12 Best Garden Pumps in 2021 – Reviewed & Buyer Guide

There are many ways to water a vegetable garden or garden, such as using an underground or above-ground irrigation system. To set up a good water system, it is necessary to have an adequate water reserve and a pump capable of supplying the right pressure to best spray the areas concerned.

Read our guide, compare prices and offers of the suggested models to get a picture of the situation immediately. In addition to having compiled a ranking with the most popular garden pumps currently on the market.

EXTRAUP Stainless Steel Electronic Portable...
  • 115V/60Hz,Power 800W/1HP, Max Capacity 850GPH and Max Lift up to 130FT. Max Suction Height 23FT. Low Energy Consumption but Perfect Performance.
  • Stainless Steel Pump Head,Durable and Stable Portable Metal Handle with End Plastic Cup Protection.
  • 40PSI Water Pressure are Perfect for Lawn Sprinkling,Garden Irrigation and Water Transport.
EXTRAUP 115Volt 330 GPH Portable Low Suction...
  • Power: 1/10HP;Max Flow: 330gph; Max Lift: 39ft
  • Remove Water Down To 1/8" with Water Suction Attachment (Included)
  • Included 6' hose,Water Suction Strainer and impeller replacement kit.This is Self-priming Pump
SaleRANK NO. 3
CWKJ Fountain Pump, 400GPH Submersible Water Pump,...
  • ★【PROVIDE YOU COMFORT & QUIET ENVIROMENT】Our fountain pump’s ultra-quiet operation will let you feel that the sounds of the water pouring out of your fountain is such a relaxing and tranquil sound, and you will love sitting out on your patio watching the squirrels and birds bath and now the peaceful sounds of our fountain make it even more enjoyable.
  • ★【MULTI-OCCASIONS】The fountain pump can make circulation to your tank and give your lovely fish a near-natural environment. This submersible water pump can create water current, ideal for a medium-sized aquarium, small pond, water garden, and desktop water fountains. Perfect for backyard fountain/waterfall, aquarium, ponds, fish tank, tabletop fountains, garden statuary, patio drip irrigation system and hydroponic systems and more.
  • ★【ADJUSTABLE】The fountain pump is designed with an adjusting knob, allowing to get just the amount of water pressure you want. It comes with 3 optional nozzles to create different views, each with its own unique design.
GROWNEER 550GPH Submersible Pump 30W Ultra Quiet...
  • UL Certified & WATER FLOW CONTROL -- Our water pump meet UL 1081standard. An Adjustable Knob to control the water flow rate, so you can get just the amount of water pressure you want. Maximum flow rate: 550GPH (2000L/H).
  • STRONG POWER & HIGH LIFT -- Max Lift Height: 7.2ft. Model number is SML-630. 30W high efficiency motor for energy saving. Lift height is a max height the water goes up, after connecting the water pipe to the nozzle (Make sure the joint sealed securely and tightly).
  • 3 NOZZLES -- Each water pump has 3 nozzles for option: 0.51"/0.62"/0.75". Provide a different water flow as you desired. Threaded fittings make it more stable. Detachable and cleanable.
VIVOSUN 1.3 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure...
  • Multi- Functional use: This practical 1.38 gallon pump pressure sprayer is good to use for indoor and outdoor
  • Easy Filling: Super large bowl mouth and funnel design at the top allows you to achieve easy, no-mess filling; You just need to simply unscrew, fill up the bottle and close the lid. Pump up the pressure and you are ready to go
  • Translucent bottle: Unlike other invisible bottle, this VIVOSUN pump pressure sprayer contains a translucent bottle with calibration scale; You can easily check the fluid level and know exactly when to refill
SaleRANK NO. 6
Homasy 400GPH Submersible Pump 25W Fountain Water...
  • WATER FLOW CONTROL. An Adjustable Knob to control the water flow rate, so you can get just the amount of water pressure you want. Maximum flow rate: 400GPH.
  • STRONG POWER and HIGH LIFT. 25W high efficiency motor for energy saving. Max Lift Height: 6.9ft.(Make sure to connect a water pipe to the smallest nozzle , make sure the joint sealed securely and tightly).
  • ULTRA QUIET DESIGN with 2 NOZZLES (0.51in and 0.62in). High quality motor provides a quiet environment for you. Threaded fittings make it more stable. The impeller shaft is stainless steel for long life span and corrosion resistance.
SaleRANK NO. 7
Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer for Weed...
  • Versatile sprayer designed not only for lawns, but also for commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and applying harsh chemicals
  • Premium, commercial grade shut-off with comfortable grip; lock-on feature; and easy-to-clean, in-line filter
  • 21-inch poly wand with Viton seals throughout pump and shut-off for long-term resistance to chemicals
Little Giant 577301 APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming...
  • EASY CLEAN with its removable intake screen for manageable maintenance.
  • EASY ACCESS to pump float for cleaning requires no tools or screws.
  • ERGONOMIC BUILT for portability and ease of placement and removal.
VIVOSUN 330 GPH Water Transfer Utility Pump 115V...
  • SMALL FRAME, STRONG POWER: Made from aluminum, meaning a lighter, smaller device; Able to operate at 115V and pump 330 gallons of water per hour up to 39 ft high
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CARRY: Fill the water in the pump head, connect the hose, plug in, and start using; Equipped with a handle making it easy to carry
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: With a zinc-alloy pump head this pump is guaranteed for long-time work; and with a PVC hose you can adjust this pump accordingly
SaleRANK NO. 10
ITISLL Manual Garden Sprayer Hand Lawn Pressure...
  • ★ BRASS NOZZLES: Adjustable from water jet to fine mist jet. TIPS: This lawn sprayer is not suitable for corrosive or acidic solutions.
  • ★ LOCK SWITCH: No fatigue spraying.
  • ★ SAFETY VALVE: When the pressure exceeds 2-3bar, the safety valve automatically releases the pressure.
SaleRANK NO. 11
Portable Mini Electric Water Transfer Utility Sump...
  • PORTABLE UTILITY PC2 Pump 330 Gallons per Hour. Main material: Aluminum & Steel
  • MAX WATER LIFT: 39FT, Length of cord: 5.9FT
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: (1) 6 ft water hose, (1) filter board and (1) Motor brush/Impeller kit
SaleRANK NO. 12
PULACO 95 GPH 5W Mini Submersible Water Pump for...
  • ★【Ultra Quiet Design】: The relible and duarable motor does not produce much noise, giving you quiet environment.This submersible pump is designed for small to medium size aquarium, Fish tank, Pond, tabletop fountains, water gardens and hydroponic systems.
  • ★【Adjustable Flow Rate】: Designed with a adjusting knob, allowing to adjust the water flow rate, the maximal flow rate can be up to 95 GPH. It can elevate column of water up to 3.0 ft.
  • ★【Detachable & Cleanable】: No need any tools to detach it, easy to seperate, easy to clean.

What to Look for Before Buying Garden Pumps?

Aspirant or Centrifuge?

The most common garden pumps are suction or centrifugal, and in order for them to be activated, the suction pipes must be full of liquid. When these devices begin their operation, the pipes are normally full of air, and the operation of “chasing” the air by replacing it with the liquid is called priming.

This work is automatic in the suction pump because operating when it is not yet primed, and it gradually sucks in the air and in this way the pipes and the cylinder slowly fill up with water until they are primed.

On the other hand, for the centrifugal pump, this same operation must be carried out manually, filling the whole pipe with water in order to activate it. Furthermore, the pump can be surface or submerged; the choice depends on the characteristics of the water reserve and the needs you have.

The surface one needs to work in an environment sheltered from the weather and is a model widely used for irrigation, although quite noisy; the submerged pump, on the other hand, is suitable for wells and cisterns and, working in-depth, usually generates less noise.

Power and Pressure

Before choosing a garden pump, it is important to understand what is the use that must be done; in fact, there are many models on the market.

Consider well if you only need to water a garden or a vegetable garden and what size is the area you need to cover. This is because of the larger the affected area, the greater the power of the engine to transport water with adequate pressure to reach the entire surface.

This also applies if you need to connect the pump to a home system to bring water into a home. The pressure must be powerful enough to reach even the highest floors without losing strength on the way.

Another factor to consider is the transport capacity that a pump is capable of supporting; this is also related to the type of flow you need. There are less powerful devices that carry an amount of water ranging from 5 to 10 litres per minute, up to more advanced models, capable of generating a maximum water flow of 4,000 litres per hour.

Dimensions and Materials

Also consider the size and weight of a garden pump, based on the space you have available to place it. Also, if you need a versatile model to move it frequently to different areas where its operation is required, you will need to purchase a device with a handle that facilitates its transport.

On the market, there are electric water pumps with very small dimensions, which allow you to have great handling. A good garden pump, because it is efficient, functional and durable, it is essential that it is well assembled, with high-quality materials, resistant to wear and stress from use.

It is also advisable to purchase a model with an anti-overload system and with a fairly high protection index, to be able to work safely both outdoors and indoors.

How to Use a Garden Pump?

If you need, for example, to water the vegetable garden or flowers, you will need a way to bring the water to your destination. To do this, there are garden pumps that can take water, for example, from a collection tank and convey it to the roots of your plants. But, as we will see shortly, there are several uses for which a garden pump is suitable.

To Irrigate the Vegetable Garden

Many people love to cultivate what they eat. But plants, among other things, need to be watered and there is not always the possibility of using the water network.

In this case, rainwater must be collected with special tanks. To avoid having to carry it with buckets, the garden pump is used, which however needs a power outlet.

Help in Case of Flooding

Unfortunately, it can happen that, due to bad weather, the cellar or maybe the garage floods. A real disaster, of course, but the situation can soon return to normal using a garden pump, which will suck the water away.

Check the Water Jet

There is a negative aspect shared by all garden pumps: there is a serious risk of wasting more water than necessary. The issue is even more evident in the case of small vegetable gardens or gardens that do not require massive watering. These pumps can get up to about 20 litres of water per minute.

Too much for certain needs. So how can you control the water jet and avoid waste? There is a solution, and we will show you immediately. A jet control gun can be installed at the end of the tube. Make sure, however, that this holds the pressure well. Be wary of too cheap products.

A Refreshing Shower

There is no shortage of alternative methods for using a garden pump. It is possible to use it to take a shower in the garden: just connect the hose to a siphon and, in no time, you will have a shower available, perhaps to give yourself a bit of refreshment after a tan.

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