12 Best Makeup Mirrors in 2021 – Our Tops Picks

Mirror, a mirror of my longings, tell me what is the best makeup mirror in the realm? What allows you to evenly spread your eyeshadow, contouring, get the best shades, and much more, the mirror would say.

Thanks to numerous tutorials on methods and trends of makeup, today, more and more women are exhibiting professional makeup. This may have something to do with the growing demand for makeup mirrors.

The sure thing is that, over time, we are learning more and more useful information on makeup, and we can do authentic wonders directly from our bathroom or our bathroom cabinet.

Here we had selected some fo the best makeup mirrors that are given below.

Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights - 3 Color...
  • [Upgraded 72 LED Lights] 72 pieces adjustable LEDs can light the most dark and poorly lit areas. The light is natural and soft, bright but not dazzling, protecting your eyes. Easily switch the color temp between a warm glow of 3,200K and a cooler of 6,500K to see how exactly your makeup will look in various lighting situations like daytime, evening, home and office environments.
  • [3 Color Lighting Modes & Smart Touch Dimmable] Short press the sensor switch to change the 3 light colors: white, yellow, white+yellow. Long press to adjust the brightness. Stepless dimming technology and intelligent memory function make this lighted make up mirror much smarter than traditional ones.
  • [90° Rotation and Tri-fold Design] Adjust and fix freely the vanity mirror on your countertop to make sure a perfect and comfortable angle of view. Tri-fold design allows you to open or close at your will and it’s also dustproof and anti-scratch. Convenient for daily maintenance and carry-on.
KOOLORBS 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights,...
  • 10X Magnifying mirror; ideal for applying detailed makeup, wearing contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing, shaving, hair styling, facial care
  • 3 color lighting and adjustable brightness; The magnifying mirror with lights has 3 color lighting, providing different light for different makeup needed; Press the touch screen switch, changing the color of light; hold the touch switch longer, brightness dim or bright
  • Intelligent switching design; The makeup mirror with lights can be turned off the lights automatically when you don’t use the mirror after 30 minutes; 3 AAA batteries operated, batteries not included
SaleRANK NO. 3
Wondruz Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights,...
  • Adjustable brightness 21 LED lights, good for makeup; dim or brighten up the lights with a long pressing of touch screen switch
  • 1X,2X,3X magnification modes; 3 panels magnifying and wide-angle viewing; see clearly your face and make a flawless makeup
  • Dual power supply; Power the light makeup mirror by USB charging cable or 4xAAA batteries; Batteries not included
COSMIRROR Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with 10X...
  • 1.【21pcs Bright LED Lights】COSMIRROR lighted makeup mirror is built-in 21 pieces bright adjustable Leds, allow you makeup in various lighting situations like daytime, evening, home and office environments, bright but not dazzling, protecting your eyes.
  • 2.【Smart Touch Dimmable】 The LED lights are controlled by the touch sensor switch. A long press can adjust the brightness.
  • 3.【With 10X Magnifying Round Mirror】The detachable 10X magnification mirror helps you to see every detail clearly and apply delicate makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow and lipstick. 2 suction cups can mounted mirror on glass or big mirror.
SaleRANK NO. 5
BESTOPE Makeup Mirror Lighted Makeup Mirror with...
  • High Quality Makeup Mirror: BESTOPE makeup mirror is designed with natural and soft lights. The high definition glass is more clear and enables a better image. The mirror surface is designed with premium quality coating. It is certified by FCC, ROHS and CE. We ensure that our customers experience the best!
  • Magnification Mirror: There are 2X 3X magnification for you to see clearly your facial features and tiniest details. This lighted makeup mirror is specially suitable for eye makeup, such as eyeliner, eyebrows. It helps make up to perfection with each detail taken care of.
  • 21 LED Lights: Our lighted mirror is built in 21 pcs LED. Led lights are controlled by the touch sensor switch. Long press can adjust the brightness. This allows you makeup in the dark or poorly lit areas as well.Fill the light for you need.
SaleRANK NO. 6
Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror (X-Large...
  • 1. [Upgraded Oversized Mirror] Funtouch large lighted makeup mirror is the biggest size makeup mirror in the market. 14.56 inch long by 8.97 inch wide, which provide a big and high definition clarity wide-angle viewing, helping you achieve a flawless professional makeup.
  • 2. [35pcs Bright LED Lights] Upgraded table top mirror built-in 35 pieces adjustable Leds,can light the most dark and poorly lit areas. Dimmable natural light perfect for office, home, dim-lit room and most places.
  • 3. [10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror] Superior detachable 10X magnification mirror helps you to see every detail clearly and apply delicate makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow and lipstick. 2 suction cups can mounted mirror on glass or big mirror.
Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror...
  • Adjustable magnification, lighting and built-in electrical outlet
  • Sharp look and attractive white finish will match any home décor
  • Includes 4 adjustable settings for daytime, evening, home and office environments. Glare-free fluorescent lighting
SaleRANK NO. 8
BESTOPE 8.5" Lighted Makeup Mirror with Lights,...
  • 3 Color Lighting Modes: BESTOPE makeup mirror designed with 3 color lights:Cool Light,Warm Light,Natural Light.Short press mode switch to change the light color, Long press to adjust the brightness.Intelligent light memory function of the beauty lighted magnify mirror make you easy to use the suitable light adjusted last time
  • 1X 7X Magnification:1X 7X magnifying double sided vanity mirror with lights, 1X for regular makeup, 7X magnification zoom mirror allows you to see every detail,to make a more perfect eye makeup such as eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, etc.
  • 60 Pcs LED Lights: 60 pcs round led magnifying mirror can light the most dark and poorly lit areas.The light is natural and soft, bright but not dazzling, Easily switch the color temp to see your makeup look in various lighting situations.like daytime, evening, home, dorm and office environments.
SaleRANK NO. 9
deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror with 21 LED...
  • Built in 21pcs LED lights, which is intelligent to adjust brightness by touch sensor switch, long press to dimmer the light.You can make up you in poorly light, without disturbing others.
  • Dual power supply modes:Operated by Micro USB cable supply or 4AAA batteries( battery not included, usb wire included) , pls noted the mirror can't store power by itself.
  • 180°swivel rotatable, can be fixed at any position as you needed, tri-fold design vanity mirrors provided with wide angle viewing.
SaleRANK NO. 10
Ovente Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirrors 7 Inch 1X...
  • Dual-sided & 10x Magnifying – This dual-sided 360° swivel design luxury mirror features 1x & 10x magnifications. 1x for a great view of your face all at once, and 10x for precision, because every detail counts.
  • Distortion Free View – Look 4 inches away for a distortion free view. This means this mirror will not stretch or shrink in its reflection.
  • Cool Toned LED Ring Light – This mirror is equipped with a Cool Tone LED light which simulates natural lighting. With LED lights, there is no need to worry about replacing light bulbs because they will last the entire lifetime of the mirror.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Makeup Mirrors

Even if it is a product of practically daily use, there are still many things that surely you still don’t know about the makeup mirror.

So today, we want to answer the most frequent questions that many women ask themselves, to help you make the most of your mirror.

What Is a Makeup Mirror?

A makeup mirror is a perfect complement for all those cosmetic products you use daily. These mirrors are specially designed to optimize the application of makeup and improve results since they offer a clear image that allows you to pay attention to even the smallest details.

This type of mirrors has various advantages (and some disadvantages), and this is why they have become an indispensable item in the bathrooms or for the bathroom furniture of many women who want to achieve professional results with their makeup.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In the following table, we see the advantages and disadvantages we mentioned:


  • They allow you to take care of every detail of the facial features
  • Some have magnification
  • Many have special lighting
  • You can choose from many different models and formats
  • They are cheap and very useful for daily use


  • They require extra investment in cosmetic products
  • Light can lead to an increase in energy consumption
  • They can be uncomfortable if not used correctly

What Types of Makeup Mirrors Are There?

Fortunately, a wide variety of models, types, and sizes of makeup mirrors can be found. In this way, you will have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your needs and with which you can focus as much as possible on makeup, both everyday and special occasions.

There are four main types of mirror:

  1. Fixed Make-Up Mirror: it hangs on a wall, like a normal bathroom mirror or dressing table, but its specific characteristics allow you to observe your face in more detail.
  2. Portable Make-Up Mirror: very useful to use outside the home or in different rooms (if it is not illuminated and the light in our bathroom is not exceptional). It is usually light, small in size, and easy to transport.
  3. Folding Makeup Mirror: for the most part, these mirrors hang on a wall but close like a triptych. They have the advantage of offering a face image from different perspectives.
  4. Extensible Makeup Mirror: it is like the traditional mirror that we find in many hotels (for example). It is attached to the wall via an extendable arm to move it closer or further away, depending on how comfortable you are.

The choice of one type of mirror over another will depend on both your tastes and the place where you will use it. The mirrors hanging on the walls are usually more stable and comfortable to use, but the portable ones can be taken anywhere, which undoubtedly represents a great advantage.

What Features Should a Good Makeup Mirror Have?

If what you are looking for is a perfect result for your makeup, you cannot be satisfied with mediocre products. You will always look for the best. Below we list all those features that professionals consider essential for a good makeup mirror. Take note!

  • As for the material, the ideal is that it is made of metal. It will be heavier, but also more stable.
  • Every self-respecting makeup mirror must be equipped with lighting, preferably LED or fluorescent.
  • If your mirror is also a magnifier, it’s perfect. This feature will allow you to get professional results.

These are three very simple tips, but which make the difference between one mirror and another. If the models you are deciding to meet these requirements, you are on the right track.

These recommendations are essential, but if you are looking for something more specific, you can always turn to shop assistants.

What to Consider While Choosing the Makeup Mirror?

All professionals in the makeup world agree that lighting is one of the most important factors affecting the result. Therefore, it is important to follow their directions to choose a makeup mirror with an ideal light for the operation to which you will dedicate yourself.

Here are some of their tips:

  1. Choose a neutral white light, because it is the closest to natural light.
  2. Avoid too powerful or bright lighting, because you would only get to apply more makeup than necessary.
  3. The ideal is an opal or translucent bulbs. They reduce reflections and offer more uniform lighting.
  4. It is recommended to use more than one light point to obtain the so-called “cross light.”
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use zenithal light (the one that illuminates from above) unless you want to leave the house looking like a painting, of course.

If it works for professionals, why not try it too? Following these simple guidelines will help you improve your makeup, and you will immediately notice the difference. However important the light is, it is also a matter of practice. Don’t give up, and you will improve day after day.

Common Mistake to Avoid

Now that you know all the features that your ideal makeup mirror must-have don’t forget to use it correctly to get the best possible results. The most common mistake, however silly it may seem, is to wear makeup too close to the mirror.

In doing so, we think we can do it better, and instead, we couldn’t be more wrong. Makeup too close to the mirror does not allow you to have a general perspective of the face and the final result of the makeup.

So, the idea is to leave a distance of more or less a meter between you and the mirror. In this way, you can see the real result of what you are doing and not find yourself with a nice surprise when leaving home.

Magnification Level for A Makeup Mirror

It is increasingly common to find double-sided makeup mirrors, one of which magnifies the reflection. This feature is very useful, especially when you want to highlight some detail that requires precision, such as in the case of applying eyeliner.

Although there are many different magnification levels (from 2x up to 20x), not all of them are recommended for makeup. The ideal magnification is between 5x and 8x, as it offers a more detailed image, but without distorting.

If you increase the resolution of the magnification, it will be more difficult to see the result of the makeup. So even if high levels of magnification can be useful, for example, to shave the eyebrows, makeup should be avoided.

Where Should I Place the Makeup Mirror?

Before answering this question, you need to think about the type of makeup mirror you will use. If it is a fixed mirror, the choice of location must be carefully considered.

In these cases, the idea is to place it in a place where you feel comfortable and at a height that allows you to see your face completely.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen a table or portable mirror, you must worry above all about its stability. The fact that the mirror is on a stable surface is essential so that it does not move during makeup and to receive a clear image.

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