13 Best Food Steamers in 2023 – Reviewed & Rated

The steamer is the ideal appliance for cooking healthy dishes in a few minutes. Steam cooking helps keep the nutrients of all foods intact and does not alter the flavors.

In order to obtain maximum results, it is good to choose a model with the right technical characteristics. Here are the details that can make the difference and the most popular models at the moment.

Right below we had selected some of the best models of food steamers.

BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer with Dishwasher Safe...
  • COOK A VARIETY OF FOODS: Whether you're in the mood for japanese or chinese cuisine, or just want to steam some fresh vegetables, tofu, fish or meats for dinner, this steamer and rice cooker can do it all. Turn the switch and make a full meal with sides
  • TWO TIERS FOR SIMULTANEOUS COOKING: With the electric food steamer, you can cook multiple items at the same time without mixing them together! The steam pot comes with a guess-free steaming guide chart that makes it easy to make your favorite dishes
  • STACKABLE BASKETS & REMOVABLE BASE: The removable base makes it easy to clean your electric cooker and veggie steamer. The stackable Plastic baskets make it easy to store your food once it's done and can be removed safely washed in your dishwasher
SaleRANK NO. 2
OVENTE 2 Tier Electric Food Steamer for Cooking...
  • COOK A VARIETY OF FOODS – Whether you're in the mood for japanese or chinese cuisine or just want to steam some fresh vegetables, tofu, fish or meats for dinner, this steamer can do it all. Make a delicious full meal for your family within minutes.
  • EFFICIENT & CONVENIENT – Have a hassle-free cooking experience with minimal effort and supervision. Equipped with 400 Watts power; has indicator light, 60-minute timer and it automatically shuts off when the timer is up or the water tank is empty.
  • SIMULTANEOUS COOKING – It comes with two clear and stackable steaming containers which can hold up to 5 quarts of food. You can choose to use just one tier or all two at once to cook multiple dishes at the same time without mixing them together.
Cuisinart STM-1000 Cook Fresh Digital Glass...
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: A powerful steam system delivers steam from top down in this 5-liter glass pot for 5 pre-programmed food settings – seafood, poultry, grains, vegetables and manua
  • EASY TO USE: LCD control panel with display, start/stop, pause & reheat buttons with audible alert
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: 60 minute countdown timer, stainless steel steaming tray, glass lid with stainless steel rim & glass lid, steaming tray flips to hold different types of foods – dishwasher safe glass pot with 1-liter removable water tank
Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer &...
  • FOOD STEAMER AND RICE COOKER: Easily cook a whole meal with one appliance with 5.5 quarts of cooking capacity. Includes 2 steaming bowls plus rice basket for rice or small foods.
  • VERSATILE STEAMING: Versatile, stackable 2-tier steaming to cook multiple foods at once for quick and easy meal solutions. Use 1 tier for small quantities and 2 tiers for a whole meal. The center divider can also be removed to fit larger quantities of foods.
  • GUESS-FREE STEAMING: Just fill it up and set the timer. When the food is ready, it will automatically switch to Warm. It also includes Delay Start and Auto Shutoff DIGITAL TOUCHPAD: Easily set the countdown timer and other functions easily.
Nutribullet Baby BSR-0801N Turbo Food Steamer
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box
Oster Steamer Stainless Steel Cookware, 3.0-Quart
  • 3.0-Quart Dutch Oven w/Steamer Basket
  • Perfect for steaming vegetables and cooking rice at the same time as well as re-steaming tamales as leftovers
  • Stack-able measurements = 8. 5' in diameter x 6. 20' Height = Stack able Casserole and Steamer Maximum Heating Temperature not to exceed 400 °F (Fahrenheit).
13.7QT Electric Food Steamer for Cooking, 3 Tiers...
  • 13.7 QT Food Steamer for Fast Cooking: With 3-tier trays and 13.7 quarts of large capacity, KEENSTAR food steamer is spacious, versatile, and fantastic for batch cooking. Since KEENSTAR steamer has an 800W turbo-steam function, cooking is usually quick.
  • Ideal for Cooking a Variety of Food: The large capacity multi-tier steaming system was designed to cook your entire meal in one pass. KEENSTAR food steamer is ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs at once cooking. Save time while offering enough for special occasions and everyday use. Unique steam hole design can vapor permeate better and heat evenly.
  • Easy to Operate Timer & Safe Anti-dry Protection: The 60-minute timer dial is simple to use and makes a beeping sound when the cooking time has ended. The steamer automatically shuts off for safety if the water happens to run out. The side water inlet and easily viewable water level indicator make refilling water more convenient while steaming is in progress. Thermostable healthy material, BPA-Free.
Steamer Basket Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer...
  • HEALTHIER COOKING CHOICES – The steamer basket with high quality stainless steel petals, food grade plastic handle and silicone feet will guarantee your health. Steaming is a healthy cooking choice because it helps retain more than 90% of the nutrients lost when either boiling or microwaving food. The foldable steamer basket can be used to steam veggies, seafood, eggs, meats, desserts, baby food and much more.
  • EXPANDABLE and COLLAPSIBLE – Vegetable steamer basket collapsed diameter is 5.1 inches. It expands to 9 inches once petals are stretched out. The "wings" that fold in and out allow the steamer fit various pot/pan sizes or pressure cooker, turning any pan into a steamer. Opens like a water lily and it folds compactly to save storage space unlike bulky bamboo steamers.
  • FOLDABLE LEGS & REMOVABLE CENTER POST – Three foldable legs with silicone will not scratch your pot. They are 1.2 inch in length to keep food above boiling water so that it doesn't burn. 2.9" Central post helps easy insertion to the deep pots and safe removal from the boiling water, and it is removable to steam large items Like corn on the cob. When your food is ready, remove it from the boiling water with a fork so you won’t burn your fingers.
Elite Gourmet EST250 2.5 Quart Electric Compact...
  • BPA-FREE STEAMER TRAY: Hold up to 2.5 quarts food capacity for vegetables, baby food, seafood, and up to 6 eggs.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZE YOUR COOKING: Steam a whole meal or just a side dish to go with any healthy appetite.
  • FAST & EFFICIENT STEAMER: With 400 Watts of heating power, the quick-steam start-up will replace the need for multiple cooking pots and pans, reduce cooking time and retain nutrients in food for healthier meals.
13.7QT Electric Food Steamer for Cooking,...
  • Large Capacity & Fast Cooking: 13.7QT large capacity food steamer with unique steam accelerator, KEENSTAR food steamer generates steam in just 25 seconds. 800W turbo-steam and 3-tier trays make it efficient and fast. Perfect for cooking a wide variety of foods.
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer & Anti-dry Protection: Appointment breakfast time in the evening, no rush to get up early and your family can have a delicious breakfast. The eletric steamer will auto-shut off for safety if the water runs out. The side water inlet and viewable water level indicator make refilling water more convenient while steaming is in progress.
  • Safe and Humanization Design: This steamer features an automatic power-off function and heat-resistant materials to ensure optimal safety while preparing meals. Made of high-quality, food-grade materials, ensure that your food is healthy to eat.BPA-Free. Safety and health is the top priority when comes to cooking and our food streamer totally meets it.
Joydeem Electric Food Steamer fo Cooking, 2-Tier...
  • BIG & FAST: This cooking steamer has a 15L (16QT) capacity and is great for large families. With a 29cm diameter and 8cm depth, its steam rack is big enough to steam a whole fish; 1350W of power produces steam quickly and allows for 3-speed power adjustment (Hot Pot menu only)
  • STEAM & STEW: 2-tier food steamer makes it easy to steam vegetables, seafood, meat, ribs, buns and dumplings; remove the steam generator and the steamer base can be transformed into an electric pot (3L) for noodles, shabu-shabu, congee and slow cooker.
  • 24H DELAY START & 2H KEEP WARM: Joydeem electric steamer supports up to 24h presets; Dessert, Meat, Egg Seafood menu cooking time can be increased to 1h (Timer); steamer pot will automatically keep warm for up to 2 hours after cooking (at 60-80°C/140-176°F)
Steamer for Cooking, 18/8 Stainless Steel Steamer...
  • IMPROVED STEAMER POT - Made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel for durability. Unlike other products, our Steamer pot is treated with special polishing technology, which is easy to clean and eliminate iron chip adhesion, ensuring your health. The bottom of the pan is made of thickened material to ensure that the heat is thoroughly and evenly distributed.
  • PACKAGE OF STEAM POTS – For 3-5 person meals, consists of a large bottom pot(27.8cm x 8.7cm-10.94’’ x 3.42’’), 1 steamer pot(27.8cm x 7cm-10.94’’ x 2.75’’). Contains ONLY 3 PIECES: one steamer pot, one steamer basket and one lid set.
  • MULTIPURPOSE STEAMER FOR COOKING – Our steamer pot can be used as a stockpot or as steamers, along with different combinations, you can use it as a 2-layer steam pot at most to meet your different cooking needs. As a food steamer with a vented lid, you can see the food without opening the lid.
Cozeemax 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer for Cooking,...
  • 【Fast Cooking & Unique Steam Design】13.7QT large capacity food steamer with unique steam accelerator,it can rapidly produce steam in only 25S. With 800W turbo steam cycle and unique steam hole design, it also can vapor permeation more better and heated evenly, you can cook food on multiple levels all at once, saving you time energy and money.
  • 【Multi-purpose for Foods, Perfect for Weekly Meal Preps】Food steam cooker allow you to cook a wide range of foods simultaneously, ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, meat and fish, which provides one of the healthiest ways to cook, minimize the loss of nutrients and vitamins. It is also suitable for heating small towels.
  • 【Large Capacity But Take The Least Space】13.7QT large capacity electric steamer with 3 tier separate food steamer,it can steam varied foods simultanrously. But the stackable trays can save space, easy to store on countertop, cabinets or pantry, best for your kitchen.

Food Steamers Buyer Guide

A steamer is an appliance that allows you to cook healthy and light dishes, without altering its nutritional properties, smells, and flavors. In short, it can make a difference in the kitchen, because, you know, eating well is important.

Thanks to the steamer, in fact, it is possible to say goodbye to oil and fatty foods. All types of food can be cooked: fish, meat, and vegetables.

The electric steamer is certainly more technological and allows you to have more control during the preparation phase, but even with a gas steamer, the result will be optimal.

Regardless of the type of steamer that is used, in fact, steam cooking remains the best, because steam allows the nutrients of the food to remain intact. It is important to specify that, with steam cooking, food never comes into direct contact with water.

How Do You Use the Food Steamers?

Using a steamer is very simple, whether you have an electric steamer or a gas steamer at hand. The main element of this type of cooking is water. Without water, in fact, it would be impossible to produce steam.

To operate an electric steamer or a gas steamer, just a few steps are enough. The first thing to do is to fill the tank or one of the baskets with water.

Then, you have to place the food in the baskets or in the pots, taking into account the space available. At this point, all that remains is to operate the steamer and proceed with cooking.

A steamer is also easy to clean; in fact, every part of it is usually removable and washable both by hand and in the dishwasher, facilitating work.

The bamboo steamer is the most delicate and one that requires more attention because this plant retains odors more. A good strategy is to wash all the baskets after using them, to prevent odours and residues from stagnating.

How to Choose Food Steamers?

We have seen which are the best steamers currently on the market, now let’s see how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The first factor to consider is capacity, which must be suitable for the number of people for whom you need to cook and the number of dishes to be prepared at the same time.

Cooking programs and other functions are very important, such as keeping food warm or warming it quickly. Some steamers, then, have extra accessories that improve their performance, but which also increase the price.

Other factors not to be forgotten are the materials used, the necessary maintenance and the methods of cleaning. Finally, it is important to evaluate the value for money as a whole. Let’s see everything in detail.

Here we also shared a guide about that so have a look on that also.


As we have anticipated, the first element to be evaluated in the choice of the steamer is the capacity, which must be assessed on the basis of the number of foods that you intend to prepare simultaneously and the number of people for whom you need to cook.

Not only does the number of baskets vary, ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of three, but also their size. In general, small steamers have two baskets, for a total capacity of 3-5 litres.

The medium steamers have three baskets and a total capacity of 6-9 litres; the larger steamers always have three baskets, but with a total capacity of 10-11 litres.

Some steamers allow you to remove the bottom of the containers, in order to obtain a single large container once stacked, to cook bulky food.

To choose the right capacity, you can adjust yourself like this:

  1. Small Steamers (from 3 to 5 litres) for 1-3 people;
  2. Medium Steamers (from 6 to 9 litres) for 3-6 people;
  3. Large Steamers (10 to 11 litres) for 6-8 people.

The capacity does not necessarily affect the price of the steamer. In fact, there are mid-range steamers with a capacity of 10-11 litres and smaller but also more expensive steamers. This is because other factors also affect the final price, which we will see shortly.

Programs and Functions

Even if the basic operation of the steamers is always the same, some have pre-set cooking programs, which help to choose the right combination of time and temperature, to cook all the food in the baskets evenly.

The most technological steamers have a timer and a series of programs to prepare several different foods at the same time, avoiding that those in the lower basket are more cooked than those in the upper basket.

In some cases the timer is automatic, i.e. it automatically chooses the best cooking temperature and time-based on the type of food, in other cases it must be set manually. The best steamers, of course, are those with automatic programs, which guarantee perfect cooking without efforts.

Do not forget, then, to check for extra functions, not essential but undoubtedly useful. For example, some models have the “keep warm” function, to keep food warm after cooking.

Another very useful function is fast heating, which allows the steamer to reach the right temperature in a few minutes, thus avoiding overcooking food.

Other additional functions widespread in the medium-high range appliances are the spice and flavour infuser, to add seasonings to flavor the dishes in the tank from which the steam is emanated, and automatic shutdown, which avoids overcooking and wasting power.

Finally, check that the steamer allows you to add water during cooking, without having to turn off the appliance.


Accessories are not indispensable in a steamer, but they can certainly be an added value and influence the choice. In addition to the basic baskets to be stacked, some appliances have special baskets, such as the one for cooking eggs, the glass for the preparation of sweets, the basket for rice and the one for soups (or more generally for all dishes liquid).

In some cases these extra baskets are included in the package, more often they must be purchased separately, as well as the trays to put in the baskets to cook more foods in a single basket.

Other accessories often included are the recipe books, which, in addition to the actual recipes, provide instructions on how to cook the various types of food correctly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Before buying the steamer, make sure it is easy to clean and use, especially if you plan to use it every day and, perhaps, even several times a day.

First, check that the water level in the tank is visible without having to disassemble the appliance or that there is an acoustic or luminous signal that warns when the level has gone too low.

Check that the steamer is easy to disassemble, that the baskets can be stacked for storage and, above all, that they are dishwasher safe.


Materials are very important in a steamer because its components come into contact with steam at high temperatures. Above all, food baskets must, therefore, be produced with materials resistant to high temperatures and free of toxic substances, such as Bisphenol A, which is released from some plastics in contact with heat.

As for the baskets, the glass ones would be preferred, even if those in resistant and non-toxic plastic are also very good. The base, however, can be in plastic or stainless steel and, obviously, the latter option is the best.

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