8 Best Ergonomic Keyboards in 2023 – Posture-Promoting Peripherals

Many underestimate their importance but using good quality keyboards dramatically improves the productivity of each job. Think about it: is the keyboard you are using right now comfortable? Does it perform the functions you feel you need? I bet the answer is no, so take five minutes to find what is the best keyboard for you.

Until a few years ago, you were choosing a keyboard was not too complicated, since you only found membrane keyboards on the market.

Then, with the renewed diffusion of models with mechanical switches, the situation changed, and several market niches were born. But don’t worry, at the end of reading this guide you will know everything you need to know to make a targeted purchase. Here we will be listing the top 8 best ergonomic keyboards.

Logitech K350 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard with...
  • Wave design with Constant Curve layout: Curved layout guides hands into just the right position
  • Ease and comfort: Cushioned palm rest makes work easier and fun more fun
  • Longer battery time: This feature gives you up to three years of battery life. (Battery life based on a calculation of an estimated 2 million keystrokes per year in an office environment. User experience may vary.)
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Wireless Keyboard with 7 Colored Backlits, Wrist...
  • 【7 Switchable Colors Backlight 】The ergonomic wireless keyboard comes with 7 switchable backlights and 3 brightness levels to provide you with a different visual typing atmosphere. Choose your favorite keyboard setting and take your desk setup to the next level. The keys will be clearer under the backlight, too. Let you work effortlessly in the dark typing.
  • 【Ergonomic Palm Rest】Our light up keyboard with wrist rest and foldable stand design improves overall comfort and reduces pressure on hands and wrists. Helps your wrist to be in a comfortable position and better body posture. Perfect for those Office-men needing long time working with the keyboard.
  • 【Rechargeable and Long Lasting 】The rechargeable wireless keyboard is equipped with Type-C charging cable, one charge has an extra long standby time of 24 months, This ergo keyboard has automatic sleep power saving mode and a separate ON/OFF switch. You can also adjust the light brightness at any time or turn off the light to save power.
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Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard -...
  • Wireless range:10 m (33-ft) wireless range
  • Improved Typing Posture: Type more naturally with a curved, split keyframe and reduce muscle strain on your wrists and forearms thanks to the sloping keyboard design
  • Pillowed Wrist Rest: Curved wrist rest with memory foam layer offers typing comfort with 54 per cent more wrist support; 25 per cent less wrist bending compared to standard keyboard without palm rest
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X9 Ergonomic Keyboard Wired with Cushioned Wrist...
  • (Feel Better, Work Better): Long hours on the computer can be tough, however, we have a solution. With a user focused design, our ergonomic split keyboard will help you conquer your workload with less wrist discomfort.
  • (Type Comfortably With A Cushioned Wrist Rest): The integrated cushion on the wired computer keyboard provides much needed support when typing. Your hand will be level with the keys for better comfort and efficiency.
  • (Split Ergonomic Design | Natural Positioning): Unlike a traditional laptop keyboard that causes your hands to type in an awkward position, our wave keyboard promotes a natural hand position for less strain and fatigue.
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Nulea Ergonomic Keyboard, Wired Split Keyboard...
  • Split, Splayed and Tented Design: Are you suffering from joint and muscle discomfort from unnatural typing positions? Nulea split keyboard promotes natural arm and hand position while typing. The splayed layout keeps hands in line with shoulders. You can type more naturally to reduce muscle strain on your wrists and forearms.
  • Pillowed Palm Rest: Are your palms bending or dangling while you are typing? If yes, it may cause pain in the palm and wrist after longtime workload. To reduce median nerve pressure and minimize tensions on the forearm, this ergonomic split keyboard integrated a palm rest with a large surface (skin-touching feeling PU leather) and memory foam. This considerate design supports your palm and wrist well and boosts a more relaxed typing angle.
  • Adjustable Palm Lift: We all know sedentary is not good for our health. Alternate sitting and standing while working are more and more popular. To keep wrists in a natural status for different postures, this Ergonomic keyboard features 4 foldable tilt legs. You can adjust the keyboard tilt angle by setting up the front, back, or both-side legs. More wrist support, Less wrist bending.
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Arteck Split Ergonomic Keyboard with Cushioned...
  • Split Design Ergonomic: Split design helps to position wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position.
  • Wrist Rest: Soft cushioned wrist rest helps you to rest your wrist and forearm while typing and makes work easier and more comfortable.
  • Easy Setup: Simply insert the nano USB receiver into your computer and use the keyboard instantly.
Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard -...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Split-key and 3-D design matches with to your natural arm and hand positions Integrated palm rest to support your wrists in a comfort position
  • TACTILE KEYSTROKES - Keystrokes are tactile in order to reduce pressure when you press the keys and to give you a more comfortable typing experience
  • PLUG AND PLAY FEATURE - Just plug your keyboard in your computer and use it It uses a USB interface and has 6 0 Ft cable 7 Multimedia Hot keys built-in
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AULA F2088 Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming...
  • 💻⌨️🖥️【Retro Typewriter Style Round Keycaps】Mechanical blue switch offers a quicker and springier response, crisp click sound, precise tactile feedback for ultimate gaming performance. Double-shot injection molded Vintage steampunk round keycaps for clear backlight and extreme durability, The stepped floating keycap fit your fingertips perfectly for precise positioning, prevent fatigue and wrong typing. Comes with keycap puller for easy keycaps cleaning.
  • 🖥️⌨️💻【Multimedia & Backlight Control Knob】This wired mechanical keyboard effortlessly controls media thanks to its dedicated media control keys. Quick-access buttons for media volume, backlight effect, music play/pause/switch. You can switch 19 different lighting effects or adjust the backlit brightness and speed. And you can create 3 customized backlight as you like. Long press knob for three seconds to switch between media and lighting modes.
  • 💻⌨️🖥️【Metal Panel & Magnetic Wrist Rest】The computer keyboard panel is made of top-grade aluminium alloy material, with matte-finish texture, sturdy and robust enough to protect it from scratch. The ergonomic ABS palm rest provides firm support that alleviates pressure on your wrist from gaming at an elevated angle. The surface has a smooth and comfortable touch that enhances the feeling of the keyboard. USB connector for a reliable connection and ultimate gaming performance.

Buyer Guide to Choose Best Ergonomic Keyboards

Given the strong demand, the choice of the best wireless keyboard for your needs has become a rather complicated thing.

Above all because many of the technical characteristics to be evaluated vary according to the type of use that you want to make of it and now there are so many models, that the choice could become very confusing.

For this reason, we thought to help you in purchasing the best wireless keyboard for your needs, with this real buying guide in which we will first analyze the differences and technical characteristics to be evaluated before purchasing, and then list the best models which – in our opinion – guarantee the best quality/price ratio.

What Size to Buy It?

Wireless keyboards are not all the same, and, above all, they do not all have the same dimensions. There are the standard ones, which are generally used for PCs and Macs, and then there are the mini ones, much smaller than the standard ones and which are used with portable devices and Smart TVs.

The choice of the size of a wireless keyboard depends exclusively on the use that must be made of it: in our opinion, if you have to use it with a Smart TV, smartphone or tablet, you might think of buying a mini wireless keyboard. Otherwise, those standard sizes are the most suitable (and comfortable).

Is It Essential that You Integrate a Trackpad?

Some wireless keyboards not only integrate the keys with which to type but often they can also be equipped with a trackpad. The integrated trackpad takes the place of the mouse and is rather comfortable primarily when used in SmartTV.

Its importance, once again, is therefore related to the type of use that must be made of the wireless keyboard, and we would advise you to purchase a model with a trackpad only if it is used with a Smart TV or with an Android tablet.

What Kind of Connectivity to Choose?

Although everyone is now convinced that wireless keyboards use Bluetooth to connect to devices particular wireless keyboards that use 2.4 GHz wireless technology are also produced, these are models that require the use of a USB receiver and which therefore are less compatible universally compared to those that use Bluetooth. Both, however, have a range of about 10 meters.

Generally, it is advisable to buy a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, because not only are they more compatible, but they do not occupy the USB ports of the device to which they are going to connect.

It Is Essential to Choose the Proper Nutrition.

Speaking of wireless keyboards, it is essential to consider that a battery powers them. Some models use AA or AAA batteries, while others are equipped with a rechargeable battery that is powered by a USB connection.

It would be better to opt for the latter category, so as not to risk being left without a keyboard if the batteries were to be discharged and there were no spare ones.

Trackpad and Programmable Keys

In keyboards, there can also be integrated pointing systems, such as trackpads or trackballs, which can move the screen cursor as if they were a mouse. They are handy for example with Smart TVs or tablets that have this feature, to have everything you need inside the keyboard.

Also, there are too many keyboard models that have additional keys compared to the standard and programmable keys. Then, for example, manage music playback, run applications, set different backlight modes, or perform a series of sequential actions set to speed up your workflow or your performance in video games.


We have already talked about RGB backlighting with mechanical keyboards. However, backlighting can be a feature present on different types of keyboards.

I suggest you, for example, if you have to write long texts at any time of the day. Thanks to the backlight, you can check the position of each key even in the dark, speeding up the use of the same keyboard in all circumstances. It can be useful, indeed in my opinion indispensable, even with mini-keyboards for Smart TVs.

Other Characteristics

There are also other features to look at in a keyboard, and I swear to you that after these I will not bore you further and we will move on to the list of products you can buy.

Among the most important that I have not yet mentioned to you is, for example, ergonomics. Therefore the “shape” and the solutions used to make it more comfortable to use even after prolonged periods. There are models designed specifically for this purpose, avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint problems for those who use them.

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