11 Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in 2023 – Reviewed & Buying Guide

When it comes to cats, the individual autonomy shown by these animals immediately comes to mind which, as good cats, retain a robust instinctive component that guides them in their actions.

Thus, even the management of manure is managed to respond to a specific behavioural code: cats hide their excrements to conceal their smell from prey or other predators present in the territory, this explains the reason for their habit of digging and burying as “product”.

Here, choosing the right cat litter box is of great importance: before even the price, be sure to check that your cat will like it when you have to choose his next toilet. Here we will be listing the top 11 best self cleaning litter boxes.

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Litter Box Large...
  • SELF CLEANING ELITE LITTER BOX LARGE With extra features including Integrated Litter Step, Chrome Plated Locking Clips and Accents and signature Midnight Black color.
  • PATENTED SELF CLEANING SIFTING GRATE Separates waste from clean litter depositing waste in convenient pull out tray no scooping required!
  • FEATURES INTEGRATED LITTER STEP The litter setp is designed to catch and contain litter from cats paws
SaleRANK NO. 2
PetSafe ScoopFree Complete Plus Self-Cleaning Cat...
  • AUTOMATICALLY REMOVES WASTE: No scooping, cleaning or refilling your cat's litter box for weeks .Five times better odor control than traditional clumping litter. Absorbs liquid waste and dehydrates solid waste in minutes
  • UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL: Crystal litter removes smell by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste; includes one disposable ScoopFree litter tray with crystal litter
  • NO MORE MESSY FLOORS: Low-tracking crystals are 99% dust free and don’t stick to your cat’s paws
OSEVEN Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box with Odor...
  • 【Solved Pain Points of Old Modles】Our automatic cat litter box offers leading performance at an affordable price, using a power supply instead of a battery, operates quietly, easy to use, and has a compact size, perfect for small apartments or houses.
  • 【Pet Safety Protection&Cat Health Monitoring】: Using infrared sensing technology, OSEVEN litter box self cleaning will stop rotating when the cat approaches.It can record multiple cats' daily weight changes and toilet visits, and send the data to pet owners in real time.
  • 【3 Cleaning Modes, Easy To Use】: Our self cleaning cat litter box features 3 modes: ⓵Manual One-click Cleaning Mode after each usage⓶Scheduled Cleaning Mode-you can set up cleaning time ⓷Auto Cleaning Mode-you could decide when to clean via app control. You can master it in no time with no worrying about complexity of operation.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Smart Automatic Cat Litter Box - Self Cleaning Cat...
  • SELF-CLEANING BOX - Never scoop—or touch—litter again. Spare yourself the dreary hassle of nightly scooping as litter is automatically raked out and doesn’t need to be emptied for weeks. Included you’ll find a litter mat, shovel, and roll of plastic.
  • ODOR ELIMINATION - A powerful deodorizer keeps odors contained and completely prevents the smell from infiltrating your house. The eliminate odor icon will light up on the display panel when the box is in deodorizing mode.
  • CAT SAFETY - A built-in safety sensor instantly cuts off the raking process if your cat enters and gets in the way, the motion sensor icon lighting up and protecting your pet. The cleaning mode automatically activates 20 minutes after your cat leaves.
SaleRANK NO. 5
CATLINK Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic ,...
  • SELF CLEANING CAT LITTER BOX: After the cats leave the litter box, the rolling sifting process separates the cat's waste from the clean litter. The specially designed screen can save more cat litter. With a 13L ultra-large waste drawer, the pet keeper just needs to change the trash liner in 15 days (Based on test data from one cat).
  • SAFE AUTOMATIC LITTER BOX FOR CAT: An integrated device of self-detection, gravity sensor, anti-pinch sensors, ventilated and inverted triangle stable structure design, makes sure that no cats will get hurt.
  • REDUCES ODOR & FALLING LITTER: Our rechargeable odor purifier (optional) and carbon filter effectively eliminate unpleasant odors, formaldehyde, and ammonia. The removal rate is up to 90% or more. The litter box features a litter barrier at the entrance, which helps reduce litter tracked out by cats when leaving the litter box.
SaleRANK NO. 6
Catit Smartsift Automatic Sifting Cat Litter Box
  • Cat-Friendly Design: Smartsift Litter Box is comfortably spacious for cats of all sizes. It is hooded for your cat’s optimal privacy, and its wide entrance comes with a paw-friendly swinging door, which can be removed as needed.
  • Smartsift Technology: Noiseless Pull-and-Refresh process to refresh the cat litter pan and collect waste. The litter clumps fall into the cat litter tray’s pull-out waste drawer for easy disposal.
  • Easy Monitoring: Easy access maintenance door assists in adding new litter while preventing litter tracking and dust. Clear view window on the top helps you monitor the amount of litter inside.
ANWA Automatic Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning, APP...
  • 【Free Your Hands Starting Now!】 Our self cleaning cat litter box provides a hassle-free and convenient solution, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while your feline companion's litter needs are taken care of. Our automatic cat litter box self cleaning saves you time and effort, so you can focus on what really matters.
  • 【Multi-cat Households Friendly】 ANWA self cleaning litter box for multiple cats is the perfect solution for multi-cat households. With its spacious design and advanced technology, robot litter box self cleaning can accommodate the needs of multiple cats, providing a clean and hygienic litter box environment for each feline friend.
  • 【All Types of Cat Litter Approved】 ANWA automatic litter box self cleaning is compatible with all types of cat litter. Whether you prefer bentonite, nature wood, tofu, or mixed litter, this little robot cat litter box can handle it all. (NOT suitable for large granules litter like pine pellet litter and crystal litter) A roll of specially designed thick poop bags will be included in the package.
MEEGEEM Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box - 85L Extra...
  • Free Your Hand: Self Cleaning Litter Box, automatically collects waste to the litter box. You no longer have to bend over to clean up cat poop every day! Smart app automatically alerts you when there is not enough litter or too much waste. Cleaning up cat litter has never been so easy.
  • 85L Large Capacity: Self Cleaning Litter Box for multiple cats, has a internal space of 70L, a trash collection box of 15L. Maximum support 6L of cat litter, enough to use 15-28 days. It is suitable for cats weighing between 2.2lb to 22lb.
  • Easy Clean & No Odors: Automatic Litter Box with 5-second quick disassembly design, can be washed easily. High-tech deodorization design, no more leaks, no more odor. Use of product-specific mats (included in the package), cats do not bring litter into the house.
Omega Paw EZ-RA15-1 Elite Roll 'N Clean Self...
  • Unique patented sifting grill separates clumped waste from clean litter and deposits it into the removable pull-out tray
  • Integrated litter step catches leftover litter as your cat exits the covered litter box, so you don't have to tidy up after every use
  • Simply roll the litter box all the way onto its top and back to the upright position to separate the clean litter from the waste
CATLINK Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box...
  • [Multi-Cat Family] Different cats can be detected and recognized by the CATLINK automatic cat litter box, which can also keep track of each cat's toilet usage. The Catlink App allows cat owners to keep track of each cat's weight and learn about the health of their feline companions.
  • [App Control and Data Reports] With the Catlink App,(Compatible with 2.4Gwifi only) cat owners may obtain a 24-hour record, a 7-day/12-month health report, and remotely manage the self-cleaning litter box at any time. Additionally, multiple users can share a single litter box at once.
  • [Safe and Considerate Design] The litter box's radars, infrared sensors, and anti-pinch features guarantee maximum safety. In order to avoid harm, it immediately stops running if it spots a cat. Additional security is provided by the robust, vented design, and any problems automatically warn the user through the app. The Catlink luxury pro litter box features smart illumination to assist elderly cats with poor eyesight. The Do Not Disturb mode ensures a peaceful environment for cat parents, and the panel lock prevents accidental touches from pets or children.
NOVETE Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, 75L + 9L...
  • Hands-Free Automatic Cleaning: The self cleaning litter box cleans automatically when your cat leaves the box, disposing of the waste neatly in the trash can; efficient self-cleaning means no more manual scooping and helps save on cat litter
  • Safe, Anti-Pinch: Spacious entrance, 12 × 13 in; counterclockwise rotation for cleaning, with a trash can at the back, ensures that cats are never trapped; the gravity sensors detect your cat, and the device stops automatically when your cat enters, avoiding harm to your furry friend
  • Easy Health Monitoring: The smart litter box is controlled via the app; set the auto-clean start time, and it records your cat’s weight, toilet visits, and duration so your kitty stays healthy and well cared for; a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network needed

Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Buying Guide

Those who compare prices before deciding on the right purchase will have already noticed that there are above all two types of boxes on the market, those open and those closed. What changes is above all the aesthetic impact of the feline “toilet”, therefore the discriminating factor for choosing a type or another certainly depends on them liking the cat shows for this solution, but also on the needs of domestic furnishings.

Before buying a closed litter, some veterinarians recommend using a cardboard box to put on the simple open litter to find out if the house cat likes the privacy of privacy. In this way, it is avoided, in part, the risk that the cat ignores the final version.

A closed model tends to make odours escape less, but to avoid that they concentrate excessively inside the litter it is good to know that there are models equipped with activated carbon filters that neutralize strong odours that would annoy the kitty by discouraging the use of the box.

The care to be taken in case of use of open litter is to prepare a mat underneath to collect the sand that pops out while the cat buries its needy.

Cleaning System

In the ranking of aspects not to be overlooked in choosing the right toilet bin, a place of importance covers the ease with which to clean the litter box.

Many types of sand, which we can briefly distinguish in agglomerating or non-agglomerating: the first type facilitates the identification of the dejections to be able to remove only those and not have to replace the sand in bulk.

The models that facilitate the removal of only the needy are those that score most in the reviews, and they are made to have a sieve at the base that allows you to filter the clean little sand isolating only the dirty one, facilitating daily cleaning.

A detail that seems secondary, but which turns out to be very important if you consider that a dirty or smelly litter in addition to being a receptacle for bacteria, repels the cat that will tend not to use it by finding other places to do it.


It is not necessary to look for the best band ever, but to focus on the models that better than others adapt to the size of the cat that will have to use the toilet box.

The cat must have ample play to dig in the sand and turn around, looking for a suitable position. Therefore the capacity of the box must be proportional to the size of the cat.

The ease with which to climb over the edge of the tray must also be taken into consideration, especially to favour those domestic cats a little ahead of the years.

Quality Materials

The Curve 2068962 is particularly striking for its attractive and refined design that does not escape even the eye of users who, when it comes to cat litter, pay more attention to functionality than to aesthetics.

But it is not only the design that has attracted our attention, given that on the online store, but the positive comments on the effective yield of the product are also practically wasted. Entirely made of polypropylene, the litter has proved to be robust, stable and highly resistant to scratches, to guarantee good durability.

The size of the structure is such as not to create problems even if it is a large cat who uses it, who can quickly enter and exit using the practical tilting door. The buyers declare themselves very satisfied with the model, although someone has considered the cost to be high compared to the average.


When the time comes to buy a cat litter, one of the most critical aspects to evaluate is the hygiene and practicality of cleaning the object.

In this regard, Curver 2068962 has a removable lower compartment that allows you to clean and change the sand used by the cat in an easy and fast way.

On the upper part, then, there is a small housing equipped with a lid where there is a practical scoop, while the activated carbon filter included in the price guarantees maximum hygiene and significantly reduces the spread of unpleasant odours, and once exhausted it can also be replaced with another of a different brand.

Easy to Use and Transport

The practicality with which it is assembled and all the facilities offered in terms of cleaning are the main strengths of a litter box that aims to make the life of the cat and its owner easier.

To extract the compartment containing the sand, lift the two side levers, so it will not be necessary to use various tools and utensils. In this regard, many users confirm the goodness of the opening system, and there is not even one that claims to have carried out the operation with difficulty.

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