Top 10 Best Convectors in 2023 – Reviewed and Rated

Reading our guide, you can orient yourself on the right product for you. These are the best products for you.

If you live, in the coldest winter days, the heating of the radiators is not enough to guarantee the right temperature you could enter the order of ideas to buy a convector.

In this buying guide, we explain how it works, the aspects to be taken into account, and a ranking with the most appreciated models. Here we will be listing the top 10 best convectors.

DeLonghi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet...
  • Room Heater - Fast, Efficient heat packs 1500 watts of power best for medium to large rooms. Best space heater for bedroom or any room in your home.
  • Versatile Style - Offers maximum performance, combining functionality and design and offers both floor and wall mount options with included kit. Feet are pre-assembled for convenience.
  • This energy efficient space heater saves energy with the ECO PLUS function, automatically adjusting heat and power settings for the most comfortable and economical warmth
Dreo Smart Wall Heater, Electric Space Heater for...
  • Widespread Warmth: Dreo's 120° wide oscillation heating distributes warm air evenly from top to bottom, helping to bring fast heat to every corner of your room more efficiently than regular wall-mounted heaters.
  • Smart Control, Seamless Lifestyle: Schedule room heating hours to match your routine, access your heater settings from anywhere with the Dreo app, or even use your voice to control it thanks to Alexa and Google Home compatibility.
  • Fast and Accurate Temperature Control: Set the room temp as you like, choose from 41 to 95°F range with an unprecedented 1°F accuracy. Dreo's PTC ceramic space heater brings fast and steady heating for an exceptional comfort experience.
DeLonghi Slim Style 1500W Convector Panel Heater -...
  • Fan System fills room with heat quickly.
  • Customize to your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings.
  • 24 hour digital timer for customized warmth when and where you need it.
Dreo Oil Filled Radiator, Electric Radiant Heaters...
  • 360° Whole-Home Warmth: Dreo radiator heater delivers swift and silent heating at 1500W, boosting efficiency by 92.3%. Its 7 advanced fins outpace competitors by 39.49% in heat dispersion. Stay cozy with rapid, quiet, and even warmth.
  • Peaceful Safety: Dreo oil filled heater ensures peace of mind with triple overheat protection, fire-resistant material, and ETL listed. Tilt protection, burn-proof plug, and 7-layer safety checks secure your haven.
  • Personalized Comfort: Set your ideal temperature with eco mode. Dreo's precise sensor and smart algorithms maintain steady warmth, eliminating temperature fluctuations. Enjoy your comfort wherever you are in, like bedroom, office or living room.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Space Heater Large Room,1500W Portable Electric...
  • 【Instant Warmth in Seconds】Grelife space heater boasts the advanced PTC heating technology. With its powerful 1500W high-power output, this indoor heater guarantees ample heat during cold winters, keeping you comfortable even in the chilliest conditions. Enjoy the convenience of swift and efficient heating with the reliable Grelife space heater.
  • 【Multiple Safety Features】Always prioritize safety with Grelife space heater. Our space heater has been ETL-listed and constructed with V-0 flame retardant material. In case the temperature exceeds 122℉, the built-in overheating protection feature will automatically shut down the heater. The tip-over safety switch ensures that if the heater tilts over 45°, it will immediately turn off.We understand the importance of child safety, so this heater also includes a child lock feature.
  • 【Convenient and Comfortable Heating】The space heater indoor is designed with a customizable timer feature, can set it anywhere between 1and 12 hours.Once the designated time has been reached, the heater will automatically turn off, ensuring a warm and comfortable night's sleep while also helping to reduce energy costs. With the built-in 70° oscillation feature, it can rotate from side to side, distributing heat evenly throughout the room, can easily cover areas of 100-270 sq ft.
SaleRANK NO. 6
Sunkos Portable Electric Space Heater - Safe and...
  • REDEFINE HOME HEATING: The next leap in home heating solutions. After three long years of research and experiments efforts, we have developed the world's first flexible carbon nano heating film, which can release Far-Infrared Light in the range of 3-15 micrometers which is known as The Light of Life, ensuring the deep internal warmth comfort like the sunshine. In just 3 seconds, this heating film’s temperatures jump up to 200°C. The heating efficiency is 40 times faster than traditional heaters. Perfect as a room or office heater.
  • TOP RARE SAFETY MATERIALS: Our flame-retardant material is called aramid mesh. It’s the World's highest aerospace-grade UL94V-0, which its heat capacity is only 1/20 and the thermal conductivity is even only 1/200 of metal mesh. Accidental touch will NOT burn your hands, more friendly for the children and pets. It’s also lightweight, sturdy, insulated, waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-resistant, and environmentally friendly. And we’ve given sit a minimalist style that will match your interior decor and office vibes.
  • EASY ENERGY-SAVING 50%: SUNKOS value your energy bills. We’ve used the high energy saving heating components, customized SUNKOS energy-saving chips, and high-precision temperature sensors, enabling rapid heating in a short time, energy-saving and constant temperature for a long time, and frequency conversion saves your every kilowatt hour. Say goodbye to traditional fans heater.
Dreo Space heater indoor, Fast Heating Ceramic...
  • Faster Heat Than Ever: Powerful 1500W PTC ceramic heating with Dreo's Hyperamics Technology allows this space heater to heat up in seconds, reaching your desired temperature immediately, letting you feel fast, balmy heat straight away. This portable heater transforms your cold room to a hot spot with high-speed heating at up to 9.77 ft/s, Heating Coverage: up to 200 sq.ft.
  • Experience Cozy Warmth Anywhere: Dreo Space Heaters provide efficient 70° wide-angle heating, enveloping your room in warmth from all directions. Perfect for large rooms like offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.
  • Unmatched Safety and Protection: Our Shield360° system ensures ultimate safety with tip-over and overheat protection, along with a 24-hour auto-off feature. Made with V-0 flame-retardant materials and a bend-proof safety plug, this ETL-listed space heater guarantees peace of mind at home.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Heat Wave 1,000 Watt Convector Baseboard Heater,...
  • 2 heat settings: low (500 watts) and high (1,000 watts)
  • Adjustable thermostat control for maximum comfort
  • Safety features include: thermal cut-off protection (shuts off heater if it overheats) and tip-over switch (NOTE: rattling sound is normal when moving item)
Ballu Mica Infrared Space Heaters for Indoor...
  • 180°Plane Heating:Ballu Infrared heaters utilizes a fully metal mesh design that perfectly matches,capable of achieving faster,wider,and more even heating experience while providing heating within 29 seconds and a wide coverage area of 180 degrees.
  • Reliable Winter Partner: Ballu infrared heater exclusive Mica Thermic heating element is built-in,made of aerospace aluminum,enables a 99% conversion of electrical energy to thermal energy output.The heater element has a service life exceeding 20 years under normal conditions,moreover provide 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind and assure to experience.
  • 50% Saving:Ballu energy efficient space heater directly heats the air without the need for an intermediate medium like oil,resulting in superior heat production using less energy.Maximize energy savings with precise temperature control, efficient heat generation, and automatic heating adjustment based on the set.
Ballu Convection Panel Space Heaters,Whole Room...
  • Reliable Winter Partner: Ballu heater exclusive patented hedgehog heating element is built-in,made of aerospace aluminum,enables a 99% conversion of electrical energy to thermal energy output.The heater element has a service life exceeding 20 years under normal conditions,moreover provide 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind and assure to experience.
  • Rapid Warm Up: Indulge in the cozy comfort of warmth within 55 seconds of turning on.Efficiently elevate the temperature of your entire room in as little as 1-2 hours, depending on your room size and initial temperature.
  • 50% Saving:The Ballu Energy-efficient convection heater directly heats the air without the need for an intermediate medium like oil. This innovative design ensures superior heat production while using minimal energy. Maximize your energy savings with precise temperature control, efficient heat generation, and automatic heating adjustment on your settings.

Best Convector Heaters Buying Guide

A convector is a device that typically joins the system that manages the climate and spreads heat in the room in which it is installed. This operation takes place by convection, thanks to a heat exchanger installed inside the appliance.

In practice, cold air (which tends to stay down) is sucked in and heated thanks to lamellar pipes and electric resistances. The process takes place quickly and has, as a pleasant consequence, the ability to heat the air even in unusually large rooms.

This aspect is one of those shared by the products of the best brands on the market: a few minutes are enough to quickly heat a room, with positive consequences on the pleasure of relaxing at home when it freezes outside and on energy savings. The speed of heat generation allows limiting the moments in which the convector must remain on.

Among other things, as we will see shortly, there are various types of appliances of this type and not all require electrical power, therefore, with a view to saving, you can compare prices and expenses and realize how it can be cheap to have a pleasant warmth in the house.

Different Types of Power Supply

As mentioned and as the reviews of the various models on the market will confirm, you can choose between convector heaters powered differently. The most common models are the electric ones, often called radiators, which draw their energy from the current.

Alternatively, however, you can also find gas, water, fan heaters, or fan coil units (equipped with a fan that “forces” the convection process), each with its pros and cons, especially in terms of heating efficiency and sale.

In particular, the type of convector, its power, and its dimensions must be calibrated both on your habits (how much you like that the house is warm), and on the size of the rooms, which must be directly proportional to the size of the device.

Where to Place It?

Depending on where you plan to place the convector, you can choose between wall-mounted or floor-standing. The differences are not so much in terms of efficiency and heating power but only in size.

Keep in mind that these appliances usually integrate a tray that collects the condensation that forms during use, so remember to check it and empty it from time to time. Also, please take a look at the filters that take care of blocking the dust and clean them, so you don’t run the risk of them getting clogged.

A disadvantage of the convectors is inherent in their operation and is linked to the fact that in the rooms where they are in process, in the first minutes of using the air at the height of the feet is considerably colder than that at the head. After a few moments, however, the temperature stabilizes.

Compact Design

This convector proposed by Vortice is, first of all, known for its extremely compact design that allows it to be positioned anywhere, as long as a power outlet is available, which is essential to power it. The presence of comfortable handles on the sides also allows you to transport it without much effort, given the weight of just over 5 kilos.

The 70211 model proposed by Vortice can be kept on the floor thanks to the feet with non-slip rubber pads designed for this use that keep it well planted on the ground. If you want, you can also choose to mount it on the wall, but in this case.

You have to foresee an additional expense for the purchase of the mounting kit not offered in the bundle. If positioned separately, the front feet can be safely removed, while the rear ones will act as spacers between the device and the wall.

Heat when Needed

The convector can reach a maximum power of 2,000 watts, an option recommended by users to quickly heat the room in which the device is inserted. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the power delivered can be lowered to 800 watts to keep the room warm, reducing electricity consumption.

The air comes out of the convector from a front grill, pushed by a fan. Users appreciate the antifreeze function that allows the device to activate when the temperature of the room where it is placed drops below 5 degrees. This option becomes very useful in houses that are not inhabited daily, which will not be cold when there is a need to live there.

Quality Materials

Despite a price all in all within reach of all, the Vortice 70211 leaves amazed at the quality of the materials with which it is made.

For example, the two side panels are made of steel, which is, in turn, painted with a scratch-resistant paint. The same applies to the upper and side grids, while the side panels are produced with a high-quality resin, which gives it the right strength.

Users who have purchased it point out that the fan designed to let out the heat generated inside the convector is unusually silent, allowing you to insert the Vortice model even in the bedroom.

Cleaning the convector is simple: using a damp (and not wet) cloth, the side panels can be cleaned. Regarding the accumulations of dust that could be created near the ventilation grille, they can be removed using a regular bottle brush.

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