Top 10 Best Laptop Supports in 2022 – Top Rated Picks

The laptop support is not among the most popular accessories, as it happens for cases, chargers, and covers. However, it is in great demand by those who work at home, in the office, or who want to use their laptop more comfortably during their moments of relaxation.

One of the fundamental qualities of the bases for laptops is that the user can adopt a correct posture during its use. In this way, you can avoid many back, neck, and waist problems caused by incorrect posture when you are at the computer.

Right below we had shared some of the best models of laptop supports.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Height Angle...
  • Elegant Design: Nulaxy C1 Stand is designed to be simple and stylish; it fits to your home and office perfectly.
  • Dedicated to Each Detail: the aluminium plate can well ventilate the heat generated by laptop, and the silicone pads are attached to protect laptops from scratches.
  • Ergonomic Design: the C1 stand can elevate notebook or laptop, so you can stand up to work or raise the eye level, getting better posture to release the pain or stress. Dual adjustable shafts provide ideal view while using your laptop.
Targus Motor Backpack Ultimate Laptop Protection...
  • Padded laptop compartment with secure strap
  • Designed to protect up to 16” laptops
  • Padded back panel and ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps
Targus Urban Travel and Work Commuter Laptop...
  • Dedicated laptop compartment with weather-resistant fabric and rugged base
  • Bike light loop, discreet reflective dots and adjustable, contoured padded shoulder straps
  • Airflow back padding helps you stay cool
Keyboard Wrist Rest + Mouse Pad + Mouse Wrist Rest...
  • ✔High Quality --- Made of memory foam, superfine fiber, smooth & breathable, The soft gel-filled cushion conforms to your wrist for maximum support, Keeps your wrist in a neutral position for ergonomic comfort.
  • ✔Anti-Slip Rubber Base --- The back of this wrist support kit is thickened with textured rubber, provides heavy grip preventing slipping, Double Sticking and Press handing for edge to supply flat and smooth edge and will not roll up nor split open.
  • ✔Wide Application --- Wrist support tool combo fit most computers, notebooks, mouse, improve hand and wrist posture, Perfect wrist & hand fatigue reliever for workers, gamers, writers, editors who are engaged at long typing work
SaleRANK NO. 5
Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Gel Memory Foam Set...
  • Made of Comfortable Memory Foam and soft & Smooth & Breathable Material to the pads, supply Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable and Ergonomic touch, slow bounces back and not easy to out of shape and Ideal for Longer Hours of Use
  • Non-skid Rubber base provides heavy grip preventing sliding or unwanted movement for Keyboard and mouse pads, Double Sticking and Press handing for edge to supply flat and smooth edge and will not roll up nor split open;
  • 17*3.4*1 inch keyboard wrist pad and 6.3*3*1 inch mouse wrist pad fits most computers or notebooks, improve hand and wrist posture, avoid joint and wrist problems and release your elbows and shoulder stress for long hours of use on the computer;
XFUNY Arcade Game Console 1080P 3D & 2D Games 8000...
  • NEWEST 3D SYSTEM--Our 3D Pandora Arcade Machine comes with the newest 3D system. 3D Pandora offers the users 8000 retro arcade games and 150 3D experience games(More than any other product). While allowing users to return to the fun of childhood, Arcade Console 3D also provides users with the opportunity to experience modern games.
  • Upgraded Wireless Design-- This arcade game machine is equipped with two independent game controllers with joysticks, connected with 2.4GHZ Bluetooth signal, not limited by cables, so you can play games more freely and happily.
  • PLUG & PLAY--Support VGA & HDMI & USB Output, Suitable for TV/ PC / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Screen /Monitor / Projector and so on. Just Plug & Play Only! In order to give the users a better gaming experience, we have introduced this custom function. Players can adjust the button definition/order for what they want.
VECUU Keyboard Wrist Rest, Keyboard Pad with...
  • 【SOFT MEMORY FOAM & BREATHABLE MATERIAL】- This wrist rest made of premium comfortable memory foam and soft breathable material. Soft fabric with waterproof lining and easy to clean. Durable and ergonomic touch, slow bounces back and not easy to out of shape and Ideal for longer hours of use.
  • 【STEADY NON-SLIP SUPPORT & SMOOTH SURFACE】- Anti-Skid silicone base holds the wrist support firmly in place to effectively preventing them from sliding and moving. Superior lycra material with smooth surface offers comfortable touching.
  • 【ERGONOMIC & REDUCE WRIST PAIN】- Ergonomic wrist rests makes you feel much more comfortable to rub your wrist and palm. Ensure your wrist is properly aligned and release your elbows and shoulder stress. Provides soft wrist support and eliminate pressure, alleviate the aches and pains due to hours of typing between your wrists and the desktop.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Laptop Stand Adjustable Laptop Computer Stand...
  • Adjustable - Eight heights can be freely adjusted from 5.5inch to 7.0inch. You can straighten your waist and relieve cervical and neck fatigue, feel comfortable to work.
  • Durable - Made of lightweight ABS with non-slip rubber surface pads to keep laptop in place, strong and reliable, not easy to fade. Compatible with all laptops 10-15.6”, durable enough to support up to 44 lbs (20kg).
  • Portable - Foldable and easy to place. Convenient to carry and use at home, the office or somewhere else.
WavePads by AQUUES Solutions – Two Pack Non-Slip...
  • The Perfect Choice for Laptop Users】We’ve designed WavePads to address the needs of modern home-workers suffering from wrist pain caused by hours of typing & computer work. Completely versatile, WavePads can be used with laptops & full-sized desktops for pain-free typing!
  • Adhesive Free & Repositionable】WavePads’ feature plastic laptop palm rests which allow full track-pad access, and unlike most wrist rests, can be easily repositioned for use with separate keyboards & mice without adhesive residue.
  • Excellent for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers】An ideal choice for carpal tunnel pain exacerbated by hours of unnatural typing & computer use, WavePads’ ergonomic, scooped, wedge-shaped design helps correctly align small wrist bones and distribute the pressure placed on aching wrist joints.
Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk, Nulaxy LS-09...
  • Ergonomic Design: Laptop stand adjustable height can be adjusted to a height up to 10.6" so that you can get the best view angle of your laptop. You don’t have to lower your head anymore, you will definitely get a healthy body posture with this adjustable laptop stand for desk, thus releasing the pain on your neck or spine.
  • Stable and Sturdy: The main body of the macbook laptop stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, thus gives the mac laptop stand a stable performance that can support laptops up to 11 pounds. The 2 transverse silicone strips on the surface can hold your laptop firmly. Plus the silicone anti-slip pads at the bottom of the base plate make the stand even more stable.
  • Upgraded Design: This laptop riser for desk has dual wider support legs than general stands, also, the base plate is even thicker at the same time. The fine aluminum alloy material can help your computer cool down, and the ventilated hollow design also helps the heat dissipation of your mac pro computer. The fluent curve design of the support legs makes the stand looks simple and stylish, and it also provides more space for the storage design. You can easily put your keyboard under it.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Laptop Supports

If you are thinking of purchasing a laptop stand, you need to be clear about several concepts and features. However, most of these accessories are not very expensive.

It is important to choose the most suitable for our computer to avoid bad surprises. Below is a short guide to help you in the selection process.


When you are preparing to buy a PC stand, you can not only take into account the best brand to make a choice, but there are several factors to consider. First of all, you will have to highlight the intended use, will you, therefore, use it at home or do you prefer something to always carry with you?

Based on the answer to this question, you can opt for tablet-shaped support, very comfortable if you work or often study on the bed or sofa, or a light and compact product, possibly in aluminum, that you can always carry with you.

The former has the advantage of offering a comfortable and firm position, tiltable at different degrees, and adjustable in height to offer maximum comfort of use.

The latter, on the other hand, have a reduced weight and can be positioned on any surface to offer not only a better view of the screen but also adequate ventilation.


One of the most important elements to take into consideration when using a PC is that it is well ventilated, to prevent it from suffering when running programs that require considerable computing power.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the wear of the components and extend the life of your electronic device. Before opting for laptop support, therefore, you must also consider this detail.

Usually, the products on sale on the market have holes specifically made to guarantee an optimal passage of air. However, since not all computers have fans installed in the same position, these holes may not correspond with the latter. Therefore, the best choice could be completely open support in the lower part.


Finally, we must not forget that materials make the difference. The most common are plastic, wood, and aluminum. The former has an extremely reduced cost but does not lend themselves to transport because they are fragile and risk breaking at the first impact, ideal only for those with a fixed position.

The wooden ones are certainly more resistant but also much bulkier, therefore designed for those who have heavier notebooks and cannot rely on too light or small supports.

Finally, products made of aluminum represent the perfect meeting point since they are light and simple to carry. The only drawback of the latter is the little versatility, and usually, in fact, they do not offer multiple angles.

Types of Laptop Stands

There are many models of laptop stands. For those looking for versatility, folding supports are the most suitable since they are easier to store and transport. In addition to their normal use on a desk, these types of folding supports can also be used on the bed or sofa.

Another type of laptop stand is the bases with cooler: normally, these stands are fixed and have various fans that help ventilate the device.

They are accessories designed for those who use the PC to play games since the increase in temperature caused by intense use is a prerogative of the computers used to play video games.

If you don’t plan on moving your laptop a lot, one-piece metal or plastic bases are the best choice; the metal ones are usually made of steel or aluminum, with non-slip rubber or silicone supports. Some models also have a mouse container and other useful accessories, such as pencil holders.

Other portable supports have a pad capable of adapting to the user’s belly: these are designed for recreational use of the computer, such as watching a TV series on an armchair or surfing the internet on the bed. To avoid annoying other people, some models also have a built-in LED lamp.

What Is Important to Use a Laptop Stand?

Neither to increase productivity nor to prevent overheating of the laptop: the main reason to use a computer base is to avoid getting hurt: when you place the appliance on the desk, you look down, but the ideal would be that the screen is aligned horizontally with our eyes.

Indeed, this is the main purpose of most models. When working on the PC, remember that your body must form a 90 ° angle with the main joints: knees, thighs, and elbows.

The main thing is that the computer screen is in front of your eyes; some bases lift the pc, and therefore you will need to purchase an external mouse and keyboard (keep this in mind when you go to choose the support).

How to choose the best laptop stand?

Today, there is such a wide range of pc supports that it is difficult to choose the most suitable for our needs; moreover, the characteristics of the computer will greatly influence the choice.

Below, here are a series of simple tips that will be very useful when you have to go and choose a base for your laptop. Here we also shared a video in which there are some tips about that.

Inch Dimensions of The Laptop

Before buying a laptop stand, check that it is compatible with the size of the object: if you buy one that is too small, you risk that it cannot bear the weight of the computer, which could therefore fall; however, keep in mind that the bigger the computer, the more chances there are that the base may wobble.

Virtually all laptop bases are designed to handle computers up to 15 ″ without problems, which is the standard screen size. However, if your PC is 16 or 18 inches, you must be sure that the base you will purchase is compatible; for these dimensions, one-piece metal bases are the most recommended.

Type of Use of The Laptop

The type of use you make of your computer will also outline the type of base you choose: if you use your laptop in your spare time, the supports that are placed on your stomach while lying down are perfect.

In this case, cooling will not be a problem, because you will be using the computer for a short time. Instead, if you use the laptop for work, the best thing is to choose a height-adjustable stand.

This way, long hours of work in front of the monitor will not weigh on your health. Also, the computer will not be fatigued, because these bases can disperse the heat better than those we talked about earlier.

Cooling Bases, the Best Option for Gamers

Today, laptops have very efficient and silent cooling systems; however, when the ambient temperature is high, or the pc is used intensely, the heat it emits can be excessive and can also damage its components. Cooling bases are the perfect solution to this problem.

If you use the computer to play, we recommend choosing a base with a cooling system, to extend the useful life of your computer. Likewise, if you routinely work with editing software or graphic design programs, cooling bases should be your first option.

Consider Buying External Mice and Keyboards

Even if you are used to working with the laptop keyboard, if you put the computer on a stand, you will probably have to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard. Many laptop stands (the adjustable ones) raise the object by 5-15 cm, and it is difficult to use its keyboard.

Other models, on the other hand, do not require the purchase of any accessories: this is the case of supports designed for the bed or sofa, which have a low angle of inclination. In these cases, our hands can rest on the laptop, avoiding adopting forced postures that can cause us pain.

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