9 Best Electric Griddles for 2023 – Reviewed & Buying Guide

There are many models of the electric griddle that are all designed to roast meat, fish, or vegetables to perfection, but not all respond well in the same way.

To ensure a good deal it is advisable to check the presence of some features, including price, power, and accessory functions to choose a good grill.

Right below we had selected some of the latest and advanced models of electric griddles for you.

SaleRANK NO. 1
BELLA XL Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle, Make...
  • XL ELECTRIC GRIDDLE: This hardworking extra-large griddle features a 1500 watt heating system, cool touch handles & a base with a built in ledge with backstop for easy pancake flipping. The removable probe with easy-to-use dial allows for precise temperature control
  • DURABLE & EFFICIENT: The unique ceramic non-stick coating is 8 times more durable & cooks up to 30% faster than standard non-stick coatings. It's reinforced with titanium for outstanding strength & scratch resistance
  • NONSTICK COOKING: This griddle's Healthy-Eco coating contains no harmful chemicals like lead & cadmium. Its titanium ceramic coating offers superior food release making this a true non-stick surface
Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With...
  • Extra-large 22-inch griddle cooks enough for the entire family
  • Removable handles for easy cleaning and compact storage
  • Textured cooking surface with PFAS-free ceramic nonstick finish
BELLA Electric Griddle with Warming Tray -...
  • FAST & VERSATILE: Make 8 delicious pancakes or eggs at once with this griddle pan! The nonstick surface of our portable grill is 8 times more durable and cooks up to 30% faster than standard coatings, so you can prepare a big breakfast quickly and easily
  • FAMILY SIZE: Whether you're cooking for a family gathering or a party with friends, this electric grill has you covered. The extra large surface makes it perfect for making multiple items at once. The cool-touch handles prevent from burning your hands
  • CONVENIENT: With an adjustable temperature dial and removable probe, this stove top griddle has everything you need for precision control. The drip tray collects fat and juices for healthier cooking, while the warming tray keeps food warm until serving
SaleRANK NO. 4
Presto 07047 Cool Touch Electric Griddle
  • LARGE COOKING SURFACE: Experience ample space with a generous 10 1/2- x 16-inch cooking area featuring a built-in backstop ledge for convenient food handling
  • COOL-TOUCH BASE: Surrounding the cooking surface, the cool-touch base on the front and sides ensures safety and comfort during use
  • PFAS-FREE CERAMIC NONSTICK SURFACE: Cook confidently with a PFAS-free ceramic nonstick surface, providing effortless cooking and easy cleanup
Presto 07046 Tilt 'n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch...
  • Great for every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Huge cooking area holds up to 12 slices of French toast at a time
  • Adjusts from a level cooking surface for pancakes to a tilted draining surface for meats
DASH Deluxe Everyday Electric Griddle with...
  • MORE THAN PANCAKES: Perfect for pancakes, quesadillas, burgers, eggs, and more, the Deluxe Everyday Griddle makes preparing any meal more convenient than ever.
  • SPACIOUS COOKING SURFACE: Measuring 20” x 10.5”, this electric griddle is perfect for family meals, entertaining, or cooking a variety of foods for picky eaters all at once. The Heating Probe allows for precise control over your cooking temperature, while the dishwasher-safe removable Cooking Plate makes cleaning a breeze.
  • NONSTICK & EASY TO CLEAN: The PFOA-free, non-stick Cooking Plate surface provides an even cook for consistent results. Comes with a heat-resistant, removable, dishwasher-safe Drip Tray to catch excess grease before it hits your countertop, making cleanup a snap
SaleRANK NO. 7
Presto 22-Inch Ceramic Removable Handles Electric...
  • Extra-large griddle-great for every meal and entertaining
  • Special textured ceramic cooking surface provides enhanced nonstick performance and easier cleaning
  • Removable handles for easy cleaning and compact storage
SaleRANK NO. 8
OVENTE Electric Griddle with 16 x 10 Inch Flat...
  • MORE THAN PANCAKES – Level up your cooking game and amaze your family with perfectly cooked meals everyday in just a couple of minutes. Featuring a 16” x 10” non-stick plate that allows you to cook pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, burgers, grilled cheese, saute vegetables, quesadillas and more.
  • ABSOLUTE CONTROL – Powered by 1200 watts (120 volt) with 5 adjustable temperature settings ( 200-400°F). Comes with a fast heating element that lets you achieve precise grilling heat for searing, gentle simmering, warming foods or frying breakfast favorites.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE – Quickly add extra space to your kitchen for family dinners or holiday gatherings while cooking a variety of delicious foods. Perfect for personal use or hosting a get together party with friends.
BLACK+DECKER 8-Serving Electric Griddle, GD2051B,...
  • Extra-Large Capacity - Cook for the whole family! The 8-serving cooking area offers griddle surface for all your breakfast favorites.
  • Non-Stick Cooking Surface - The durable non-stick cooking surface allows for easy cooking and fast cleanup.
  • Click & Lock Thermostat - The removable probe features an adjustable temperature knob, providing the ideal heat for every cooking task. Wattage Output: 1500 watts

Buying Guide to Select the Best Electric Griddles

Difficult to draw up a ranking by type of product, each response to different needs, but it is good to read up to understand what responds well to your needs. Compare prices, but above all the functions and design features: you will find that the models on the market are numerous and all different.

The models equipped with a tray for collecting fat or liquids that runoff during cooking are certainly more comfortable and easier to maintain.

The pan can be placed under the incandescent grid and it is possible to fill it with water while avoiding carbonizing parts of food or fats, and that the kitchen is filled with smoke.

There are those who argue that this system does not do justice to cooking meat, altering its flavor and organoleptic qualities due to the steam that inevitably spreads from the pan.

For Florentine purists, who do not have space for a BBQ, there are models equipped with grooves and special trays to collect the fat while it runs without risking burning.

What Features to Look For?

A good electric grill should be equipped with temperature regulation devices via a thermostat. This is a little foresight on the part of the manufacturer which makes the plate more versatile and usable for cooking food of different consistency.

Therefore, be careful to check that the steak grill does not sin precisely on this aspect which is not now a surcharge in the most common models.

In the review of each model, attention should also be paid to the presence or absence of a timer for self-switching off and a button for switching on.

These are small precautions that can make a grill pan more functional, but they do not determine the quality of that particular item on the market by themselves.

Dimensions and Power of The Electric Grill

The best brand is the one that invests large resources in research and innovation of its products. So a grill pan that lends itself to a versatile and personalized use will appeal especially to those who prefer this type of cooking for all foods.

We conclude this guide by saying that it is possible to choose models equipped with a tilting top plate, easy to adjust to different heights so as not to crush more delicate foods. Or it can be completely folded down to double the useful surface on which to grill the dishes.

The possibility to choose between smooth or knurled plates is another detail that can be found in the best electric grills: an aspect that is not only aesthetic but functional for the type of food to be prepared and for better drainage of fats.

Well Equipped and Easy to Clean

Its accessories include a plastic scraper, to lift the food from the cooking plate without damaging the non-stick coating, and two very comfortable bowls to put under the appropriate plates of the plates, to collect the fats that melt and prevent them from going to dirty the surface of the table, or of the shelf where it is placed for cooking.

As for the cooking plates, they are coated with an extremely effective non-stick layer which, in addition to preventing food from sticking together, greatly facilitates cleaning operations, as well as the complete opening of the upper plate.

The latter, moreover, is also adjustable in height and allows you to cook even sandwiches and very thick meat without problems.

How to Use an Electric Griddle?

You have no idea how useful it can be to have an electric stove in the kitchen, indeed, perhaps if you have come this far it is because you know it well and want to understand more about it.

Well, with a plate powered by electricity you can prepare a lot of delicious things, in a practical and fast way: from sandwiches to meat, passing through vegetables and fish.

Here we had shared a video guide on how to use electric griddle so that yan can be sure about using it.

A Grilled Sandwich

Versatile, these are electric plates because they can cook more food well. Let’s first see how to prepare a nice sandwich. Nothing complicated, let’s think of the classic ham and cheese.

The advice is to first give a quick heated bread, keeping it open (attention, we are talking about sandwiches, not a toast), in this way even the crumb will become crunchy unless you like otherwise.

Perfect, now stuff your sandwich, close it, and put it between the two plates. As soon as you notice that the cheese has melted, remove it, and enjoy your meal.

The Barbecue

Do you want to grill meat or vegetables? No problem, but first let’s clarify a point. There are models that can open completely, therefore providing two hobs while others do not have this feature.

If it is your intention to cook different foods and you don’t want the flavors to mix – a steak on one side and vegetables on the other – you need a model that opens completely, forming two distinct hobs.

In this case, you will have to worry about turning the food over. If, on the other hand, you close the two plates one on top of the other, you will not have to do this, because they will cook evenly on both sides.

For fats and liquids lost from food, no problem because in general, these appliances have a container for their collection.

Temperature Regulation

It is known that for perfect cooking it is necessary to be able to vary the temperature. If you have this need, you will have to choose a plate with a thermostat otherwise you will only have to cook all the foods with the same intensity of heat.

The Cleaning

Unless otherwise specified in the instruction booklet, the plates must not be cleaned with chemicals. After removing the plug and letting the plate cool down, use a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt. The grills are non-stick therefore all the dirt comes off very easily.

By the way, if you don’t want to compromise non-stick, don’t use forks and knives on plates. Know that on the market there are plates with removable grill, more comfortable to clean because they can be placed directly under running water.

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