15 Best Ice Cube Trays in 2022 – Top Rated

Ice moulds are containers used to prepare ice cubes. Made of plastic or silicone, they are available in both standard and large sizes, useful for making maxi ice cubes ideal for enjoying a cocktail or drink while keeping it fresh for a long time. Let’s find out which are the best currently available on the market and how to use them creatively.

An ice mould is a tool which, inserted inside the freezer, is used to prepare ice cubes. Currently available on the market there are plastic, silicone or plastic moulds with a silicone bottom, a useful material for efficiently extracting the cubes once ready to be used.

As for the dimensions, the large ones are trendy, ideal for preparing ice suitable for tasting cocktails and spirits. Being made in different shapes, you can also use them to create popsicles, chocolates, and many other creative and fun recipes. Here we will be listing the 15 best ice cube trays.

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DOQAUS Ice Cube Trays 4 Pack, Easy-Release...
  • Stronger & Safety: Made of premium silicone and PP material. Bpa-free and pass food-grade LFGB certification! DOQAUS 4 ice tray sets use better materials and designs to make the ice trays stronger and more durable. They can withstand long-term low-temperature storage without breaking. No longer worry about breaking easily. Stop wasting your money! Start to use DOQAUS ice trays and say goodbye to those cheap disposable ice trays!
  • Easy Ice Removal: Silicone ice cube trays with lid use TPE material and the bottom wider design, which makes it easy to release ice cubes and the soft silicone material will not break after freezing for a long time. Each flat cube compartment is separate from others so you can easily push from the bottom. No need for awkward bending or twisting, removing the ice cube isn't a tough job anymore!
  • Lids Lifter Designed: So as to be more convenient to use removable lids, each cover is designed with two lid lifter. This humanized ice tray allows you to make perfect size ice cubes while preventing spills and the freezing of excess water and keeps ice cubes from absorbing freezer odors. Moreover, these easy-release trays stack easily and neatly in the freezer without sticking. Each tray makes 14 nice-sized cubes for a total of 56 (Each capacity of 27 ml or 1 ounce).
Kitch Ice Tray Easy Release White Ice Cube Trays,...
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly made in the USA out of top quality food grade materials. Each purchase supports American industry and factory workers
  • INCLUDES 2 ICE CUBE TRAYS! Each tray makes 16 nice-sized ice cubes for a total of 32
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE ICE TRAYS: Ice cubes release easily with just a twist
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Ice Cube Trays for Freezer with Lid-37 Grid...
  • 37 Grid Ice Trays for Freezer with Lid-Small ice maker ice cube tray with lid are made of high quality silicone material that make the ice tea maker silicone molds stronger and more durable.The silicone ice cube tray square ice cube mold can withstand long term cold storage without breaking.Enjoying an iced coffee or cocktail at any time,this coffee ice cube tray is more essential for iced coffee accessories, cocktail bar or dorm refrigerator than ice pack,ice scoop or popsicles molds.
  • Ice Cube Mold Release Easily-The widened bottom design of the silicone ice cube trays with lid makes it easy to take out the ice cubes.Each ice tray silicone ice molds'compartment is separate from the other compartments, so you can easily push from the bottom of the mini ice cube trays.Compare to take out rice ball mold ice cube by using ice pick difficulty, this ice cube tray with easy release make it more convenient to get reusable ice cube for freezer organizer bins or water bottle organizer.
  • Small Ice Cube Trays with Lid Design-The lid design of rubber ice cube tray is user-friendly, allows you make perfectly sized ice cubes in the ice cube bin, mini fridge, freezer containers or ice holder for freezer, while preventing spills and excess water from freezing, and keeping the ice from absorbing freezer odors.This ice trays for freezer silicone to make reusable ice cubes will be more clean and hygienic than ice ball maker mold or water bottle ice cube tray.
SaleRANK NO. 4
ARTLEO Ice Cube Tray with Lid and Storage Bin for...
  • Easy Release Ice Cube Tray: Made of highly-elastic plastic, Flexible and Durable. Ice cubes release easily with just a twist. No need to wait for the ice cubes to melt a bit. You can empty the ice tray immediately after take it out from the freezer. The silicone ice cube mold & trays can not pour all cubes at a time..
  • Ice Cube Tray with Lid: The lid and The edges of the tray are designed higher for easy filling and easy transporting, not easy to spill. (note: not sealed). Don’t fill above the max fill line to keep ice cubes in the perfect nugget shape instead of sticking together.
  • Perfect Small Ice Cubes: This Ice cube mold & tray makes 55 mini nugget ice cubes each time, the ice box can holds 3 trays of cubes. So you can enjoy ice coffee or cocktails at any time. Great for RV, home use, and parties. Our ice cube trays can also be used in making Miniature dessert, such as Jelly, chocolate, baby food, frozon yogurt, perfect size for ice chewer.
Ice Cube Trays, VEHHE 3 Pack Reusable Silicone...
  • Food Grade Safety Material: This 3 pack ice cube trays, each with 14 ice cubes is made of food-safe silicone material, BPA free and odorless, can be used for making adult and baby food, suitable for home, bar, party, etc.
  • Effortless to Release : Compared with the previous hard plastic ice trays, the bottom of this silicone ice cube tray is made of soft silicone material and has good flexibility. Take out the frozen ice cubes from refrigerator, just rinse it with cold water or leave it for a minute, and ice cubes will be easliy released by pushing the soft bottom.
  • Stackable & Removable Lid: This silicone ice cube tray with a lid that prevents ice from absorbing other food air in the refrigerator. And this ice trays with covers can be easily and neatly stacked in the refrigerator to save space. Clean and tidy!
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Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid & Bin Ice Ball Maker...
  • Easy to Release:This ice cube trays are made of hard plastic which makes round ice cube easier to release than silicone ice cube mold. After taking the mold out of the freezer, open the lid and slightly twist the tray to release the ice.
  • Easy to Use: The circle ice cube mold consists of one tray and a lid with small holes.Just pour about 300ml of liquid into the tray at one time and close the lip. Than put the mold into the freezer for 4 hours, you can get 1 inch x 33pcs sphere ice balls.(2 trays can produce 66pcs balls at one time)
  • Approved Material: Our ice cube molds are made of high quality food-grade material. BPA free, no smell, no toxic.Safe and durable.
Upgrade Ice Cube Trays, 2 Pack Silicone Flexible...
  • [EASY RELEASE]: Ice cube makers are made of soft silicone material, it makes release effortlessly. You can get 74 ice cubes easily. For the ice cube, simply push up the bottom of it for easy to release the ice cubes.
  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL]: Silicone ice trays made of high quality material. You can rest assured to use the ice cube tray without any worries. It can be used in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher.
  • [MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS]: You can use the stackable silicone ice cube trays to cool your drinks and make homemade delicacies, such as cocktail, iced coffee, popsicles, puddings, fruit jellies and colorful fruit juice, or add lemon slices or lime wedges to the water.
Vremi Stackable Large Ice Cube Trays — Pack of 2...
  • Multipurpose Large Ice Cube Trays — This set contains 2 Vremi Ice Cube Trays made from premium quality silicone. Each tray can hold 8 large ice cubes and each cube is 1.75 × 2 in big. Our ice cubes take longer to melt, cooling drinks slowly without diluting them. Perfect for purées, cocktails, frozen treats, and other drinks.
  • Compact and Stackable — Each tray measures 8.25 × 4.5 × 2 in and comes in a sleek red and blue colors. Each tray is compact and can be stacked so you won’t need to worry about not having enough space in your freezer.
  • Flexible for Solids and Liquids — Pliable yet strong and durable Ice Cube Trays that are ideal for making purées, baby food, cocktails, jello, or any other treats you can think of. Sky’s the limit! The cubes come out easily. Just push the bottom of the tray and quickly take out those ice cubes!
Silicone Ice Cube Tray, 4 Pack Easy-Release &...
  • Effortless to Release: Compared with the previous hard plastic ice trays, this silicone ice cube trays with lid use TPE material and the bottom wider design, which makes it very easy to release ice cubes by pushing the soft bottom. No need for awkward bending or twisting, removing the ice cube isn't a tough job anymore!
  • Stackable & Removable Lid: These covered ice cube trays come with removable lids, which allow you to stack them in the freezer and save tons of space. The lids also keep the freezer smell and taste out of the water, so you can enjoy clear and clean ice cubes.
  • Food Grade Safety Material: 4 ice tray sets made of premium silicone and PP material. BPA-free. These ice cube molds can withstand long-term low-temperature storage without breaking. Great for making adult and baby food, suitable for home, bar, party, etc.
SaleRANK NO. 10
Silicone Mini Ice Cube Trays 3 Pack, 160 Crushed...
  • ★FOOD-GRADE SAFETY MATERIAL: Made of Silicone material certified by LFGB, these 3 small square ice cube trays safety and durability, excellent for crushed ice, coffee, smoothies, frappucinos, hard candy, and chocolate bites.
  • ★SMALL ICE CUBE TRAYS - Each crushed ice trays makes 160 mini 3/8" crushed ice cubes. Small enough for water bottles, safe and non-chokable for kids. Great for baby food!
  • ★QUICK FREEZING AND FAST CHILLING - LeeYean nugget ice trays make smaller ice cubes that will chill your drink much faster than cubes made by standard or large ice cube trays so you can enjoy that sweet cold first sip much quicker. Save your time!
Good Cook 2-Pack Ice Cube Trays
  • Package includes two trays.
  • Flexible, heavy duty plastic construction.
  • Stackable trays for easy storage.
SaleRANK NO. 12
Ticent Ice Cube Trays (Set of 2), Silicone Sphere...
  • Not-stick design, easy to release - Remove ice from the ice cube tray isn't a tough job anymore. Unlike the traditional stiff plastic trays, these molds are easily removable that anyone can remove or release the ice cubes from the mold with the ease. Just twist the mold, and you'll have the chilled drink
  • Sphere ice ball mold - Creates 6 large 1.75 inch ice spheres. Great for whiskey, cocktails, making popsicles, icing your Coffee, infusing fruit or herbs. Try infusing mint for that perfect Mojito or strawberries for that delicious lemonade
  • Square ice cube trays - Ticent ice trays create 6 giant 2" Ice cubes. More than a novelty, they melt/dilute more slowly, making them ideal for Scotch, BOURBON or blended whiskey
Upgrade Silicone Mini Ice Cube Trays, 2 Pack 320...
  • 🍸 UPGRADE EASIER RELEASE DESIGN - Silicone ice cube tray adopted a new bottom structure design, it is separate for each grid, this makes it easier to release ice cubes than other smooth-bottomed ice trays.【Warm Tips】The small ice cube maybe difficult to rool out when it is just taken out of the refrigerator, please wait for 2 minutes then to get the ice out.
  • 🍸 SAFE MATERIAL - Small ice trays are made of food grade silicone material, you can rest assured to use the tiny ice cube tray without any worries. It can be used in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher, which makes the way we use it safer and more convenient!
  • 🍸 SMALL SIZE ICE CUBES - Each nugget ice tray can make 160 small 3/8" (1cm) little square ice cubes, small enough for water bottles, safe for kids. Tiny ice cubes will freeze faster and chill your drink faster, so you can enjoy that sweet cold first sip much quicker.
Rubbermaid - Ice Cube Tray, 16 cube trays (3 Pack,...
  • Trays stack securely without sticking and twist for fast, easy release of cubes
Joined Ice Cube Tray for Freezer (Set of 2) - Ice...
  • Ice Tray with lid - Our ice molds come with high quality removable lids, perfect for preventing unwanted spills and tastes in your ice. Just fill, cover and freeze!
  • A great space saver - These ice cube trays are stackable, saving space in your freezer and keeping it neat and organized.
  • Safe and durable ice tray – The Joined ice trays are crafted from high quality food-grade non toxic materials. They are BPA free, flexible and safe for food and drink making. They are sturdy and able to withstand low temperatures, no need to worry about them breaking.

What to Look for Before Buying Best Ice Cube Trays

To choose the best mould for the ice cubes must take into account the materials, the size and accessories.


These tools can be made of plastic or silicone. If until a few years ago, plastic was used only, for some years, silicone has wholly conquered the market thanks to the many advantages it grants. It is a non-toxic, safe and certified material for food contact that not only makes the trays for making ice flexible and easy to handle but also not bulky.

The main advantage is that the silicone has a tremendous non-stick capacity , a feature that allows you to easily extract the cubes without freezing your fingers and without effort. It just takes a little pressure to pull them out of the mould. The models made of plastic with a silicone bottom also deserve mention.


As for the dimensions on the market, standard and maxi models are available. The former is perfect for making normal-sized cubes for daily use.

The latter, being more significant, are more suitable for cocktails and spirits because they melt more slowly and prevent the drink or drink from losing its freshness and taste due to the water that melts.


As for accessories, we recommend purchasing a mould with a lid that closes tightly. The presence of the cover, in fact, allows you to move it and insert it inside the freezer in a safe way, without running the risk of the water falling or leaking. It also helps to prevent the odours of food in the fridge from contaminating the ice.

To give a touch of originality and elegance to the drinks to be served to guests, a suggestion is to create ice cubes enriching them with fruit, edible flowers, spices and berries. The result will be truly creative and will help make the drink to be also offered aesthetically beautiful.


Making chocolates with ice cube moulds is very simple. The slots must be filled with melted, bitter, dark, white or milk chocolate, and enriched with candied fruit, hazelnuts, orange peel, chilli pepper or spices.

Once the mixture is prepared, insert the tray in the freezer and let everything solidify. To make this preparation, you can also use the spherical moulds to make cute cake pops.

Mini Popsicles

Making small fruit popsicles for children, but not only is really simple. To prepare them, pour a fruit juice of the taste you like into the mould.

Once frozen, you can use them to enrich a fruit salad or taste them directly as if it were real ice cream. In this case, the advice is to insert a stick to eat them more easily. Obviously, for this preparation, you need large moulds.

The presence of an internal metal reinforcement ring makes this product very stable, easy to handle and difficult to fold.

Furthermore, the quality of the material makes it long-lasting. Flexibility is a feature that allows you to store the mould in such a way as not to take up too much space. With this mould, it is possible to obtain 32 cubes.

The moulds for making ice from Wanap have different sizes useful for making 20 cubes of average size for daily use and six large ones perfect for drinks and spirits.

Unlike rigid trays made entirely of plastic, these in silicone allow you to easily extract the ice only by exerting a little pressure because it is a non-stick material that can be handled without any difficulty.

The silicone used is safe, hygienic and non-toxic. Being resistant to low temperatures, moreover, it does not deform and does not stick to the bottom of the freezer. They can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher,

Thanks to the flexible, non-toxic and safe silicone, which makes up both ice racks, it is elementary to extract the cubes individually.

The dimensions of the cubes are larger than the average (5x5x5 cm), a feature that allows you to keep the drinks colder longer, because they will release less water inside the glass, retaining their original taste unchanged for longer. It is a very versatile container because resisting both high and low temperatures, and it can also be used in the oven.

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