12 Best Dog Cages in 2023 – Reviewed & Rated

Sometimes a dog cage is mistakenly thought to be just a punitive item, to force one’s four-legged friend to stand apart for hours on end from other family members. In fact, this particular product is useful for a thousand uses and sooner or later it can be helpful for various reasons.

Sometimes they are used to keep the most aggressive dogs away from other people, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences such as bites and injuries that an animal can cause to strangers.

Here we had selected some of the best dog cages that are present below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single &...
  • Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe | Slide-bolt door latch now feature patented Paw Block and locking tips to create a safer, more secure home for your pet
  • iCrate single door dog crate measures 18L x 12W x 14H,inches and is suitable for XS dog breeds with an adult weight up to 12 pounds. If your dog’s weight or measurements are on the higher side for this crate, we recommend buying the next crate size up
  • Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet, carrying handle, and customer support team based in Indiana
New World Newly Enhanced Single New World Dog...
  • Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe | Slide-bolt door latches now feature patented Paw Block and locking tips to create a safer, more secure home for your pet
  • New World single door dog crate measures 36L x 23 x 25 inches and is suitable for intermediate dog breeds with an adult weight of 40 to 70 pounds. If your dog’s weight or measurements are on the higher side for this crate, we recommend buying the next crate size up
  • Durable & leak-proof plastic pan, Easy to assemble & portable | Dog crate sets up in seconds with no tools required and conveniently folds flat for travel
Amazon Basics - Durable, Foldable Metal Wire Dog...
  • 30-inch dog crate for pets under 26 x 17 inches (LxH), like a Beagle, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, or Chihuahua
  • Durable metal wire construction with manual door locking mechanism for secure containment
  • Sets up quickly and folds down flat for easy transport or compact storage; top handle for comfortable carrying
SaleRANK NO. 4
BestPet 24,30,36,42,48 Inch Dog Crates for Large...
  • 👍👍【SECURE HOME】Rounded corners for your pet's protection. The pet cage have two large doors, one on the front and one on the side, are easy to open, close. Each door also has 2 heavy-duty slide-bolt latches to securely lock it in place to keep your pet safe inside.Dog cage dog crate dog kennel dog kennels and crates for large dogs
  • 🐕🐕【EASY TO SETUP】This dog crate is a must have for any dog lovers. The dog cage can be set up in seconds, with no tools required for assembly. When not in use, this metal dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, safekeeping.Dog cage dog crate dog kennel dog kennels and crates for large dogs
  • 🎉🎉【EASY TO CLEAN】The dog cage Includes a durable leak-proof ABS composite tray that will not stain, warp, corrode or retain pet odors. The pet cage bottom pan features an integrated lip around the perimeter, to contain any mess from spilling outside the dog kennel.Dog cage dog crate dog kennel dog kennels and crates for large dogs
PayLessHere Large Dog Crate Kennel for Medium...
  • ❤【EASY TO CLEAN】: The dog cage Includes a durable leak-proof ABS composite tray that will not stain, warp, corrode or retain pet odors. The pet cage bottom pan features an integrated lip around the perimeter, to contain any mess from spilling outside the dog kennel. Dog cage with tray pet crate metal dog cage.
  • ❤【FOLDS EASY TO STORAGE AND PORTABLE】: This pet cage with handle is ideal for travel .Fold-and-carry construction dog crate with collapsible design that folds into a package less than 3" thick. Features a removable carrying handle that can be mounted on any side of the crate as needed. You can easily carry or storage this dog cage. Dog crate with handle metal dog cage dog kennel.
  • ❤【DOG CRATE MADE OF DURABLE MATERIALS】: The dog crate made of high tensile-strength wire gauge. The dog cage ideal for training and transporting well-behaved pets. Pet crate epoxy coating finish extends the life of the crate and provides resistance against rust, corrosion, and fading, even in the most extreme climates. Dog Crate Dog Cage Pet Crate.
SaleRANK NO. 6
30/36/42Inches Double Door Dog Crate Folding Metal...
  • Give your dogs a place to feel safe and relaxing place with our double door metal wire dog crate. To give your dog enough space to stand up and turn around in the cage, we recommend that you'd better measure the distance from your dog's nose to his hip and from the top of head to the floor while he is standing. And add extra 4 inches to ensure enough height and width. Extra-large size allows crate to expand as your dog grow.
  • Sturdy Construction: This dog kennel is constructed of heavy-duty steel, high tensile strength wire making it dog-tough, highly durable, your puppy will not bend and break it; epoxy coating finish provides resistance against rust, corrosion, and fading! In additionj, rounded edges won't hurt your dog's nose and paws.
  • Smart Design: Dog crate with double-door design (front door and side door) provides easier access to your pet. Two heavy duty slide-bolt latches on each door keep your pet safe. This pet kennel work out perfect for you to use when you are away from home to keep your puppies safe, even the most aggressive dogs will not escape.
HiCaptain Folding Metal Dog Crate for Cover 42...
  • [Durable and Perfect Fit] Dimension 43”(L)x 29” (W)x 30”(H). Universal fits for most brand 42" crate well. Dog crate cover is made of heavy duty windproof and sun resistant 600D polyester with water-resistant coating, which provides all type of protections.
  • [Easy Fixing] For 4 elastic toggles at the corner and 3 plastic hook, it can help the cover stay firmly in place. If you drape the cover tight enough by toggle and hook, your dog will not easily pull out and chew.
  • [Larger Panel Opening] Front and side panels are compatible with front and side door dog crates on 1 or 2 door folding metal dog crates, which does not affect the opening of the dog kennel door on both sides.
Pet Dog Crate, 48 Inches Large Dog Cage Double...
  • 【Sturdy Durable & Nontoxic】: The basic dog crate is made of sturdy, rust-resistant metal with a black coating that won't rust and peel off. The crate is perfectly detailed without any sharp edges. And non-toxic finished surface protect your pet’s health while it licks or chews the metal frame.
  • 【Two door design】Top and front door design makes dog kennel easier to access or feeding your pets. Slide-bolt latch securely locks dog crate door in place keeping your dog safely inside their dog cage. Sturdy metal frame provides optimal ventilation and visibility which offer your dog a comfortable and reliable
  • 【Foldable & Portable】The collapsible design of our dog cage makes it the perfect choice for travel and camping. Set up in seconds, no tools required. Features a detachable carrying handle that can be mounted on either side of the dog crate as desired.The dog kennel provides a secure and convenient use in your daily life.
Homey Pet 37 inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate, Extra...
  • STACKABLE Cage; Size: L37"xW22"xH31"; Side Bar Space: 1", Floor Grid Bar Space: 0.48"; fits for dogs/animals up to 70lbs
  • Open top makes it easier to put your dog/animal in and out
  • Lockable casters provide more convenience to move the cage. Floor grid keeps your pet clean and dry
SaleRANK NO. 10
BOLDBONE 54/48/42/38 inch Heavy Duty...
  • 【Indestructible & Safe】Upgraded 20-gauge steel frame and reinforced 0.5-inch-diameter steel tubes make our metal dog crate much sturdier than others. Double sturdy slide bolt laches can ensure ultimate security. All of these make our dog cage chew-proof and escape-proof. It is perfect for large, strong, and separation anxiety dogs.Nelnse
  • 【Durable & Reliable】Featuring a long-lasting and non-toxic hammer-tone coating that resists rust and corrosion, making the kennel perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. More importantly, because of the non-toxic finish, it is safe for the dog even if the dog bites or licks the cage frame. Nelnse
  • 【Easy To Feed and Clean】Wide Opening Double Doors with low thresholds are not only for easy access but also allow you to interact with and feed the dog conveniently. The removable Dog crate Tray and Leak Proof Plastic Pan will not only make your home clean but also make you clean up simply and quickly. Nelnse

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Cage

Even if you now know what the best options are on the market you don’t have to hurry. In this section, we will show you a buying guide with everything you need to know to make the right choice. We will analyze the characteristics of the different articles and clear up any doubts you may have.

Dimensions and Scope

Surely the size of a cage is the first element to keep in mind, as the box must be suitable for the size of your four-legged friend. On the market, there are models of all sizes, which can satisfy any type of requirement.

If you have more than one dog and you are not willing to buy two separate cages, you could opt for extra-large boxes with double entry and dividing panel.

Thanks to the presence of these accessories, each animal will have its independent access to the cage and the interior will be divided by a special grid, which will help keep the two quadrupeds separate.

Obviously, before opting for any model of the cage, make sure that the capacity of the container is adequate for the weight of your furry friend, or you will risk damaging the box and hurting Fido.


A good dog cage, in addition to being functional and welcoming, must also be easy to clean. Most models are equipped with a removable plastic or metal tray, depending on the product. This part of the box is very important, as it serves multiple purposes.

First of all, it is useful as a support base to make the dog comfortable; it is usually advisable to cover the tray with a cover or a mat to offer the animal greater comfort.

The tray is also useful when traveling by car because it prevents the quadruped from being in direct contact with the vehicle seats. In this way, the passenger compartment will not be filled with fur and in the case of dejections, the interiors will be preserved.

Finally, the possibility of removing the tray from the cage allows you to easily clean the entire structure.


Generally, a dog cage has a rectangular or square shape, however, there are particular models without cover. In practice, these are real fences, which can have four or more modular panels, which allow you to create delimited areas.

Usually, these fences are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and perform the same task as traditional cages, except for the function of a pet carrier.

If you intend to buy a model of this type, make sure that the panels are treated to withstand even the external atmospheric agents, in order to prevent the metal bars from rusting.

As with the classic cage, it is essential that the fence is equipped with one or more entrance doors, in order to offer Fido easy access inside the protected area. Cages are quite bulky accessories and often, when left unused, take up a lot of space in the house or garage.

Opting for a folding model is the best choice because it will allow you to significantly reduce the size of the box when it is no longer needed.

How to Use a Dog Cage?

A dog cage must offer maximum protection to your four-legged friend and must be an excellent safety measure even for those who are outside the box. On the market, you can find models of all types and different sizes, which allow you to choose the structure that best suits your pet.

Remember that using a cage can offer numerous advantages, both for Fido and for its owner.

The Usefulness of A Dog Cage

A box for dogs is a very practical accessory, which can prove to be a valid ally on several occasions. Certainly one should not think of using the cage as a tool of coercion or imprisonment to punish Fido if he does something wrong.

On the contrary, it is necessary for the dog to familiarize himself with his box until he considers it a kennel and a safe refuge where to find shelter.

On the market, there are cage models that allow you to insert inside the beds or mattresses, in order to offer the dog maximum comfort.

This accessory can be very useful during a veterinary visit, as usual, the waiting rooms of these medical offices are crowded with animals in the company of their respective owners. So much confusion could make your four-legged friend nervous until he becomes aggressive towards those who are beyond the bars.

In this case, the box proves to be indispensable both to protect Fido and to preserve the safety of people and other animals present in the surgery.

Excellent use of a dog cage is also to use it in training, especially to make puppies understand that they cannot freely turn in certain areas of the house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Dog Box

As we have seen the advantages of dog boxes are many, however, it is also good to analyze what are the drawbacks that these accessories could present. This way you will be able to assess whether your furry friend really needs a cage or not.

As far as the advantages are concerned, remember that a box offers maximum protection to Fido and can be considered as a comfortable personalized house. If the dog is aggressive in nature, the bars prevent the animal from biting other people.

Finally, it is a very useful accessory to travel by car and to bring the dog anywhere without making it run any danger. As for the disadvantages, we remind you that some quadrupeds may feel trapped and associate the cage with a punishment. If the animal is hyperactive it could get hurt in an attempt to force the bars.

Fido may feel threatened and suffer trauma. If the cage is very large it could take up a lot of space in the house. In light of these data, consider carefully whether or not to buy a cage for your dog and if you decide to buy it, try to get the animal used to the accessory in the best possible way.

How to Choose Dog Cage?

That transport is an accessory that can simplify the transport and management of one or more dogs is a fact. But in order to make the experience to your four-legged friend less traumatic, before purchasing it is important to evaluate a number of factors, in order to guarantee safety and comfort.

Here we also shared the video guide about how to choose the dog cages.


Different types of dog cages are on sale, all suitable for different needs and different economic possibilities. Generally speaking, these accessories can be divided into two main categories:

  • Rigid Dog Carrier: made of plastic or metal, it is the heaviest and safest and, if purchased from the best brand, it will also include soft cushions. They are an excellent solution for long transport, perhaps on public transport and protect the animal from accidental impacts.
  • Soft Dog Carrier: made of fabric, they are the lightest version available on the market. They use a rigid base designed to give a “walkable” surface to the dog and to give body to the pet carrier and are more easily washable (and cheaper).


The choice of the size of the dog carrier is very important and must be done thinking of a very specific rule: the animal must be able to sit and stand in the kennel.

For this reason, before buying a pet carrier it is important to measure the height at the withers of the dog, so as to be sure that the pet carrier’s opening is at least as high as he is and that he can enter and stay in total comfort.

It is clear therefore that small dogs will be able to adapt more simply too smaller carriers, while large dogs will need a more voluminous kennel.


The material is also an essential factor to consider before buying a kennel. And the reason is simple: it is precisely the material with which it is made that affects the convenience of cleaning, strength, and weight of the container.

Generally, the carriers for sale are made of plastic, fabric, or metal, and the type of material inserts them in one of the two types of which we spoke previously.

It should also be considered, however, that to ensure that the chosen carrier is suitable for the transport of dogs by plane or car, plastic could probably be the best choice: it is a light, strong and durable material over time.


Another factor that can differentiate one kennel from the other is the positioning and the number of openings and the relative size. The flap through which the dog can enter the crate should be comfortable to open and extremely reliable when closing.

The positioning can be in the front part of the cage, or on the side of the same. Also available are models that can guarantee both openings: they are the most convenient choice if you have to use the pet carrier in different places, such as at home or in the car, places where maybe the kennel could be positioned differently.

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