11 Best Electric Hotplates in 2022 – Reviewed & Buying Guide

There are many models of electric hotplates that are all designed to roast meat, fish or vegetables, but not all respond well in the same way. To ensure a good deal, it is advisable to check the presence of some features, including price, power and accessory functions to choose the right grill.

The technologies that use the best electric plates are mainly two. The first is the heating of cast iron. These are certainly less expensive but certainly do not sin inefficiency.

Then there are the professional induction ones, a little more expensive but which boast less heat loss and have lower consumption. The choice is up to you, based on the technology you prefer and which you could evaluate, as well as from a consumption and performance point of view, also from an aesthetic point of view. Here we will be listing the top 11 best electric hotplates.

Elite Gourmet ESB-301BF Countertop Single Flat...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: 6.4-inch Cast Iron flat cooking plate is nonstick and easy to clean with a damp cloth or non abrasive sponge
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Quickly reach and sustain the desired LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH heat settings with the variable temperature knob to keep food warm or boil hot water.
  • BUILT IN SAFETY: Power indicator light on the front of the burner reminds users when the item is powered ON; non skid feet ensures the burner remains stable during use.
CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate for Cooking Portable...
  • [All Types of Cookware]--CUSIMAX Hot Plate is suitable for All Type of cookware. Compatible with pots and pans with maximum size of 7.1 inches. Works with glass and aluminum and heats cookware efficiently with minimal heat loss.
  • [1500W & Easy Cooking]--CUSIMAX Hot Plates used 7 thermostatically controlled heat settings conveniently to cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, decoct steak, grilled cheese, boil water, make soup, cook pasta and vegetables and do so much more. Meet your daily cooking needs.
  • [Convenient Single Burner]--The small scale in size makes it very portable. Ideal for dorm rooms, offices, camping, or even your RV. Great for every day use or as an extra cooking appliance in a busy kitchen. No stovetop required.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Techwood 1800W Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove...
  • [🍳 1800W DOUBLE BURNERS & EASY TO CONTROL] - Techwood hot plate heats efficiently with 2 thermostatically controlled heat settings conveniently to cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, soup, pasta, vegetables and so much more. Also you can use it as extra burner to keep food warm.
  • [🍳 ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE] - Techwood electric stove can be used with any type of cookware in your home, such as aluminium pans, copper pans, cast lron frying pans and non-magnetic stainless steel pans can heats cookware efficiently with minimal heat loss. And stainless steel body to withstand frequent use. Simply wipe with a clean cloth when cool.
  • [🍳 MULTIPURPOSE & PORTABLE] - Techwood double burner used compact and flat design makes it perfect for dorms, studios, RV/caravans, work, camping, everyday use or as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen. Because of its small and light size, you can easily to used in confined spaces or anywhere.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Techwood 1800W Electric Hot Plate, Countertop...
  • [🍳 MULTI-PURPOSE & MODERN DESIGN] - Techwood electric hot plate is perfect for all kitchens for its easy control, timeless stainless steel and double crystallite glass design. Especially ideal for dorms, offices, camping, RV/caravans, holiday homes, daily use or entertaining, or as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen for its compact size.
  • [🍳 HIGH THERMAL EFFICIENCY] - Techwood infrared ceramic double cooktop 1800W provides more convenience for cooking as it heats up food quickly and evenly with minimal heat loss and saving energy.
  • [🍳 ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE] - The functional plate can work without any cookware restrictions, no need for special cookware. All types of pot and pan ranging to 7.1 inches, including stainless steel, glass and aluminum are suitable for this product.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner Cooktop,...
  • FAST HEATING WITH 1200 WATTS Quickly boil water first thing in the morning for pour-over coffee or hot tea prepare a family meal or keep a side dish warm This electric stove (single) heats up quickly so beverages and meals are ready when you are
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT FOR EASY TRAVEL AND STORAGE Add extra cooking space where and when you need it most from over the holidays and during home renovations to hot-pot style dining and camping It fits anywhere is easy to move around and is compact for easy storage
  • SINGLE BURNER WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE This adjustable temperature electric burner (single) is compatible with every kind of cookware including aluminum (which will not work on an induction cooker)
Hot Plate, CUSIMAX 1800W Double Burner Portable...
  • [All Types of Cookware]-The electric double hot plate is compatible with all types of cookware. The use range of pots (including glass and aluminum) is 7.1' + 7.1'. It can be used with cookware made of cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics and glass. Cookware can be heated efficiently with minimal heat loss.
  • [Fast Heating]-CUSIMAX Infrared Cooktop is powered by 120V and 900 watts (left panel) + 900 watts (right panel), totaling 1800W. Food can be heated quickly and evenly, which saves energy compared to gas.
  • [Easy Cooking]-Two independent temperature control knobs, just turn the knob to turn on/off the burner, easy to operate and easy to cook. Independent double burners can cook different foods at the same time, which saves time while enjoying delicious food.
Portable Induction Cooktop, iSiLER 1800W Sensor...
  • 18 POWER LEVELS: Quickly choose your desired power from 100W to 1800W in 100W increments(long press for 300W); 1800W power to meet your various cooking needs; simmer, deep fry, boil, sauté, sear, steam, slow cook and grill with ease.
  • 17 PRESET TEMPERATURE LEVELS: Adjustable temperature ranging from 140°F (60°C) to 460°F (238°C); can be set in 20°F increments(long press for 60°F); sensitive large touch buttons for enhanced usability.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS & PORTABLE: The cooktop surface measures a diameter of 6.7in (17cm) to fit frying pans with a diameter of 3.9-8.6in (10-22cm); ensures a large and uniform heated area; compact and lightweight with a thickness of just 2.3in (6cm) for easy transport and storage; suitable for areas with limited space use.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Burner Single Burner...
  • [❤ MULTIPURPOSE & PORTABLE] - CUSIMAX Hot Plate is ideal for office use, camping, parties, boats, RVs, student accommodation, traveling or as an extra cooking utensil in your kitchen. Because of its small and light size, you can easily to used in confined spaces or anywhere.
  • [❤ 1500W & EASY TO CONTROL] - CUSIMAX Hot Plate used 7 thermostatically controlled heat settings conveniently to cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, soup, pasta, vegetables and so much more. Also you can use it as extra burner to keep food warm.
  • [❤ ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE AND SAFE] - CUSIMAX hot plate is equipped with a powerful 7.4 inches heating plate, compatible with pots and pans with maximum size of 7.4 inches. CUSIMAX hot plate can be used with any type of cookware in your home, such as aluminium pans, copper pans, cast lron frying pans and non-magnetic stainless steel pans can heats cookware efficiently with minimal heat loss. Also, compared to induction cookers, hot plate is safe to use and doesn’t emit harmful radiation.
Vayepro Electric Hot Plate, 1800W Portable...
  • SAFETY & DURABILITY:Voltage and thermal regulator for protection.Non-slip rubber feet ensure that the hot pate stays firmly in place for safe use. Can accommodate cookware as large as 7.1'' in diameter and as heavy as 22 lbs. The knob away from the hot plate to prevent scalding.All our products are certified by ETL.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL COOKWARES: Works with 120V/1800W power supply. Perfect solution for frying, stir-frying, cooking soup and slow cooking. Different than an induction cooker, VAYEPRO burner can be used with any flat-bottomed cookware made of a variety of materials. Examples are frying pans, woks or stove top teapots made from aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic or glass.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & EFFICIENT: Built with corrosion-resistant cast iron heating elements for durability. The burner cycles on and off to maintain the desired temperature automatically. It is equipped with thermal fuse for overheating protection.It is safe and saves 30% electricity compared with traditional induction cooker.
SaleRANK NO. 10
DIDO 1800W Ceramic Electric Hot Plate for Cooking,...
  • 【1800W DOUBLE BURNERS & EFFICIENCY】900W+ 900W infrared ceramic double cooktop and the crystallite glass plates heat quickly and evenly. Independent adjustable thermostat controls allow you to cook more than one course at a time with precise temperature control.
  • 【UNLIMITED & CONVENIENT】The hot plate works well with all types of cookware from aluminum cookware to copper jam pots, glass pot,tea kettles and nonmagnetic stainless steel pans with maximum size of 7.1’’+7.1’’. Effectively heating cookware in seconds and minimizing heat loss easily meet your everyday cooking needs, such as boiling water,reheating sauces, making soups, frying steak, cooking pasta,grilling cheese and vegetables, and more.
  • 【PORTABLE & SAFETY】 The portable burners's raised off a cooktop that’s about 22”x13” , really a good choice if you plan to use it for home kitchen, apartment, RV, office or back garden. Safety features infrared technology without radiation, automatic safety shutoff when overheating, it may cause the indicator light cycle on and off during operation.
Imusa USA GAU-80315 Single Electric Hot Plate,...
  • 1,200 Watts of Power
  • Convenient Indicator Light
  • Temperature Control Knob

Best Electric Hotplate Buying Guide

Difficult to draw up a ranking by type of product, each response to different needs, but it is good to read up to understand what responds well to your needs. Compare prices, but above all the functions and design features: you will find that the models on the market are numerous and all different.

The models equipped with a tray for collecting fat or liquids that runoff during cooking are certainly more comfortable and easier to maintain.

The pan can be placed under the incandescent grill, and it is possible to fill it with water while avoiding carbonizing parts of food or fats, and that the kitchen is filled with smoke.

Some argue that this system does not do justice to cooking meat, altering its flavour and organoleptic qualities due to the steam that inevitably spreads from the pan. For Florentine purists, who do not have space for a BBQ, there are models with grooves and individual trays to collect the fat while it runs without risking burning.

What Features to Look For

An excellent electric grill should be equipped with temperature regulation devices via a thermostat. This is a little foresight on the part of the manufacturer, which makes the plate more versatile and expendable for cooking food of different consistency.

Therefore, be careful to check that the steak grill does not sin precisely on this aspect which does not constitute a surcharge in the most common models.

In the review of each model, attention should also be paid to the presence or absence of a timer for self-switching off and a button for switching on.

These are small precautions that can make a steak grill more functional but do not determine the quality of that particular item on the market by themselves.

Dimensions and Power of The Electric Grill

The best brand is the one that invests significant resources in research and innovation of its products. So a grill pan that lends itself to a versatile and personalized use will appeal especially to those who prefer this cooking for all foods.

We conclude this guide by saying that it is possible to choose models equipped with a tilting top plate, easy to adjust to different heights so as not to crush more delicate foods. Or it can be completely folded down to double the useful surface on which to grill the dishes.

The possibility to choose between smooth or knurled plates is another detail that can be found in the best electric grills: an aspect that is not only aesthetic but functional for the type of food to be prepared and for better drainage of fats.

German Mark of Quality

The German company H. Koenig was founded in 1960 by Helmut Koenig, a small craftsman. His greatest desire was to create his own laboratory for the design, development and production of small appliances for the kitchen, home and cleaning, such as toasters, blenders, microwave ovens, grills, food processors and mixers, mini-bars, irons, vacuum cleaners and more.

The brand is highly appreciated by consumers all over the world, mainly thanks to the excellent quality-price ratio possessed by its products, and the GR20 electric hotplate seems to best confirm this reality.

In fact, not only is it made of excellent quality materials, in particular stainless steel and plastic, but it is also well assembled and finished and extremely reliable and efficient in cooking, thanks to its 2,000 Watts of power.

Efficient and Easy to Use

The GR20 electric hob has a compact design, with a cooking surface of 29.7 x 23 cm and, if it seems small, know that the top hob can be opened 180 °, thus doubling the space available.

This will allow you to cook multiple foods simultaneously, reducing waiting times for a course; as previously mentioned, moreover, the power of 2,000 Watts is adequate even for the most demanding cooking.

The temperature can be adjusted using the appropriate thermostat, with a control knob located in the front position to facilitate access, it is also equipped with a compartment for storing the power cable, to minimize the size of the grill when it is not used.

Well Equipped and Easy to Clean

Its accessories include a plastic scraper, to lift the food from the cooking plate without damaging the non-stick coating.

Two very comfortable bowls to put under the appropriate plates of the dishes, to collect the fats that melt and prevent them from going to dirty the surface of the table, or of the shelf where it is placed for cooking.

As for the cooking plates, they are coated with an instrumental non-stick layer which, in addition to preventing food from sticking together, greatly facilitates cleaning operations.

As well as the complete opening of the upper plate. The latter, moreover, is also adjustable in height and allows you to cook even sandwiches and very thick meat without problems.

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