9 Best Hamster Cages in 2023 – Reviewed & Buying Guide

Before going to compare prices and analyze the reviews of the most popular cages, we thought of writing a small guide to better understand what features the house we buy for our hamster must-have.

Not all rodents are the same, and hamsters have specific needs that must be taken into consideration, otherwise, you risk stressing them and even getting sick. So here’s how to choose the right cage for your happiness and your pet’s happiness.

Here we will be listing the top 9 best hamster cages that are mostly use.

MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage | Awesome...
  • Fun Arcade Hamster Home features a cool multi-level play space to watch your hamster in action 18.11 length x 11.4 width x 21.5 height inches, 6.1 pounds
  • Hamster Home includes free accessories to get you started. Exercise wheel, water bottle, food bowl, nesting nook and interior play tubes
  • Arcade Hamster Home features a deep base to contain hamster bedding, a convenient top door for easy access to your pet and a removable upper cover for easy cleaning
Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage Includes Free Water...
  • Hamster Cage Includes 2 Spacious Floors; First floor is a deep 4.75 height inches to promote playful borrowing w/ a Hamster friendly plastic ramp (no pinched toes) for easy access to the plastic top level where their food dish, water & hide away preside
  • Fully equipped & modular designed hamster cage; Favola includes a food dish, water bottle, hide away, 5.5 inch exercise wheel & a connecting port for play tubes to connect to other hamster cages
  • Easy Maintenance Hamster Cage: Top panel features an access door & entire wire portion & middle plastic section of the cage disconnects from the transparent base for easy cleaning access
Ferplast Laura Small Hamster Cage | Fun &...
  • Interactive Hamster Cage ; Laura hamster cage features fun tubes to promote playful and healthy hamster exploration of their habitat ; Hamster cage measures 18.11L x 11.61W x 14.76H, wire mesh is 5.25L x .5W and plastic base is 3.25 deep - inches
  • Great Starter Hamster Cage ; Laura hamster cage includes 1 food dish, 1 water bottle, 1 hamster hide-out, 1 exercise wheel and play tubes, everything you need to get started.
  • Easy Maintenance Hamster Cage ; A deep 3.25" plastic base contains bedding and can be removed to dump litter / etc. for routine cleaning, other plastic accessories and wire top can be cleaned with a mild, hamster-safe detergent
GDLF Hamster Cage with Storage Cabinet Small...
  • 【Stylish and Spacious】 Our new white hamster cage boasts ample storage space and a chic all-white design that complements any home décor.
  • 【Roomy and Comfortable】 With 730 square inches of space and a height of 17 inches, this hamster cage provides a comfortable and roomy living space for your furry friend. You can also customize the cage to suit your preferences. Plus habitat includes a spacious cabinet at the bottom to store all your accessories and supplies.
  • 【Ventilated and Odor-Free】 The top, side, and back panels of the cage have ventilation holes that facilitate proper airflow and eliminate unpleasant odors.
Cycodo 8 in 1 Acrylic Hamster Cage,Wooden Small...
  • 【Transparent Hamster Enclosure】The outer shell of this hamster cage (hamster enclosure) is made from high-transparent acrylic, allowing you to observe every movement of the small animal from all angles. Additionally, this material is more durable and easy to clean, providing both convenience and longevity.
  • 【Includes Accessories & Toys】This set of cage virtually encompasses all the necessities for a hamster's life. It includes a European-style wooden house that caters to hamsters' burrowing instincts, a food bowl, stairs, a silent spinning wheel, an arched bridge toy, an external bathing area, and an internally equipped water bottle with steel ball to prevent leaks. It spares novice hamster owners the trouble and is an excellent gift option for children.
  • 【Easy to Interact】It boasts a versatile front door, allowing for easy interaction with the animals inside the enclosure or for quick cleaning when needed. Additionally, it features a top and bottom detachable clasp design, enabling comprehensive cleaning and convenient bedding replacement.
YIBOPET Hamster Cage Small Animal Cage 3 Layers...
  • 【Small and exquisite cage】PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MESSAGE BEFORE PURCHASING: This cage measures 10.7 (W) "X8.07 (L)" X18.31 (H) "(SMALL CAGE) and it is suitable for raising MINI hamsters under 3.15 inches in length.
  • 【Comfortable Places】A hamster cage is often considered a hamster's home, but it's not an exaggeration to say that hamsters live in a play city. Not just eat and sleep. Adorable mushroom houses, colorful wheelchairs and tunnels make it as fun as being in an amusement park.
  • 【Easy to Clean】When cleaning, the tray can be removed for thorough cleaning, which is convenient for cleaning and can be used for cleaning at any time. It has the same good view as an acrylic cage, but it is more breathable. Because hamsters often run, ventilation and heat dissipation are very important. This cage has excellent breathability so it does not retain moisture, odor or heat.
Kaytee CritterTrail Two Level Habitat for Pet...
  • Includes a petting zone, exercise wheel, Food dish, and water bottle
  • Features a look-out tower, exterior extreme wheel, and front access door
  • CritterTrail habitats are completely compatible with all CritterTrail accessories
SaleRANK NO. 8
ROBUD Large Hamster Cage Gerbil Haven Habitat...
  • Large Hamster Cage:Provide plenty room for your Dwarf hamster and Chinese Hamster. Dimensions: 18.5"L x 11.8"W x 11.8"H
  • Ample Accessories :This cage equipped with 7 accessories for your hamster to enjoy a happy and healthy life.
  • Ease of Cleaning:A wire hamster cage with plastic tray is easy to clean.Cleaning cages is not a fun task,so keep it easy will make owning a hamster more fun.
PawHut 32" Large Hamster Cage on Wheels, Rat Cage...
  • Engaging Hamster Habitat: This includes a vibrant tubing system, a running wheel, two ramps, four platforms, and a cozy hut, making it a stimulating space for small pets like Syrian hamsters and gerbils to explore and stay active.
  • Complete Dining Setup: This large hamster cage has a food dish and a 3.4 oz. water bottle, ensuring your pet stays hydrated and fed without needing constant refilling. It's great for busy pet owners.
  • Accessible Design: This rat cage's design ensures your pet's safety and comfort. It features convenient front and top doors, allowing easy access to your pet and simplified cleaning.

What to Look for Before Buying Best Hamster Cages?

The cage with bars remains the most popular model on the market, as demonstrated by the various specimens in our ranking. It has the advantage of always guaranteeing the right ventilation and is usually very easy to clean since it is mainly the only plastic bottom that gets seriously dirty.

The important thing is that there is a second shelf or horizontal bars placed at a short distance from each other, to exploit the dimensions vertically and offer a more useful surface to the animal.

Although less popular, the plexiglass cage has several advantages. Usually, these types of pens are composed of modules that can be connected to each other and expandable at will. In this way, the hamster will have many tunnels and rooms to play and run safely.

During the summer season, these plastic structures can become too hot for animals. Therefore it is necessary to evaluate the use according to the climate where you live.

Accessories that Must Not Be Missing

Hamsters are curious and very active beasts, so it is essential to vent to these energies and prevent them from getting bored. From this point of view, they are particularly sensitive. A too bare cage can lead to hysterical behavior and depression.

First of all, they need a drinker and two feeders to keep dry and fresh food separate and avoid mold formation.

The perfect entertainment tool is the wheel, as long as it is well fixed to the wall or to a unique pin and made of solid plastic. In fact, those with cracks can cause several accidents to the poor hamster, who risks getting stuck and hurting himself.

The presence of at least one small house is necessary because the animal must have a sheltered place to go where he can take refuge when he is intimidated by something.

Also Convenient for Humans

Before you jump into the lowest-priced cage, think about the fact that you will have to keep it clean and tidy. Bad design or inferior materials can make routine maintenance a nightmare.

The best brands specializing in accessories for pets have created very comfortable models to clean, among which the cages with a removable drawer stand out. In this way, you can proceed to clean the bottom without having to move the hamster, also saving him a good dose of stress.

If you have opted for a glass terrarium, you can cover the bottom with absorbent material such as corn cob to remove it periodically when the smell of urine begins to be felt. In this case, we advise you to temporarily let the rodent out of the housing, to thoroughly clean all the corners.

Do you also have dogs at home besides hamsters? Maybe you may need a bark collar: do you know what it is? Find out by clicking on the link.

How to Use a Hamster Cage?

The market is full of different models. It is advisable to choose the hamster cage that is suitable for your needs but especially for those of small occupants. Being adorable and curious animals, these rodents need a stimulating environment that does not risk stressing or making them sick.


Among the most used cages, we find those in plexiglass, very resistant, and easy to clean, characterized by an excellent quality-price compromise.

The basic models are equipped with a grill to allow ventilation inside. In contrast, the more sophisticated ones are fitted with tubes and wheels to entertain the little hamster.

The great advantage of plexiglass cages is the protection they offer to the animal. Ideally, in the presence of other pets, they can be placed anywhere, even in front of the window, and ensure maximum protection from drafts, sometimes lethal to hamsters.

Obviously, in the hot season, the discussion changes. The plexiglass cage should be placed in a cool place in the house, avoiding direct sunlight.

With Bars

The bar cages are the traditional ones, usually characterized by a plastic axis and a metal upper part. The most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing this model concerns the position of the bars. If they are horizontal, the hamster can use them to climb and have some fun.

The bottom drawer of these cages is usually very high. It can be filled with straw and letters to meet the needs of the small rodent and facilitate cleaning. It is advisable to place these cages in places protected from drafts and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Hybrid Models

There are also hybrid models, that is, with bars and plexiglass, to allow a complete refuge of every need. It is advisable to pay attention to the size, making sure that it is large enough to offer a comfortable shelter to the hamster.

The spaciousness offers the animal the opportunity to move serenely, without having to stress by turning all the time only on one wheel. In this case, it is essential to choose the right position to place it at home, always being attentive to climate change.

The Importance of Accessories

The curious nature and full energy of hamsters find the right outlet in the accessories that give life to his house. Another element to be kept in high consideration when choosing. A cage without games or pastimes causes a real depression to this animal. Therefore, it is necessary to bring the objects suitable for its enjoyment.

In addition to the drinker and two feeders, which are used to separate solid food from wet food, a wheel, and a little hay or sand can never be missing in a beautiful hamster cage.

Add to this a small house, and you’re done. These few accessories are all you need to make this little animal happy. Obviously, there are super sophisticated houses with real tunnels where the hamster passes from one environment to another, but much depends on the budget available.

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