8 Best Oudoor Extensions for You Home in 2023

If you are looking for an extension and you want to buy it online to save money, but you have not yet found the right model for you, stop and take a look at our guide with the purchase tips, to understand how to choose a useful extension between all those currently.

Thanks to the comparison table that compares the prices, advantages, and disadvantages of the models at the top of the ranking for the best extension, you can also evaluate and immediately which one best meets your needs, so you can quickly understand which extension to buy.

Here we will be listing the 8 best outdoor extensions that are mostly used.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Woods 0269 16/3 SJTW General Purpose Extension...
  • OUTDOOR extension cord; ideal for landscaping; and powering appliances such as a shop vac; weed wacker; bush trimmer; leaf blower and electric lawn mower
  • HEAVY DUTY 16 GAUGE; 3-pronged; 100 ft extension cord provides
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE orange jacket provides extra safety and prevents tripping while working in the yard
Clear Power 100 ft 14/3 SJTW -50°C Extreme Cold...
  • Extended Reach -- Extra long 100 ft of quality cord ideal for powering an engine block, radiator and oil pan heaters
  • Safe -- This 3-prong grounded extension cord is UL certified and is backed by USA and Canadian standards of safety and performance
  • Weather Resistant -- 14/3 Gauge SJTW flexible power cord is weather and abrasion resistant as well as flame retardant and kink-resistant
Amazon Basics 50-Foot 3-Prong Vinyl Indoor/Outdoor...
  • RELIABLE POWER: 50-foot heavy-duty indoor/outdoor extension cord rated 13 Amps, 1625 Watts and 125 VAC
  • DURABLE: Grounded 16-gauge vinyl covered extension cord with 3-prong plug and insulated conductors
  • HEAVY-DUTY: All copper wire construction power cord; vinyl covering protects against moisture, abrasion, and direct sunlight
GREATIDE 20 FT Grey Outdoor Extension Cords, 16/3...
  • High Material: Featuring a thick vinyl jacket that resists moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight.built with all-copper wire, reinforced blades, and double black jacketed cords; features full-molding design.
  • 16/3C SJTW High Duty Waterproof Cable: AC 125V/13A/1625W power rated. Temperature Range: -40°F to +140°F, UL Listed
  • Indoor Outdoor Power Cord - Suit for your household appliances, generator, HEV, DIY electric tools, lawn mower, pressure washer and holiday light system.
Clear Power 35 ft 3 Outlet Lawn & Garden Outdoor...
  • Water, weather and abrasion resistant & flame retardant
  • Green cord blends in with a holiday or landscaping environment
  • Works in temperatures from -40°F up to +140°F
SaleRANK NO. 6
UltraPro 25 Ft Outdoor Extension Cord 3 Outlet...
  • Specifications – This grounded three-wire, 16 AWG extension cord is rated for 125 VAC/13 A/1625 W and adds three grounded three-prong outlets to any grounded AC receptacle
  • Heavy-duty – Double-insulated cord and one-piece molded plug provide extra durability; heavy duty vinyl jacket protects against moisture, dust and dirt to improve longevity
  • Extended reach – Extra-long 25 ft. cord is great for tools, such as hand drills and jigsaws, requiring an extended reach at home or on the jobsite
Yard Master 9940010 Outdoor Garden 120-Foot...
  • LIGHT DUTY EXTENSION CORD; Perfect for all of your outdoor needs such as: powering your shop vac; weed wacker; bush trimmer; leaf blower; and any other landscaping appliances
  • A 16/2 cord means the wire thickness is 16-gauge; and each plug has 2-prongs
  • 10A rating at 125V; 16/2-gauge; SJTW(rated weatherproof)
UltraPro Outdoor Extension Cord, 15 Ft, Heavy Duty...
  • Specifications – This grounded three-wire, 16AWG extension cord has one three-prong outlet, is rated for 125 VAC/13 A/1625 W and extends the reach of any grounded AC receptacle
  • Heavy-duty extension cord – Double-insulated cord and one-piece molded plug provide extra durability while the vinyl jacket protects against moisture, dust and dirt to improve longevity
  • Extended reach – Extra-long 15ft. cord is great for tools like hand drills and jigsaws requiring an extended reach

How to Choose Best Outdoor Extensions?

Extension cables are devices of simple conception whose primary purpose is to extend the range of use of specific equipment, in places distant from electrical outlets to which they can be connected.

The use of the extension is required both in the home as well as in the professional and industrial sectors, which is why there are different types of extensions on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive, depending on the characteristics possessed and the type of use for which they were designed.

Before choosing an extension, therefore, it is necessary to understand what type of need will have to satisfy and take into account some fundamental aspects, the most important of which obviously concerns the safety of use.

Linear Extensions

The extensions can be of two types, those equipped with cable reels and linear ones, represented by a simple electric cable of variable length depending on the model, equipped with a socket and a plug at the respective ends.

The linear extensions have the advantage of being much cheaper than those equipped with cable reels, but are spartan, fitted with a single socket, and completely devoid of protection and safety systems.

For this reason, they are not recommended for indoor domestic use, especially if children live in the house, but they can be suitable for gardening and greater comfort and freedom of work.

The linear extensions are mainly intended for professional use on construction sites, in mechanical workshops, in artisan workshops, and wherever necessary to connect a device or electrical equipment at a point away from the power outlets.

The Extensions with Cable Reel

The extensions with cable reels, in turn, are further distinguished based on their characteristics. This type of extension offers greater versatility of use.

The drum on which the cable is wound is equipped with multiple sockets, usually in a number ranging from two to four, and allows you to connect more than one appliance at the same time.

They have a higher cost but also the advantage of being equipped with protection and safety systems, especially for children, which is why they are ideal for home use.

There are also USB extension cables, excellent especially for small offices and anyone who needs to connect a Wi-Fi hub located at a certain distance, or a very bulky peripheral, such as a 3D printer.

This by AmazonBasics, on the other hand, is a USB 2.0 A extension, ideal especially for connecting large peripherals to the computer, such as an office multifunction printer to give an example, without being forced to place them close to the case.

It can be used both in the home and at work, and is compatible with any peripheral or USB device, starting from cameras, cameras, mice and keyboards, up to printers and TVs. It is available in different sizes: from 1, 2, or 3 meters in length, as needed.

Qualitatively speaking, the AmazonBasics USB extension cable is at an excellent level. The connectors are gold-plated to be resistant to corrosion and ensure pure and decay-free signal transmission.

Furthermore, the insulating coating is often enough to offer proper shielding from external electromagnetic interference.

The Poly Pool PP0379.30 is a 30-meter electric extension intended to increase the operating range of power tools for gardening and is also equipped with a hook to be fixed to the wall to keep it neatly when not in use.

The cable is similar to that of the models examined previously, HO5VV-F with a section of 3 x 1.5 mm². At the two ends, it ends with a 3-pin 16A plug and a multi-standard socket from 10 to 16A, also compatible with the standard German Schuko.

It is entirely in orange color, to facilitate its visibility on the grass or in the workplace. This extension, despite being designed for use with garden power tools, is extremely versatile and suitable for use in workshops and small artisan workshops to extend the operating range of lighting lamps and power tools of medium power.


The BTicino S2515X40 is also a highly versatile linear extension designed for gardening but adaptable to small craft workshops, mechanical workshops, and carpentry works.

The quality level is perfectly balanced with the price. Nothing is an extension produced by the Italian company BTicino, considered by buyers to be the best brand in the electrical supply sector. Being a financial product, however, it is primarily intended for occasional and non-intensive use.

According to the buyers, the BTicino extension has excellent characteristics: it is 15 meters long, has a 16A plug, and a Schuko compatible multi-standard socket. The cable holds a maximum load of 3,500 watts.

However, the manufacturing materials are of low quality, do not offer any anti-kinking properties, and are much more subject to wear and weather, which is why it is recommended only for domestic use, especially for periodic garden maintenance.

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