Top 10 Best Jewelery Boxes in 2023 – Top Picks

The jewelry boxes, as its name indicates, are convenient objects for storing earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and all your jewelry collection. They allow you to keep everything in order and protected from air and dust. Indeed, especially in the case of costume jewelry, prolonged exposure to the external environment can damage and blacken it.

Some people prefer discreet and straightforward jewelry boxes, while others choose more voluminous models, with various levels and compartments.

In the end, everyone will select the model they find most practical. There is certainly a great variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Below, you will find a complete guide to help you choose the best jewelry box. Here we will be listing the 10 best jewelry boxes.

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SONGMICS Jewelry Box with Glass Lid, 3-Layer...
  • [Storage, 3 Layers] Keep all your jewelry organized in this jewelry box—small pieces of jewelry go in the various slots of the top layer, and big jewelry goes in the bottom 2 drawers
  • [Clear Glass Lid] The see-through glass lid of this jewelry organizer allows you to see and find your favorite jewels at a glance while protecting them from dust, keeping your jewelry ready to wear and clean
  • [Chic & Durable] Elegant white and gold colors, shiny metal handles, soft velvet lining, neat stitching, quality PU, and sturdy MDF—all these elements combined make this jewelry case stylish and durable enough for your ever-growing jewelry collection
SaleRANK NO. 2
ProCase Jewelry Box for Women, 2 Layers Large...
  • 👑 Jewelry Box Organizer Size: 10.43" x 10.43" x 3.54"; Designed for organizing all types of jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, rings necklaces, etc.
  • 👑 Double-layer Stackable Storage: spacious storage room, built with necklaces hanging hooks, slots and compartments in different sizes for various jewelries
  • 👑 Exquisite and Chic Design: simple yet stylish exterior made of fine PU leather, easily blend with any décor; Soft velvet interior protects your precious jewelries
SONGMICS Jewelry Box with Glass Window, 5-Layer...
  • [Interchangeable Side Drawers] The position of the 3 side drawers can be changed to allow you to have different jewels on display as you wish. And your valuables are kept dust-free behind the clear glass window of this jewelry box!
  • [To Hang, to Store] 3 side drawers for hanging your necklaces and pendant earrings to avoid tangling and for storing rings, stud earrings, bracelets, or watches; the top tray and the bottom drawer offer storage for pins, hair pins, or other accessories
  • [Built-In Big Mirror] The big mirror inside this jewelry organizer makes it easy for you to put on your jewelry and check your look when primping yourself up in the morning, saving your precious morning time
SONGMICS Jewelry Box 360° Rotating, Jewelry...
  • [Creative and Practical United] This jewelry box features vertical storage, an open design, and a 360° rotating function, allowing you to effortlessly display and quickly find your desired jewelry
  • [Spacious Meets Versatile] This 6.3 x 8.7 x 11.2 inches jewelry box is designed with ring slots, necklace hooks, stud earring holes, 5 drawers for brooches and hair accessories, and 18 necklace hooks. It provides convenient storage for all jewelry
  • [Stylish and Protective] This cloud white jewelry storage box features sparkling metal handles, a soft velvet lining, and durable MDF construction, ensuring optimal protection for your expanding jewelry collection
SONGMICS 2-Layer Jewelry Box, Jewelry Organizer...
  • [Stylish & Original Design] This eye-catching jewelry box boasts an elegant blend of white and gold, a unique metal handle for effortless opening and closing, and a remarkable base that creates a captivating floating effect
  • [Abundant Dedicated Storage] This spacious jewelry box helps to organize all your treasured accessories—hooks on the lid for long necklaces, the bottom layer for sunglasses, and multiple sections for earrings, studs, rings, watches, and bracelets
  • [Convenient Features] The stud earring boards can be positioned in the top tray, lower section, or outside the box to provide adaptable storage. Detachable partitions create space for larger items, while side handles allow easy lifting of the top tray
SaleRANK NO. 6
SONGMICS Jewelry Box with Glass Lid, 4-Layer...
  • [Storage, 4 Layers] Keep all your jewelry organized in this jewelry box—small pieces of jewelry go in the various slots of the top 3 layers, and sunglasses and watches go in the big bottom drawer
  • [Clear Glass Lid] The see-through glass lid of this jewelry organizer allows you to see and find your favorite jewels at a glance while protecting them from dust, keeping your jewelry ready to wear and clean
  • [Chic & Durable] Elegant white and gold colors, shiny metal handles, soft velvet lining, neat stitching, quality PU, and sturdy MDF—all these elements combined make this jewelry case stylish and durable enough for your ever-growing jewelry collection
Changsuo Wooden Jewelry Box for Women, Solid Wood...
  • Made of durable and high-quality MDF with veneer and painting. The lid is designed to lock all drawers and cabinets firmly to protect your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other jewelry accessories.
  • This box includes a built-in mirror, 4 removable drawers and 2 swing-out cabinets, with 17 compartments, 6 necklace hooks, 21 ring slots and 1 storage ledge on each side.
  • External dimension: 11⅜''(L) X 8''(W) X 9½''(H).
SONGMICS Stackable Jewelry Trays, 5-Tier Jewelry...
  • [5 Large Customizable Layers] Store all of your jewelry, glasses, or even watches in this customizable jewelry box. Remove, combine, or adjust any of the 5 removable layers as you like, to make this box how you want it
  • [Useful Details] With its dustproof transparent lid, you'll be able to quickly find your jewelry with just a glance. The grooves on the bottom of the stackable jewelry trays help you place them on top of one another to save space
  • [Stylish. Durable. Protective] Elegant color, precise stitching, and gleaming gold-colored metal handle give this jewelry drawer organizer a sleek and modern feel. It's not only stylish, as its durable MDF construction and soft velvet lining help protect your jewelry
SONGMICS 6 Tier Jewelry Box, Jewelry Case with 5...
  • [6 Tiers, Spacious] This 6-tier jewelry box boasts multiple layers with different compartments and layouts to keep all your jewelry, like stud earrings and rings, sorted and organized; the deep bottom drawer fits 3 watches and a pair of sunglasses
  • [4 Rows of Necklace Hooks] This jewelry case comes with 4 rows of hooks that feature an ideal height so all your necklaces, even the longer ones, can hang up here perfectly without getting tangled
  • [With Inner Mirror and Lock] The jewelry organizer has a mirror inside that allows you to do your makeup and check your look easily, saving precious morning time; it has a lock with 2 keys to keep your valuables away from naughty kids
Poyilooo Jewelry Box Organizer, Solid Wood Jewelry...
  • Farmhouse Jewelry Box for Girls: This girls jewelry box is a awesome gift for the anyone who loves nature and farmhouse style. It made of solid wood and torched into carbonized wood color, retain clear wood grain, feature the farmhouse flavor.
  • Multifunctional Structure: Multi different structures and compartments provide a large storage space for various jewelry and keep they in independent space.
  • All-Sided Protection: A wooden jewelry box always be the good choice to protect your precious baubles from scratches and dirt. And Poyilooo jewelry gift boxes made of natural solid wood and linen lining which can provide all-sided protection.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Jewelry Boxes

The function of the jewelry boxes is simple but of great importance. It is essentially a container for storing and ordering jewelry. First, these objects keep them isolated from dust and dirt; in the same way, they protect them from the sun or from drafts that could damage them.

Another function of these objects, especially in the case of precious jewels, is that they keep them safe from prying eyes.

There are jewelry boxes equipped with a safety lock that not only keep your valuable accessories in order but also provide them with more excellent protection.

What Types of Jewelry Boxes Exist?

Nowadays, there are many models of jewelry boxes that adapt to all needs. There are more classic ones, such as those in the shape of a trunk or a casket, and depending on the design, they can have more or fewer compartments.

Also, specific jewelry boxes are depending on the type of jewel. This means that, depending on the size, they are suitable for storing rings or necklaces, watches, or bracelets. There are also “musical” jewelry boxes that traditionally have a dancer inside and models for children.

What Are Vertical Jewelry Boxes?

Speaking of jewelry boxes, we cannot leave out one of the most popular models of this period. We are talking about vertical jewelry boxes, which have nothing to do with the classic simple box-shaped ones. It is a structure with hooks to which you can hang your necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.

Vertical jewelry boxes can be compact and handy or almost as tall as a wardrobe. There are some exciting models such as, for example, those that integrate a large mirror and that have hidden compartments to store the most precious jewels. The choice of size will depend on your needs.

What Is the Best Way to Order Jewelry in Jewelry Boxes?

Choosing a jewelry box with various compartments will help you keep your jewelry under control and in order. Don’t forget that one of the most important rules is to prevent silver from being scratched. For this, the inside of the jewelry boxes is often covered with very soft materials, such as velvet.

The jewelry boxes usually have small grooves suitable for storing the rings; thus, you will avoid massing them. There are also specific compartments for watches. However, the more extended spaces are ideal for necklaces and bracelets, while the smaller ones are the ideal place for earrings.

Why Is It Advisable to Have a Jewelry Box?

Having a jewelry box is a way to say goodbye to disorder, not to go crazy looking for earrings or a bracelet. As with clothing or makeup, ordering jewelry will help you find it much more comfortable.

Thanks to the jewelry boxes, you will easily find what you are looking for, and, in addition to being very practical, they are also a beautiful decorative element.

For this, we advise you to choose a jewelry box that fits the style of your room. Besides,

What Should Essential Elements Be Included in A Jewelry Box?

If you are looking for a useful and lasting jewelry box, take care that it has some, if not all, of the following items. First, a mirror; in this way, it will no longer look like a bedside table and will help you choose a jewel more quickly because you will be able to see how it is without having to go and look at yourself somewhere else.

The jewelry box should have a handle at the top to facilitate its transport. In this regard, make sure it also has a safety lock to prevent it from opening unintentionally. Finally, check that it has drawers, spaces, and corners of various sizes to order everything practically.

Where Should the Jewelry Box Be Placed?

Jewels have two great enemies: humidity and the sun. Even if you store them in a jewelry box, you must always keep this premise in mind. In fact, for this reason, it is not advisable to put the jewelry box in the bathroom, let alone near a window that gives a lot of sun pass.

The ideal is that the jewels remain in a dry and cool place. When the time comes to put them in place, take care to store each piece in separate compartments. If you have necklaces or bracelets with chains, close them before putting them away. It is essential to pay attention to the placement of the jewelry to prevent knots from forming.


The functionality of the jewelry boxes goes hand in hand with the decorative aspect. For this, think about your room’s style and think about what kind of jewelry box can match it.

There are casket-shaped models or rectangular trunks that, thanks to the lid, will not allow even a speck of dust to enter. These are the most classic, although design and color can make a difference.

For example, there are very modern transparent jewelry boxes that will allow you to find what you are looking for immediately. Some resemble briefcases and that is very comfortable to carry, others that include a mirror, and other vertical ones that almost look like closets.

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