The 9 Best Prose Shampoos in 2023 for Every Hair Type

Why are there different shampoos on the market? The answer is simple: there are many types of hair (blond, brown, red, thin, curly, long, etc …) on the basis of which one or another specific treatment is required. Of course, you can choose a shampoo just because you like it, but in reality, we all try to have a healthy and well-groomed hair.

For good hair care, some products are essential, just like prose shampoo. Unlike what we might think, its function goes beyond washing.

Since there is a wide variety of shampoos on the market, all with different functions and characteristics, we thought of creating this guide, to clarify your ideas a little.

Here we had selected some of the best prose shampoos that would be great for your hairs are listed below.

PURA D'OR Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo and...
  • THE ORIGINAL GOLD STANDARD AND UNDISPUTED LEADER IN HAIR THINNING THERAPY: Our low lather biotin hair thickening shampoo and conditioner set is formulated with biotin and our exclusive proprietary blend of 17 DHT blockers including nettle extract, pumpkin seed, and black cumin seed oil. Clinically tested and proven to reduce thinning hair, promote hair strength and thickness with increased volume and reducing breakage. Individual results may vary.
  • ORGANIC SHAMPOO INGREDIENT BASED: Our DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner Set is made with organic argan oil, vitamin e oil, tea tree oil and many more premium ingredients, all indicated on the labels. These essential hair vitamins help moisturize the scalp to promote thicker fuller hair in men and women. Made with no sulfates or parabens which could harm the scalp or hair growth.
  • PROTECT AND STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR: Our PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Biotin Conditioner set is made with an organic aloe vera base instead of a water base for the cleanest, organic, cruelty free and best natural shampoo and conditioner set.
Pureology Hydrating Shampoo, For Dry &...
  • Moisturizing Shampoo: Hydrate vegan shampoo deeply hydrates and moisturizes hair of all types and textures, but ideal for normal to thick, dry, color-treated and natural hair. Leaves dry hair hydrated
  • Moisturizing Formula: This creamy, moisturizing formula works into a luxurious lather; emollient Jojoba hydrates hair, Rose Extract prevents hair loss, Green Tea supports scalp health, and Sage stimulates follicles
  • Key Benefits: Moisturizes dry, damaged hair. Not just safe for color-treated hair but actively protects hair color. Hydrates all hair textures. Cleanses hair and scalp, leaving hair soft and touchable
MAJESTIC PURE Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and...
  • Majestic Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Virgin Coconut Avocado Conditioner Set; for healthy hydrated hair and scalp; sulfate free; made in USA
  • Perfect daily dry scalp shampoo and conditioner combo to remove buildups while nourish and hydrate hair and scalp
  • Gentle enough for daily use and for all hair types, color safe shampoo and conditioner set; restores shine; reduces itchy scalp, dandruff and frizz
SaleRANK NO. 4
Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set -...
  • MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL: This moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set from Pure Nature Lux Spa is powered with hydrating argan oil, used for centuries to achieve incredible shine and make hair manageable; This Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner gives you silky smooth hair and helps prevent damage; When you need an argan oil shampoo and conditioner that won’t disappoint, trust only Pure Nature Lux Spa
  • SULFATE FREE: It’s time to say goodbye to your old anti frizz shampoo and conditioner packed with harsh ingredients that can strip moisture and treat yourself to a gentler experience; Our Moroccan argan sulfate free shampoo and conditioner keeps hair hydrated; Better still Pure Nature Lux Spa’s argan oil conditioner and shampoo contains no parabens and is never tested on animals
  • SHINE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: More than simply a shampoo and conditioner set for curly hair, our conditioner and shampoo sulfate free solution restores shine for everyone; Experience sleek, silky locks that shine effortlessly thanks to this hydrating shampoo and conditioner for straight, wavy, curly and even frizzy hair
SaleRANK NO. 5
Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set - Sulfate and...
  • THICKER HAIR: This biotin shampoo and conditioner set has been specially formulated to help you achieve the appearance of thicker hair; Bellisso’s thickening shampoo and conditioner for fine hair coats each strand to give you the feeling of more luxurious, fuller locks that turn heads; If you’re in search of premium hair thickening products for men and women that really work, Bellisso is the solution
  • INCREDIBLE VOLUME: This shampoo and conditioner set men and women love for the way it helps to boost volume; The secret to our thickening shampoo and conditioner is how the biotin binds to the hair, helping to increase the space between each individual strand; For people who want thicker feeling hair, Bellisso’s volumizing shampoo and conditioner is the answer
  • SALON GRADE: It’s time to say goodbye to hair products for women and men that aren’t up to standard; At Bellisso, we’ve worked with leading hair care specialists to formulate a salon shampoo and conditioner set that’s highly regarded by experts; Trust Bellisso for some of the best shampoo and conditioner that money can buy
OUAI Detox Shampoo - Clarifying Cleanse for Dirt,...
  • OUAI DETOX SHAMPOO. Move over juice cleanse, it's time for a hair cleanse. Get rid of product and hard water buildup, dirt and oil with this 1-2x a week clarifying treatment. Here's your fresh start, see you next week.
  • YOUR HAIR'S HOLY GRAIL. This concentrated shampoo with apple cider vinegar gets you back on good terms with overworked tresses. Wet hair, lather up and rinse clean. Follow up with any OUAI conditioner to soften your squeaky clean strands.
  • OUAI (or "way") means yes in that casual, Parisian way. We believe in effortless routines and good for you ingredients. Haircare customized to your hair type to nourish, strengthen and condition. Giving you the confidence to win life your OUAI.
Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner | For Dry...
  • Restores moisture and adds shine to dry, brittle hair
  • Shampoo gently cleanses and softens dry hair
  • Conditioner detangles and provides increases manageability and shine
SaleRANK NO. 8
MONDAY HAIRCARE Gentle Shampoo + Conditioner Set...
  • GENTLE SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER: This beloved Shampoo and Conditioner set offers a gentle cleanse for normal to delicate hair types. It contains Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to leave hair feeling nourished and supported.
  • SALON-QUALITY: Our modern formulas are dermatologically tested, PH-balanced, and free from SLS, parabens and phthalates. We instead use natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, rice protein and vitamin E to nourish and restore.
  • AWARD-WINNING: Our range of Shampoo and Conditioner has 11 major beauty awards and counting, including a Cosmopolitan 2021 Holy Grail Beauty Award, Glamour 2021 Beauty Award, Cosmopolitan 2021 Beauty Award, and an InStyle 2022 Best Beauty Buy Award.
OUAI Fine Shampoo + Conditioner Set - Bring Fine...
  • OUAI Fine Shampoo. Tired of saying "I'm fine"? Us too. This shampoo gently cleanses strands, adds weightless body, and reduces frizz. Strengthening keratin, nourishing biotin, and moisturizing chia seed turn the volume up on fine hair for a fuller, more voluminous look. It's the 'pick me up' your hair has been waiting for.
  • OUAI Fine Conditioner. Fine hair's best friend. This nourishing conditioner formulated for fine hair types uses keratin, biotin, and chia seed oil to hydrate, strengthen, and boost volume without weighing hair down. So you can spend less time photoshopping your hair and more time living a "full life."
  • OUAI Means Yes. In that casual Parisian way. OUAI is about being better IRL than on Instagram. It's about having honest conversations with our community. It's about letting go of unrealistic expectations and embracing your imperfections.
PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin...
  • THE ORIGINAL GOLD STANDARD & UNDISPUTED LEADER IN HAIR THINNING THERAPY: Our hair thickening shampoo is formulated with biotin and our exclusive proprietary blend of 17 DHT blockers including nettle extract, pumpkin seed, & black cumin seed oil. Clinically tested & proven to reduce hair thinning, promote hair strength & thickness with increased volume & reducing breakage. Individual results may vary.*
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENT BASED SHAMPOO: Our biotin shampoo is made with organic argan oil, vitamin e oil, tea tree oil and many more premium ingredients, all indicated on the labels. These essential hair vitamins help moisturize the scalp to promote thicker fuller hair in men and women. Made with no sulfates and no parabens which could harm the scalp or hair growth.
  • PROTECT & STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR: Our PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo is made with an organic aloe vera base instead of a water base for the cleanest, organic, cruelty free and best natural shampoo.
SaleRANK NO. 11
Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo...
  • SHINE & VOLUME: Oat is the first ingredient in this scalp-soothing, farm-fresh inspired shampoo infused with apple cider vinegar to clarify the scalp and add high shine and volume to dull hair.
  • CLARIFYING BLEND: Infused with apple cider vinegar, this shampoo cleanses and reinforces shine from root to tip. It's free of sulfates, dyes & parabens & safe for all hair types & color treated hair.
  • FARM FRESH INSPIRED: We make hair care products that promote healthy hair & scalp, from shampoo & conditioner to hair masks, leave-in milks, mists & oils.
SEEN Shampoo, Fragrance Free - Non-Comedogenic &...
  • WHAT IT IS: A dermatologist-developed, fragrance free, vegan, non-comedogenic shampoo that is gentle yet effective. Fragrance free SEEN Shampoo is sulfate free and provides luxurious lather that rinses easily without leaving the hair or scalp feeling stripped. You’ll see less frizz and smoother hair. Safe for sensitive skin. Safe for acne prone skin. Safe for eczema prone skin.
  • FREE OF: Non-comedogenic shampoo that is safe for sensitive skin and formulated without fragrances, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, dyes, pore-clogging oils, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, cocamidopropyl betaine, gluten. PETA and Leaping Bunny approved.
  • GOOD FOR: Clean and vegan. Sulfate-free shampoo that is good for all skin and hair types. Color-safe, keratin-safe. Can be used daily. Safe for sensitive skin. Safe for eczema & acne prone skin. Reduces frizz, smooths hair and adds shine.

Prose Shampoos Buyer Guide

It is important that before buying any shampoo you know its main aspects. Below we have listed the most relevant aspects of shampoos so that we can inform you correctly. In addition, we will answer the most frequently asked questions among users.

What Exactly Is Shampoo?

The shampoo is a cosmetic product used primarily for washing hair. Our hair is exposed to various sources of dirt every day. The most important of these come directly from our own bodies.

The sebaceous glands of the scalp, in fact, release the sebum, a type of fat that accumulates and dirties the hair. In addition, the scalp tends to peel off, releasing small pieces of skin that are retained by the hair.

In the environment there are also many particles that settle on the hair, coming from pollution. Finally, remnants of cosmetics such as rubber bands or hairspray can accumulate in the hair.

The combination of all the mentioned agents can provide a dirty and unpleasant appearance to our hair. At this point, shampoos come into play.

Their mechanism of action allows you to remove all the dirt from our hair, thus giving it a clean and healthy appearance. In addition, they provide softness and shine.

Benefits Shampoo Bring to My Hair

As we have already said, the main role of the shampoo is to clean the hair. Shampoos remove excess sebum accumulated in the hair. In addition, they remove the remains of flaking, environmental particles, and other products that settle in the hair.

Thanks to this, our hair acquires a clean, healthy, and pleasant appearance. However, today the shampoo formulation has been modified to provide many other properties.

For example, some shampoos improve hair hydration. Others, on the other hand, promote greater elimination of sebum. There are also shampoos whose components facilitate smoothing or improve the appearance of curls.

In short, shampoo is an essential hair care product. It is used to have a very clean hair and to get the care it needs. Each type of hair, depending on its characteristics, will require a different treatment. Therefore, shampoos adapt to all hair types to meet their needs.

What Are Shampoos Made Of?

The composition of shampoo can be very varied depending on the properties of the product. That is, not all shampoos include the same ingredients, but this will depend on the type of shampoo. The components of shampoos can be grouped into eight main categories which we will see below.
They are the detergents par excellence and allow the formation of foam. The other components are conditioners, thickeners, acids, preservatives, pearlescent, essences, and essential oils, and active principles.

How Does a Shampoo Work?

We know that shampoo is used to wash hair, but how does it work? The shampoo works by removing excess sebum from our scalp. It forms a layer on the scalp that protects it from external agents, but in turn, accumulates dirt.

The surfactants of the shampoo separate the sebum from the hair, dragging all the accumulated dirt and debris with them. Soap acts through the same mechanism of action but mixes with sebum much more easily.

As a result, sebum is excreted excessively, causing dryness. Therefore, hair cannot be washed with soap.

What Specific Properties Can Shampoo Have?

  1. For oily hair: removes a greater quantity of sebum.
  2. Anti-fall: strengthens hair and prevents it from falling out.
  3. For dry hair: gives greater moisturizing power.
  4. Colored protective shampoo: specialized in maintaining the color of colored hair.
  5. Balancing shampoo: to restore the normal pH of the hair.
  6. Moisturizing shampoo: helps the hair to maintain the moisture necessary to stay healthy.
  7. Volumizing shampoo: provides extra volume and gives hair more body.
  8. Smoothing shampoo: improves hair straightening as well as providing hydration and shine.
  9. The coloring shampoo, which is used for hair coloring, we do not consider it on this list because we will dedicate a separate article to it.

How Should I Use Shampoo?

As with any cosmetic product, to obtain the desired results it is necessary to use the product correctly. Then we will provide you with a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to apply shampoo.

Although it may seem obvious and easy for you, there are some details that you will surely not know and will be of great help. To start, wet your hair in the shower with lukewarm water, not very hot because you could dry your hair too much.

Deposit a coin-sized amount of shampoo on your hand. It is not necessary to apply more product for better results. Distribute the shampoo between your hands and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips.

Rub all the hair from the roots to the ends and insist on them. Once your hair is lathered, rinse it carefully. Reapply the same amount of shampoo and wash your hair a second time. Then, rinse them well with plenty of hot or cold water. Wrap your hair with a towel and dry it well.

How Often Should I Use Shampoo?

We all like to have clean and well-groomed hair. However, it will not be achieved by washing your hair every day. In fact, it is not recommended to wash them too often.

This would lead to an excessive elimination of sebum, the natural protector of our scalp, which is not positive. There is no strict general rule on the frequency of hair washing. It will depend on the needs of each type.

In general, experts recommend washing your hair between 2 and 3 times a week. In the case of dry hair, this interval may be prolonged. Conversely, it could be reduced in the case of oily hair.

Negative Effects of Shampoo 

Despite being a product of daily use and widely used, the shampoo is not free from side effects. These are due in particular to incorrect use of the product.

For example, an overuse frequency or a product with inadequate characteristics. Some side effects could affect people with skin conditions.

Scalp and skin irritation are among the most frequent adverse effects. This can occur more frequently in shampoos that contain irritating components, such as alcohol derivatives which can cause dryness and flaking.

Some people also report itching and eye irritation on contact with the shampoo. Some components of the shampoo can cause other changes. For example, there have been cases of SLS intoxication.

In addition, sodium sulfate has a negative effect on vision. Substances like DEA (diethanolamine) cause harmful effects on the digestive system. Finally, allergic reactions may occur.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shampoos

Below we include a comparative table with the main advantages and disadvantages of using shampoo.


  • Cleaning
  • Hydration
  • Sebum regulation
  • Healthy hair


  • Allergic reactions
  • Irritation of the skin, scalp, and eyes

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