Top 10 Best Sleep Masks in 2023 – Top Rated Picks

To sleep well at night it is important to have a good mattress and pillow comfortable, but for many people, all this is not enough, but it is necessary to be in total darkness to be able to sleep. Those who have problems falling asleep even if there is a minimum presence of light could find the use of a sleeping mask very advantageous.

A good mask to block the light once worn can effectively block all the light that would otherwise reach the eyes and that it is the light generated by an external lamppost.

Enters the window into the room or from the brightness of a TV that someone is watching them at that moment next to you, a sleeping mask will certainly be a great help to sleep. Here we will be listing the top 10 best sleep masks.

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MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men Women, Zero Eye...
  • No pressure on eyes, eye space is wider and deeper than other flat eye mask (Silk eye mask will oppress eyes)
  • Unique heat-bonded technology instead of glue, sturdy and no easy to fall apart.
  • Top quality fiber fabric never stain bed sheets or pillows. Memory foam makes you feel comfortable.
SaleRANK NO. 2
Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask - Updated Design...
  • 🌙NEW DESIGN - We listen to your feedback! After long-term research and data, we update every detail and make a better ergonomic sleeping mask design to fit every head size.
  • 🌙PERFECT LIGHT BLOCKOUT ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - This sleep mask uses patented bending cartilage design, adjustable and durable, effectively blocking lights coming from the nose area. Tips: Push up the bending cartilage to make it firmly fit your nose and reach better light blocking!
  • 🌙EYES FEEL FREE- The soft cotton triangle wing design on this sleep mask greatly can stop the mask from moving and distracts your eyes and head from pressure, helping you wake up relaxed & refreshed
SaleRANK NO. 3
LitBear Sleep Mask for Side Sleeper Women Men, Eye...
  • 【No light Leakage】 With the heightened 22mm adaptive hollow nose bridge, LitBear sleep mask fully fits all nose shapes, helps improve sleep, and gets longer deep sleep
  • 【Completely Block Light for Side Sleeper】 New design of 15° tilt angle ultra-thin sides of the eye mask for sleeping which can reduce 90% pressure on your temples. Sleep more comfortably when is on your side, a perfect light-blocking sleeping mask for back and stomach sleepers
  • 【Free Eyes Blinking】Deep 12mm 3D contoured cup eye sockets leave larger space for free eye blinking, maintaining your beautiful eye makeup without pressure on your eyes. This sleep mask for women and men will be a good choice for you
Manta Sleep Mask - 100% Light Blocking Eye Mask,...
  • TRUE, 100% BLACKOUT SLEEP MASK — Adjustable eye cups mold perfectly to your face to block 100% of light. True blackout unlocks maximum deep sleep in any environment & any position
  • ABSOLUTELY NO EYE PRESSURE — Fully adjustable, extra-deep eye cups allow you to blink like you’re not wearing a sleeping mask
  • INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE EYE CUPS — Customize your eye cups’ position and angle for a perfect, personalized-for-your-face fit
SaleRANK NO. 5
LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask for Side Sleeper 3 Pack,...
  • 100% Blocking Light: Human engineering contour can improve 99% lightproof performance, to achieve a total darkness, perfectly match nose of any height.
  • 3D Contoured Design: NO pressure on the eyes, allows you to blink freely, and don't touch your eye makeup, increase REM sleep.
  • Improved Adjustable Buckle: Gentle, pain-free, easy-to-adjust headband won’t tangle hair or snag pillow. Fully adjustable strap from 18.5 inches to 27.5 inches.
iCooBreeze 100% Natural Silk Eye Mask for Women...
  • ★ Excellent Light-Blocking Expert - With the large size design, and the particular triangle wing, this night mask for sleeping perfectly blocks all light for your eyes, so you will enjoy a sound sleep all night. The travel sleep mask is a close guard for your sleep. It's so light that you may definitely take it anywhere and wear it anytime when you want a lightless sleep.
  • ★ EKO-TEX Certified Silk - The 6A highest grade mulberry silk has been certified by EKO-TEX, which was adopted as the eye covers for sleeping double sided, and we believe you will be enjoying the experience of sleeping with pure mulberry silk, as it will undoubtedly bring your eyes with a new comfort.
  • ★ Wonderful Experience of Pressureless - Mulberry silk is a product of nature. It is harmless, ultra soft, smooth and breathable. The sleep mask for lash extensions will not put any pressure on the eye balls, while your eyes will only feel comfortable. This organic sleep mask is certainly a great sleep aid for insomnia.
SaleRANK NO. 7
Sleep Mask, 2 Pack 100% Real Natural Pure Silk Eye...
  • BeeVines 100% Real Mulberry Silk Sleepmask, Enhanced Sleep & Lifted Spirit: Our real silk eye shades masks for women naturally relieves your tension and improve your mood through a peaceful full night’s sleep. Our both sides 100% silk eye masks for sleeping are naturally breathable and calming to your facial skin to deliver a faster and sweeter sleep while keeping your eyes relaxed. 100% Mulberry Silk Tested, Not Made of Satin Silk/Not Fake Silk!!!
  • Sleep Sound Anywhere & Anytime with BeeVines Night Eye Shades Cover: Wear this incredibly lightweight, soft, comfortable sleep mask for women anywhere - in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, while camping - and enjoy uninterrupted, deep, relaxing sleep. Our both sides mulberry silk eye sleeping masks sleepmask are perfect for Travel, Home, Flight, Train or anywhere where your sleep is bothered by light.
  • Blink at Ease & Enjoy Sound Sleep in Any Position: BeeVines night eye mask for sleeping blackout is specially designed for rub-minimizing comfort. This both sides mulberry silk eye masks cover for women will keep your eyes shielded from annoying light without compressing your nose bridge, eyelids, and temples while you sleep. The adjustable pain-free strap of our blackout eye masks is specifically designed to be adjusted flexibly to allow you to sleep comfortably in any position.
SaleRANK NO. 8
LitBear Silk Sleep Mask for Side Sleeper, Eye Mask...
  • ✅Luxury, Anti-Ageing Silk Material: LitBear 22 momme 100% silk sleep masks is made of 6A grade mulberry silk, produced according to standard silk specifications of shine, thickness, comfort, durability, touch, and premium silk-sleep factor that can instantly provide a cloud-like touch, deep relaxation and comfort to the skin. The natural properties of the mask lessen friction and protect moisture levels, giving an anti-aging effect
  • ✅Masterfully Crafted for Better Light Blocking- The nose wing and wide-cushioned band design block the light perfectly from all sides, especially the nose parts. Provides you with a total darkness environment that can enjoy an uninterrupted beauty sleep anytime and anywhere, whether it is at home, in a hotel, or on a plane
  • ✅Pursuit of Comfort - Full face-hugging design allows for even and low pressure across the face, ears, and eyes. Premium, cushioned inner layer ensures maximum breathability and cool air flow all night long. Also offers a comfortable feeling when sleeping on your side
BeHoomi Sleep Mask, Premium Eye Mask for Sleeping,...
  • [ Total Blackout & No Light Leakage ] The overall design of this sleep mask with adaptive one-piece nose bridge, extra padded strap, deep inner space for eyes makes this eye mask block light effectively in both fit and comfort.
  • [ Soft, Breathable, Comfortable ] The BeHoomi sleep mask is made of selected high quality materials--skin friendly & breathable fabric, silky smooth memory foam, premium shading memory foam, breathable sponge. Sometimes, you don't even notice you're wearing this eye mask.
  • [ Light Weighted 3D Contoured Cup ] This sleeping mask is designed with 3D deep eye sockets, so you can blink your eyes freely and the eye mask won't touch your nice eyelashes. Perfect for eyelash extensions.
Alaska Bear Organic Silk Sleep Mask Cool Super...
  • A natural sleep aid and eye relaxer, crafted from Grade 5A 100% organic mulberry silk. Only super-soft, super-smooth and skin-friendly silk offers the breathable, cool relaxation of the soothing masks found at the world's premier spas, a sleep-inducing gift for women, men, all skin types
  • ANTI-AGING -- Silk has been shown to reduce friction, which can reduce pressure on creased skin; Helping protect the delicate areas around your eyes by preventing marks that could cause wrinkles
  • 100% COVERAGE & BETTER FIT -- A higher nose cutout conforms to your face contour and block the light underneath w/o putting pression on the bridge of noses

Everything You Need to Know About Best Sleep Masks

The asleep mask blocks unwanted light effectively, preventing it from reaching the eyes. In this way you will stay in the deepest darkness that, recognized by our brain, will trigger the production of melatonin in the body, a hormone that is naturally produced by our body and that helps you sleep.

Those who work at night, especially at the beginning of these shifts, may find it difficult to fall asleep during the daytime. With a sleeping mask, you can trick the brain into believing that it is night and therefore, it is time to fall asleep.

If you sleep with a partner who has the habit of watching TV in bed, a sleeping mask will allow you to stay in the dark without necessarily asking to turn off the TV.

Types Of Sleeping Mask

Classic Sleeping Mask

It is a sleeping mask created from a piece of shaped fabric that resembles a pair of glasses for its shape. Some of these masks to improve comfort during sleep may have padding.

While other models of classic costumes have only one or two layers of fabric to cover the eyes. The mask is kept tight on the face with a band that wraps around the head. This band can be elastic or adjustable.

Travel Sleeping Mask

It is a mask similar to the classic one, but its purpose is to be able to be used when travelling, sitting instead of lying down.

These travel sleeping masks are ideal for those who have to sleep on the train or plane and for easy transport they are generally equipped with a comfortable carrying case. Also, earplugs that isolate more from the environment can also be included where you have to sleep.

Sleep Mask for Those Who Sleep on The Side:

These masks are good for those who usually sleep on the team on the bed. many normal sleeping masks, if you turn sideways, are not always in place, but thanks to these masks to use when sleeping on the couch in a lateral position, you will always have it well worn, without moving during the night when you are moving because they can be shaped according to the shape of your face.

Sleep Mask for Puffy Eyes

Asleep mask designed for those suffering from puffy eyes is a great choice for all those people who tend to wake up in the morning with annoying allergies or tired eyes.

Many of these masks have gel inserts that help cool and soothe irritated areas. Those who wish can cool the advertisement in the refrigerator for about an hour before going to bed.

To be able to reduce the swelling that has formed around the eyes. If, on the other hand, you prefer a warmer therapy, you can dip the gel insert into the warm water before going to bed.

The Ducat sleeping mask is one of the most established and appreciated products in the sector, made with 95% cotton and 5% polyester. It is an object equipped with ultra-thin speakers, not bulky and which do not press on the ears in any way.

Through this mask, in fact, it is possible to sleep on the side even if the audio support is available. Despite this, the HD quality of the audio is guaranteed.

Thanks also to Bluetooth 5.0 to be able to connect to any smartphone or PC. Soft and comfortable on the face, the Dtcat sleeping mask is washable, it allows, in fact, to extract the audio headphones to be washed like any traditional mask.

Who is this product recommended for? Anyone who wants to sleep without noise, travel often or prefer meditation, can fully enjoy this type of product. Although it is not one of the cheapest models in the sector, it is one of the masks made with more care and more palatable.


Among the smart sleep masks, the one proposed by the QYY company also stands out. This particular object can boast an integrated 200 mAh rechargeable battery (with a recharge cycle of 2 / 2.5 hours) with a duration of 9 hours. For obvious reasons, when the device is unloaded, it will not emit any type of sound anyway.

The mask in question, allows you to sleep without disturbing the light and, at the same time, acoustically insulates everything around it.

The audio sector, strong with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, allows the same device to be connected to iPhone, iPad, Android devices, computers or televisions without any type of wire.

Compared to other models, however, the one offered by QYY also provides a built-in microphone that allows you to speak on the phone. Made of velvet and stretch cotton, this highly technological mask enables the removal of electronic parts to easily perform any cleaning operation.

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