Top 10 Best USB Car Chargers in 2023 for Your Next Road Trip

Modern smartphones tend to download faster and faster. For this reason, the car charger has become an indispensable accessory if you travel often or if during the journey you are forced to use very expensive applications such as maps and navigators.

Many models also allow you to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously thanks to the presence of multiple USB ports, each connectable to the cable of your mobile phone or tablet.

Right below we had listed out the best USB car chargers for you.

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Car Charger, [2Pack/3.4a] Fast Charge Dual Port...
  • Smart Double-USB Port Design: Intelligently identifies your device for safe charging of Dual devices at full speed simultaneously, (Output: DC5V-3.4A(Max), Output 1: 5.0V /1A, Output 2: 5.0V/ 2.4A)it's perfect fits in the auto vehicle cigarette lighter USB charger spot socket. The best cool tech USB multiport car gadgets for just you or sharing the charge time with a friend. 【Please note: this is a dual USB-A Port car charger, but not PD USB-C Lighter Charger 】
  • Safe & Reliable: Certified RoHS, CE & FCC, Protect devices from overheated and over-currents, overcharging, and short circuits, Charging will automatically stop when the battery is full.
  • Unique Shape: ABS + PC fireproof material, with the confirmed connection by LED Indicator Blue Light, you can make sure your digital devices are always charged.
SaleRANK NO. 2
LISEN 48W USB C Car Charger Adapter [2 Pack] [Mini...
  • ⚡DUAL FAST CHARGING PORT: LISEN fast charging USB C car charger supporting PD 30W(Max) and QC 18W(Max) high output, can fast charge all prevailing phones and E-devices. This car charger usb c with both of USB-A and USB-C ports can work with all kinds of plugs cables. [NOTE: The fast car charger CANNOT fast charging 2 devices simultaneously.]
  • ⚡SUPER FAST 30W PD CHARGING: Super fast car charger USB C car adapter with all-new upgrade PD 30W can charge iPhone 15/14/13/12 series up to 80% and iPad up to 60% at 35mins. And it also supports SAMSUNG PPS super fast charging for S23/22/21/20.
  • ⚡ALL ALUMINUM SHELL, WON'T MELT: The high-density aluminum alloy shell can help the car charger iPhone to dissipate heat in the charging process, effectively improving the charging efficiency by about 15% compared to plastic car chargers, and absolutely no melting and danger. The all-metal body also has a unique sense of design and luxurious texture.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Anker 320 Car Charger (24W II), Mini Aluminum...
  • Double Duty - Twin USB-A ports pump out a combined 24W—enough to provide a full-speed charge to 2 phones at once. (Not compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge.)
  • Ultra-Compact - The car charger’s super-small design conserves space, allowing seamless access to the rest of your dashboard.
  • Heavy Metal - Finished with a scratch-resistant aluminum alloy surface to match even the most pristine vehicle interiors.
Car Charger 66W Super Fast Charging with USB PD&QC...
  • ⚡4 ports fast car charger:2 for your choice-BK350 with 3 USB A ports and 1 QC 3.0 port is compatible with most Android mainstream phones for fast charging.BK351 with a PD 2.4A USB C port,designed for compatible with iphone,providing up to 66w power output and reaching 90% charge in <45 minutes.It can charge up to 4 devices at the same time,such as Android,iphone and laptop,achieving true stability and speed.
  • ⚡Voltage detection:Car cigarette lighter adapter with LED digital display voltage meter, you can monitor and display the voltage of the car battery in real time,to master the health of the car's electrical system,let you take timely measures to avoid possible breakdowns during driving.Help you drive safely and discharge safety hazards.
  • ⚡Upgrade smart chip:Our compact charger has a built-in upgraded smart master core chip that contains a power management chip and a fast charging protocol chip.It can provide protection against over voltage,over current,over temperature and over power short circuit.It can also intelligently identify electronic devices and adjust the current output to ensure your safe charging while driving.
Car Charger, AINOPE Smallest 4.8A All Metal USB...
  • COMPACT SIZE, FLUSH FIT: The tiny thumb-sized (1.7" (L) x 0.9" (W)) body fits most car cigarette lighters and barely protrudes past the edge of the outlet, providing a trim, less cluttered look. It's our smallest car charger yet: lightweight and highly portable, so you can take it everywhere.
  • 4.8A/24W EFFICIENT CHARGE: AINOPE car charger can reach maximum output of 2.4A/12W per port, which the charging speed is 2X faster than 1A/5W. With 4.8A total power, this dual USB cigarette lighter adapter enables you to charge two devices simultaneously at full speed with 2.4A per USB port. Please note: it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. The charging page WILL NOT show fast charge when charging.
  • ALL METAL, WON'T HEAT: The full zinc alloy body is scratch-resistant, durable, and attractive. The high-quality material keeps your car charger adapter always looking new. This metal usb car charger will not overheat at high temperatures, which makes it safer than plastic ones.
USB C Car Charger Adapter, Anker 52.5W Cigarette...
  • Fast charging: with the USB-C port, you can charge an iPhone 14 Pro to 50% in just 25 minutes or a Samsung S23 in just 27 minutes.
  • Charge 2 devices at the same time: the USB-C port offers max. 30 W charging power, while the USB-A port delivers up to 22.5 W. So you can charge 2 devices at the same time and at high speed.
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: From iPhone to Samsung to USB-C tablets and more: Anker's signature PowerIQ 3.0 technology ensures smooth compatibility with almost any mobile device.
4 Ports USB Car Charger USB Adapter with...
  • ⚡QC3.0/PD fast car charger:The 4-port car charger comes with a PD 2.4A USB C port,tailored for fast charging for phones, with 20W power, far exceeding the charging efficiency of the original charger. And 1* QC 3.0,2*USB A ports, compatible with most mainstream cell phone fast charging, can charge 4 devices simultaneously charging,gets to 90% charge in <45 minutes,to achieve real stability and speed.
  • ⚡Voltage detection:Car cigarette lighter adapter with LED digital display voltage meter, you can monitor and display the voltage of the car battery in real time,to master the health of the car's electrical system,let you take timely measures to avoid possible breakdowns during driving.Help you drive safely and discharge safety hazards.
  • ⚡Smart chip protection:Our compact charger has a built-in upgraded smart master core chip that contains a power management chip and a fast charging protocol chip.It can provide protection against over voltage,over current,over temperature and over power short circuit.It can also intelligently identify electronic devices and adjust the current output to ensure your safe charging while driving.
SaleRANK NO. 8
AINOPE 90W USB C Car Charger 6-Port, iPhone 15 Pro...
  • 👍【30mins Super Fast & 3 Type-C Ports】The 2023 latest upgrade cigarette lighter usb charger has 3 PD3.0 Type C ports, Charge 3 devices at the same time does not result in slow charging. Driver's side 30W USB car charger charge your iPhone 14 from 0-80% in just 30 minutes. Backseat PPS 20W car charger USB c can charge Samsung S22 charging 0%~80% in just 35 minutes. Which is 5 times faster than a standard usb c car adapter. It is suitable for all USB devices to provide super charging requirements.
  • 👍【Upgraded 90W 6-Ports Car Charger】2023 Upgraded fast charging USB car charger with 6 ports USB outputs, 2 ports(30W USB C+ 18W USB-A) for cigarette lighter adapter provide PD 30W & QC 3.0 for driver side Car USB Charger Multi Port. 4 ports(2*30W Type C+2*18W USB A)with 5FT extension coiled cable for back seat car charging.Designed for family and big group charging simultaneously, power up all devices in your car at once. Perfect car charger adapter for cars, SUVs, Trucks, all 12V~24V vehicles.
  • 👍【6-Port for Family & Simultaneous Charging】AINOPE 6 port usb c car charger fast charging is designed for family and big group charging simultaneously, power up all devices in your car at once. The back clip is designed to help you hang or secure car charger in the back seat pockets. Perfect when you have kids in the backseat fighting over the Car USB Charger Multi Port! Everyone kept their electronics charged without fighting to share cords.
[Apple MFi Certified] iPhone Fast Car Charger,...
  • 【All Metal Smart Power Fast Car Charger】: BARMASO's Dual USB 4.8A/24W intelligent power fast car charger is perfect for iPhone series can charging two iPhone devices at the the same time. The Latest Intelligent power charging technology and high-tech chip work in tandem to lower power consumption, maximize charging efficiency to over 99%. Provides a much more faster charging speed for your iPhone 14: gets to 50% charge in 25 minutes, the charging speed is directly increased by 4 times.
  • 【Leading iActivePower Charging Tech】: BARMASO's 24W Dual USB Fast Car Charger adopt to the latest intelligent Power Distribution Tech can auto-detect iPhone device connected in lightning port while also dynamic adjustment appropriate current to charge each of your iPhone. BARMASO's exclusive all-new iActivePower safety system with overload protection to enhanced safe charging, Provides continuous temperature monitoring and output control to protect your connected iPhone/iPad device.
  • 【Dynamic Smart Detection】: Built-in smart chip recognition functions plus latest Intelligent temperature control system provides temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, Anti-interference multi-shielding core with battery protector supports a safe charge. Features a Dynamic Temperature Sensor which actively monitors temperature, and a Power Tuner Chip which adjusts power output to safeguard your connected iPhone/iPad/AirPods device.
Ajxn Pack-1 Car Charger Adapter, 6 USB Multi Port...
  • High Quality Material: Made of PC flame retardant material, safe and reliable. The shell is made of high brightness shell, oxidation treatment, beautiful and generous, not easy to leave scratches. Colorful charging port, easy to check the working status and find the port in the dark.
  • 6 Ports Fast Charging: The USB charger adapter has 6 ports. USB ports can charge 6 devices simultaneously. With the quick charger Technology, USB ports provide high-speed charging. It is 2 times faster than an ordinary car charger. The ultra-compact design doesn't take up much space, and you can take it anywhere.
  • High Security: This faster charger has a built-in multi-protection system to avoid overcharging, overheating and overvoltage. The charger protects your device by preventing short circuits and overcurrents. It makes your driving safer.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Chargers

Anyone who owns a vehicle perhaps stopped for a long time knows that the time will come when they need to recharge the battery will arise.

But such a problem can also occur out of the blue when one least expects it because maybe the night before he left the car with the lights on. Situations like these suggest that you have a good car charger.

Number of Sockets

Car chargers are very simple to use objects; in fact, just connect them to the cigarette lighter socket via the plug to be able to charge the desired devices immediately.

One of the substantial differences between the various models lies in the number of outlets available. The most common ones have a single USB socket which could be more than enough for those who have a single smartphone and want to charge it or keep it connected to use the navigator.

If, on the other hand, you want to take a long trip with friends, then it is more advisable to buy a car charger with multiple outputs, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time, but be careful, it may not be possible to recharge two tablets at a time.

The price doesn’t change much; you just have to be a little careful about the size since some power strips are really big and should be inserted in the cupholder.


There should be no problems but better always check if the purchased charger is compatible with your devices. Chargers can only be found for Apple or Samsung that only work with certain types of devices.

Usually, the manufacturer provides an accurate compatibility list on the product sheet that we recommend reading carefully in order not to make a wrong purchase.

If you choose a charger with Quick Charge function, you will have to check that the device to be charged supports that function. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it.

The Quick Charge has a higher charging speed which can be very useful if you travel a lot by car on short routes for work and you must always keep the phone active.


Car chargers can be potentially harmful to your devices unless they have a good internal security system. We recommend that you only purchase products that have good overcharge or overcurrent protection so that you can charge your smartphones or tablets without risking the battery melting.

This is not only true for charging, but also and above all if you keep the phone attached to the socket to listen to music or use the navigator.

Some chargers automatically recognize the connected device, giving it the right charge and further avoiding overload problems. Furthermore, an unsafe device could also create voltage drops to the vehicle battery, especially when it is stationary.

Fortunately, modern loaders today, not only those of the best brand on the market, should have these safety systems, so in general, you can be on the safe side.

How to Use a Car Charger?

How Does It Work?

These devices use the electricity produced by the vehicle’s battery, usually through the cigarette lighter socket or a special 12-volt output located on the dashboard. Once the transformer has been inserted, just connect the cable to your mobile device to start charging.

Thanks to the convenience of these accessories, it is possible to recharge any device, Android, Apple or Windows in the car, thus increasing their autonomy.

However, it is necessary to inform users that these chargers often suffer greatly from voltage surges, so turning on and off the car without disconnecting them from the outlet could damage or break them.


To choose the best car charger, you need to evaluate different specifications. One of the parameters, in our fundamental opinion, is the amperage that indicates the power of the device and, in other words, its charging capacity.

The cheaper models have a very low amperage, which is usually 0.5 Ampere, which translates into much longer charging times. Keeping in mind, then, that smartphones and tablets have limits on energy absorption, the average to refer to is between 1 and 2.4 Amps.

Also, thanks to modern innovations, Quick Charge 3.0 technology has been introduced, capable of bringing the intensity of the current up to 3 Ampere.

Thus further halving the charging times without running the risk of damaging the connected device; or, again, the brand new AIPower technology that can automatically recognize your device giving it energy with the maximum capacity it can manage.


Each electronic device was once equipped with its charger, but today the common standard is the Micro USB connector which is normally the same for all models. However, some small differences continue to persist.

In fact, in addition to the Micro USB standard, compatible with most mobile devices on the market, some chargers support Lightning connectivity for iOS devices.

Furthermore, before proceeding with the purchase, you must carefully evaluate what you want to load. If a device requires more energy, as in the case of tablets or laptops, it is necessary to consider the output value, i.e. the voltage and current parameters supplied by the charger.

All USB connections usually supply 5 volts of power, so to understand if the model you are about to purchase is the one suitable for your device, just check the value shown on the battery, which usually oscillates between 3.2 and 3.8 volts.


On the market, there are models with different shapes and attachments, which are well suited to any type of situation.

The simpler and cheaper chargers have a single USB port while others are equipped with multiple connections, useful if you travel in the company or if for work reasons you use multiple mobile devices at the same time.

Finally, before choosing the product that best suits your needs, also consider the accessories included in the package; often, in fact, only the charger to be connected to the cigarette lighter socket is sold.

While in other cases one or more charging cables are also included, much more practical if you want to avoid carrying your mobile device with you at all times.

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