easy to sink even if you sit for a long time. The low-key and classic design style adds a different warmth to your home.
  • 【3 LEVELS ADJUSTABLE BACKREST】The adjustable backrest of the sleeper sofa can be converted to 3 different angles, from 105° to 180°, which allows you to find the best comfortable posture. Design with multi-pockets for easy-reaching of TV remotes, cell phones, magazines, keys, glasses, or that book you want to finish reading.
  • 【CONVERTIBLE PULL-OUT SOFA BED】This sofa is equipped with a pull-out bed, which can be pulled out with 2 auxiliary hand straps to easily and quickly convert the loveseat into a chaise longue or a sleeping bed that can provide for overnight friends. So practical for a limited small space.
Rovibek 3 in 1 Convertible Sleeper Sofa Bed Pull...
  • 【3 IN 1 CONVERTIBLE SLEEPER SOFA BED】Equipped with a pull-out bed, which can be pulled out with 2 auxiliary hand straps to easily and quickly convert the loveseat into a chaise longue or a sleeping bed. Perfect for small rooms, dormitories, apartments, and studios.
  • 【3 LEVELS ADJUSTABLE BACKREST】The adjustable backrest of the sleeper sofa can be converted to 3 different angles (110°, 150°, 180°), which allows you to find the best comfortable posture. Nice for sitting, lying, and sleeping.
  • 【STORAGE POCKETS】Features a handy side storage bag, perfect for keeping essentials like TV remotes, cell phones, glasses, or books within arm’s reach.
CALABASH 55 Inch Convertible Sleeper Sofa 3 in 1...
  • 【MODERN DESIGN】Surface of the sofa bed is selected high-quality velvet, square tufting design, comfortable and stylish. Filled with high-density sponge, it is comfortable to sit and not easy to sink even after a long time. Low-key classic design style, add different warmth to your home.
  • 【3 LEVELS ADJUSTABLE BACKREST】The adjustable backrest of the loveseat sleeper sofa can be converted to 3 different angles, from 105° to 180°, which allows you to find the best comfortable posture. Design with multi-pockets for easy-reaching of TV remotes, cell phones, magazines, keys, glasses, or that book you want to finish reading.
  • 【CONVERTIBLE PULL-OUT SOFA BED】This sofa is equipped with a pull-out bed, which can be pulled out with 2 auxiliary hand straps to easily and quickly convert the loveseat into a chaise longue or a sleeping bed that can provide for overnight friends. So practical for a limited small space.
SaleRANK NO. 10
Flamaker Futon Sofa Bed Modern Faux Leather Couch,...
  • BACKREST ADJUSTABLE: The futon sofa bed has three-position adjustable backrest 120°, 160° and 180°, which helps you get cozy in any scenario. Just adjust the angle, you will get comfy position to watch TV, play games or take a nap.
  • CONVERTIBLE SOFA BED: This sleeper sofa can be quickly and easily transformed into a comfy bed to take a nap. 2 removable armrest can be turned into 2 comfortable pillows to provide you with support.
  • COZY TIME: The seat cushion is filled with high-resilience sponge, which is soft and comfy. This thick upholstery covered with quality pu leather/fabric delivers exceptional comfort. Make a cup of coffee, put them in the cup holder. Then turn on the TV, share leisure time with family or friend.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Sofa Beds

Having a sofa bed at home is always convenient, so as not to be found unprepared in case of guests arriving at the last minute.

When there is little space in the house, then, for example in a studio apartment or in a holiday home, the sofa bed can become the only way to not give up either the double bed or the living area.

In addition to the single ones, on the market, there are several double sofa beds and single and a half models, where you can also comfortably sleep in two.

To choose the most suitable for your needs, you need to evaluate different elements, including the design of the sofa, the opening system, the comfort of the seat and mattress, the dimensions.

Measurements Do Count!

Well, how to choose the right sofa? It is a good question and the answer is not so obvious. There are many variables to consider and is usually a very bulky object, they must be resolved before finding a piece in the house that clashes with our furniture or do not respond best to our needs.

To offer a comfortable bed to our visiting guests and at the same time have a pleasant area for small talk and relaxation, you will have to make sure that you take the measurements of the room in which you want to place the sofa bed.

Usually, a space of 50 cm on the sides of the armrests guarantees sufficient autonomy of movement, therefore based on the function that the element must perform, decide accordingly.

If the sofa is to be placed on the wall, you will need to make sure that it is placed not too close to doors or windows and that you have enough space to open the mattress. If the room in which to place the sofa is very large, it can act as a dividing element to delimit spaces and define their functions.

There are different solutions, with two or three seats, with or without chaise longue, as you can see, the price is not the only discriminating factor to keep in mind to choose the most suitable element.

Do not forget another important measure to note: the sofa must pass comfortably through the doors of the house, so as to be brought from the shop to your room without having to request the intervention of an expensive external crane!

Shapes and Openness

Compare prices and quality of materials, but do not forget to keep an eye on the design and the solutions proposed to ensure easy opening and compatible with the environment in which to place the sofa bed.

The ranking of the best sofas consists of different solutions that we can briefly summarize, then compare each individual review to find out in detail how the best performers are doing.

Accordion, retractable, folding, there are many systems thanks to which it is possible to remove obstacles and offer a spacious and comfortable base for rest.

Traditional beds are those that allow you to slide another mattress from underneath the seat to increase the useful surface. Other systems provide for spreading the backrest, like an accordion, and thus exploiting its two faces and having a comfortable double bed.

New models are emerging and are those that offer a three-seat sofa where, simply by lowering the backrest, a double bed is obtained by exploiting the space horizontally rather than the more common vertical solution.

In the sofas with the peninsula, which house the comfortable chaise longue, that is the elongated seat where you can stretch your legs, you can take advantage of even more space to create a third bed for a child.

The Comfort of The Mattress

There are many choices on the market regarding the materials of the composition of the mattress and the padding of the cushions, it is advisable to choose the non-deformable ones because they resist the continuous wear of the movement for a long time so as not to create uncomfortable depressions that would make sleep impossible.

The best brand is the one that combines durable and resistant materials in every part of the sofa. The bed base, often with slats, supports the mattress with different tensions, which is usually a little more rigid than that of the bed.

Made mostly of polyurethane or latex, the mattresses must also be anti-allergic and not allow the proliferation of mites inside. When the bed opens and closes it is often nice not to have to waste time doing it every night from scratch.

The models equipped with drawers and compartments for storing the covers and the pillow allow you to have immediately what you need at your fingertips: too thick compared to that of the mattress, in the long run, would wear out the interlocking mechanism that allows fluid closing and opening.

How to Use a Sofa Bed?

It can be a requirement for many families to have a sofa bed that is useful when you want to host someone at home for the night.

But also for studios or beach houses, this piece of furniture becomes a versatile choice for resting taking up as little space as possible.

Here we had also shared a video guide about how you can properly use the beds for your daily use.

The Dimensions

The first thing to consider when buying a sofa bed is its size. The choice must be made based on the space available in the house. It will be necessary to calculate well the dimensions it occupies once opened and transformed into a bed.

Especially as regards the length, evaluating if there are walls or other furniture that can somehow prevent its opening. Also keep in mind, if you live in an apartment, if the sofa bed passes comfortably through the front door, or if it can be mounted once brought inside.

The Models

The sofa beds offered on the market are really many and each has its own distinctive feature that normally also determines the price. For example, a three-seater sofa bed could have a chaise longue and this model is usually also the most expensive.

There are, however, two-seater sofa beds that are very inexpensive but still offer a comfortable bed for two people (if not too large) and can also be easily positioned in areas that are not particularly large.

The Opening

Another discriminating factor that determines the price is the type of opening that each sofa bed makes available. Making sure to choose the less complicated one will allow you to have a comfortable bed without much effort.

The methods of opening are different: accordion, retractable, flap, and the most common which is based on the possibility of removing an additional mattress to have a comfortable bed.

The most recent models take advantage of the lowering of the backrest to have two beds horizontally compared to the traditional ones designed to be used vertically.

The Mattress

Obviously, as when choosing the mattress for your bed, the choice of this component also becomes essential for a comfortable rest, even for the one used on the sofa bed.

Better to focus on mattresses made of polyurethane or latex which are less exposed, due to the type of material, to deformation, or to the creation of depressions and bumps that would make sleep difficult.

The mattress must also be hypoallergenic to prevent the guest from waking up by sneezing or itching on the face and body.

The Materials

As for a good sofa, for a model with an integrated bed, the materials with which it is built can make a difference, even on the price. The steel ones are among the most stable and those that are less affected by wear.

The wooden models are certainly very beautiful to look at and also in this case solidity is guaranteed. Do not forget that design plays a fundamental role in the choice because this furniture will not have to disfigure with those present in the rest of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mattress do you need?

The right mattress for the sofa bed must meet certain criteria to be valid in all respects. It must first of all be foldable, because it must accompany the opening and closing movements, ensuring that it remains in place when not needed.

Very important than the height, which must fall between 12 and 15 centimeters, to ensure the right comfort for those who lie down but also allow their accommodation inside the sofa. The material that constitutes it must be breathable, to avoid the accumulation of mites and bacteria.

The spring one is fine, even if it is less comfortable than the recommended memory foam, while the latex one is not recommended, since it deforms much more easily, eventually becoming useless.

How Do You Open and Close a Sofa Bed?

The methods for opening and closing a sofa bed are essentially the following: the traditional one requires first of all to eliminate the cushions placed on its surface. At this point it is necessary to lift the bed base and open it extending it, taking care not to turn the mattress over.

The modern models, on the other hand, have a more intuitive system, as it is sufficient to pull the front of the sofa forward until the bed is completely relaxed.

When Is It Advisable to Buy a Sofa Bed?

The sofa bed solves the problem of those who do not have a guest room or do not have enough beds available to allow many people to sleep. We can suggest you buy your own if you intend to make friends come to visit you, as it has the double advantage of being a bed and also a comfortable sofa.

If you have a B&B, it is a practical solution to make up for a lack of beds when more guests arrive than you expected.

Is the Sofa Bed Okay for Every Day?

If you live in an apartment so small that you cannot have a bedroom, the sofa is the only solution that will allow you to rest at night. So if you have to use a similar model every day, the choice of mattress will be essential.

So opt for a fairly high and comfortable one, as well as checking that the opening and closing mechanism is practical and does not waste you too much time. The mattress must be spring or polyurethane foam, if not in memory foam, but much depends on the amount you intend to spend.

Here is the best sofa bed. The mattress of these beds are really comfortable and they can be used daily and available in different sizes.

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