9 Best Bed Warmers in 2023 – Electric Blanket & Heated

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know to buy the best bed warmer on the market. As a basic rule, we recommend purchasing products from recognized and appreciated brands.

Furthermore, attention must be paid to quality certifications, especially when it comes to an electrical item.

Here we had selected some of the best models of bed warmers that are listed below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Snailax Heating Pad & Foot Warmer, 6 Temperature...
  • 2-in-1 Electric Heating Pad: Snailax 17” x 33” heating pads for back pain relief is designed for versatile use. Simply fold and fasten with buttons on heat pad, it turns to be an electric foot warmer. The heat therapy helps reduce muscle spasms, stiffness and pain in shoulders, back, neck, feet, knees, etc. increase blood flow, relax and warm your body.
  • 6 Heat Levels & Auto Shut Off: Snailax foot warmer heating pad can warm up just in few seconds, has 6 heat settings with an attached easy-to-operate digital backlit controller, temperature heat levels ranging from 95°F - 140°F. The feet heating pad has a built-in overheat protection thermostat and a 120-minute auto shut-off feature for safe use.
  • Washable & Portable: The heating pad can be washed in a normal wash at Max 104F, easy to keep it clean,suitable for family use. Lightweight & portable design, can be easily folded & rolled into the storage bag. Convenient to use it on the bed,sofa,under desk for abdomen,back,feet,cramp pain relief,whether you are at home or in the office.
Sunbeam Restful Quilted Electric Heated Mattress...
  • Easy to use heated mattress pad with digital controller, with 12 heat settings and 12-hour selectable auto-shut off function for peace of mind
  • Queen and King sizes include 2 controllers for independent control & customized warmth on each side of the bed
  • Machine washable & dryer safe for easy care
SaleRANK NO. 3
MORFY Portable Blanket Warmer, Comfortable Warm...
  • Powerful Blanket Warmer: The blanket warmer with 6 temperature settings. 167˚F / 75˚C, 158˚F / 70˚C,149˚F / 65˚C,140˚F / 60˚C, 131˚F / 55˚C,113˚F / 45˚C, and Fan wind (room temperature air), This bed warmer is perfect all year round, Keeps your body and feet warm in the cold of winter and helps clean up humidity in the rainy season
  • Auto Setting Heated Blanket: Supports better selection with four unique auto modes: Winter, Summer, Warm fan and 100 minutes , The mode you want to run can be easily selected via the touchscreen, Quickly warm blankets, bedding, and more with this easy-to-use twin-nozzle electric blanket warmer. The built-in thermal fuse averts the blanket warmer from overheating.
  • 8 Customized Timer Settings: The blanket warmers for home with 8 preset increments to choose from 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, or 180 minutes. run the warmer for as long as you want without worrying about shutting it off. The blanket warmer is easy to regulate and monitor the timers and settings on the large LCD panel
SaleRANK NO. 4
Heated Mattress Pad Queen Size with 9 Heat...
  • HEAT SETTING: This heated mattress pad has 9 different heat settings. You can choose the suitable temperature. We have carefully designed 1-9 hours timing function which allows you fall asleep freely. Queen, King and California king heated mattress pad come with dual sided controllers. 2 Individual Dual controllers give each person the power to choose their own heating preference
  • SAFETY SETTING: The controller has an overheating protection function that automatically shuts down in the event of a malfunction or excessive temperature. Heated mattress pad is ETL SAFETY CERTIFIED and warming process heats up with barely any EMF radiation being dispensed
  • MATERIAL & DEEP POCKET: The surface of the electric mattress pad is made of premium microfiber. Electric heating wires are evenly distributed in the middle. The heated mattress pad has padding, so you will not feel the wires. It is very durable. This heated mattress pad has 8-21" deep pocket that fit most mattresses. The skirt has strong elasticity, which helps it stay in place
Homemate Heated Mattress Pad Queen Size for Cold...
  • Multiple Choice: There are five sizes to choose from Our heated mattress pad, and each size corresponds to a different number of controllers. The Twin and Full size comes with single controller, while the Queen, King and California king size comes with dual controllers. Before purchasing, please carefully review the specific size diagram and refer to the data in the diagram to select the appropriate one. As we known, Different people adapt to different hardness and heat levels. Placing the heated mattress pad under the sheets is also a good idea.
  • Comfortable sleep: Our heated mattress pad provide you with a warm and comfortable sleep, no longer have to be afraid of the cold in winter. The three-layer fabric can effectively resist static accumulation and electromagnetic radiation, allowing you to enjoy a perfect evening. At the same time, the heated mattress pad supports accelerated heating, so you hardly have to wait too long to lie comfortably under the covers.
  • Soft fabric: Our electric mattress pad adopts soft coral fleece fabric, three layers of fabric and a more reasonable heating wire layout, which can evenly distribute heat and avoid local overheating; the normal maximum length of the skirt edge is 21 inches, which can achieve all-round package.
Electric Mattress Pad Queen Size 60"x80" Dual...
  • 【100 Percent Polyester Material】The electric mattress pad is made of 100 Percent premium polyester airlayer fabric and the unique ventilation technology, with tiny air holes on the surface, which is super breathable and skin-friendly.
  • 【4 Heating Levels and Dual Controllers】This heated mattress pad has 4 levels of temperature control. It is a queen-size mattress pad(60*80inches), and if two people are using it at the same time, each of them can control the heat level based on their own preference.
  • 【Auto Shut Off】10 hours timing automatic shutdown, the even and continuous heat allows you to sleep all night peacefully; Overheating protection function, automatically cut off the power when the temperature is too high, in case forgetting to turn off the power.
SaleRANK NO. 7
Foot Warmer Electric, Heating Pad King Size Ultra...
  • FULL BODY HEATING PAD: extra large size of 22 inch wide x 21 inch depth, perfect for whole body use, great for bed heating and share with your loved one. The 15-inch cover with ultra plush fabric would protect your shins from cold air.
  • SUPER WARM COMFY FLANNEL: 3 heating levels, heats just in few seconds and consistently warm for your cold feet and sore muscle; flannel both inside the pocket and outside all over the heating pad, provide you extremely care and comfort. Auto shut off of 2-hour helps you save energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.
  • TARGETED PAIN RELIEF: not just for warming, the electric heating pad foot warmer could also provide fast pain relief to aching muscles, such as tension, stiffness, headaches, and chronic pains.
King Size Electric Heated Mattress Pad 10 Heat...
  • ★7/24 CUSTOMER SERVICE★PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES.King size with dual controllers and two plugs.It is slightly padded so you might feel thin and bit of the wires when in use,contact us if you have doubt before purchase.
  • ★SMART CONTROL WITH TIMER★Controller is programmed with adjustable 1-12 hours auto shut off functions.
  • ★CUSTOMIZABLE WARMTH LEVEL★The heated mattress pad typically comes with 10 heat settings, allowing you to personalize the level of warmth to suit your preferences.The temperature range for 10 heating level is from 87℉-115℉.
SaleRANK NO. 9
Electric Heated Throw Blanket 50" x 60" | 10...
  • Fast Heating & Auto off Setting:The blanket heats up quickly with 10 heating levels (L-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-H) and different temperature(85℉-105℉) to customize personal desired comfort.Fast Heating can help you obtain a comfort feeling in a very short time. Safer and more energy-saving with auto-off timing (4H) leave you peace of mind. Overheat protection can protect you and the heated blanket throw and there‘s no potential safety hazard. Long power cord (9.8ft) allows flexible use in a wider range
  • Flexible Use & Machine Washable: The Heated Blanket has two parts, and it is easy to remove. Just take off the heating controller and it can also be as a normal blanket. The skin-friendly heated blanket is hand/machine washable and highly hydrophobic, easy to care and dry for prolonged softness and service life
  • Super Cosy Fleece & High-end Warmth: Deluxe soft fleece is skin-friendly and greatly facilitates heat penetration and preservation. Indulge in the comfy warmth of this large size (50 * 60in) to keep yourself refreshed and keep warm in cold weather all the time

Buyer Guide to Choose Bed Warmers

The doubts regarding the bed warmers are varied, if not infinite. In this section, we will try to briefly answer the most frequent questions asked by users, in this way you will not have to browse dozens of web pages to find the solution to each of your questions.

What Exactly Are Bed Warmers?

A bed warmer is like a thin, flexible mattress made up of many layers, inside which there is the electrical resistance that allows you to heat the product. It connects to the mains using a cable with the plug.

Each bed warmer has a temperature regulator, which can thus be varied according to the user’s needs. One of the reasons that made bed warmers such a popular product is due to the feature of offering double temperature control.

The system is based on two temperature controllers that allow you to set different temperatures for each half of the bed. Thus, even in a double bed, everyone can choose the preferred temperature.

Where to Use the Bed Warmers?

Although the name refers precisely to the beds, these electric bed warmers are not suitable for all horizontal surfaces. The reason is the risk of being with electric cables combined with flammable fabrics present in some types of beds. Also, water beds (water and electricity must never be used together), and mechanical beds are to be excluded.

It is also forbidden on bunk beds because the cable could stretch too far to reach the upper bed and constitute a risk of fire.

And of course, it is not recommended to use them on electric mattresses, armchairs or sofa beds, although many people do so without knowing the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Advantages of The Bed Warmer

Reduces the presence of mites: The humidity that can be present on the mattress, in addition to the skin and hair released by the body, is an ideal breeding ground for mites, insects that, in many cases, trigger symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Several university studies around the world have confirmed that using a bed warmer for a single month can reduce the presence of dust mites by up to 50% by lowering the humidity level.

  • Use low voltage cables: Modern electric bed warmers use much safer wiring than the more dangerous old models. Moreover, current bed warmers are equipped with a transformer that reduces the voltage that circulates in the product, while in the past, these articles received electricity directly from an outlet.
  • Save energy: They consume about 60 watts in the case of a single bed and double if they are a double bed. Of course, you will save some money on electricity only if you turn off the under blanket overnight.
  • Provides uniform heat: The bed warmers produce heat homogeneously over the entire surface without the need to add other layers of white goods over the sheets.

What does Therapeutic Benefits Bed Warmer bring?

About forty-three million people in the United States alone suffer from some level of arthritis. The bed warmers have proven to be very useful to relieve the pain associated with this disease. Also, 25% of people who buy electric bed warmers say they have veered on this product for therapeutic purposes, such as for the treatment of:

  1. Arthritis and fibromyalgia
  2. Muscle aches
  3. Insomnia
  4. Voltage
  5. Allergies
  6. Sinusitis
  7. Post-polio syndrome
  8. Raynaud’s phenomenon
  9. Arthritis problems

Disadvantages of A Bed Warmer

The main disadvantage of an electric bed warmer is the risk of fire. Any electrical appliance can cause accidents of this type, and the bed warmers are no exception, but there is no need to worry. These products have been carefully tested to ensure your safety.

Also, the vast majority of models contain an automatic shutdown mechanism that comes into play after a certain interval of time.

This association between electric bed warmers and fires was created with the old models when the products were not at all reliable as they lack an automatic shutdown system. Of course, every consumer must always avoid leaving them under a blanket on for long periods.

Another concern is the wiring. The electric bed warmer is heated using a wired coil sewn into the fabric, but these cables can break with use, interrupting the correct functioning of the device. In these cases, it is advisable to throw it away and buy a new one instead of running the risk of a short circuit.

Can You Wash the Bed Warmers?

Although many people claim that they cannot be washed, modern bed warmers also have this option, in any case, to be sure to check the product label.

We recommend that you put them in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C and without the electrical connection, but before connecting it, check that the fabric is completely dry.

How to Use a Bed Warmer?

It is very simple to use: you just have to place the bed warmer on the mattress and connect it to the electricity.

Then make the bed with the corresponding sheets, spread them over the electric heater, then turn on the device using the built-in controller and turn it off a few minutes before going to sleep.

It is important to highlight two points on the use of the bed warmer: first of all, we always recommend turning it off when lying down to avoid any type of risk.

Since staying with the device for eight hours is not the best option. And secondly, check that it is well arranged and free of folds so that it distributes heat evenly.

Here we had also shared some instruction video guide so you should have a proper idea.

Things to Consider Before Purchase


In the beginning, only one bed warmer size was offered. Today, however, due to the high demand for these products, you can find electric bed warmers for single, double, and medium beds.

In the case of double beds, the manufacturers have chosen to add a double thermostat system to allow both members of the couple to select the desired temperature.


The production options are different: there are polyester models, waterproof, with one side in wool and another in cotton, totally in wool, or with both sides in cotton.

However, if you are allergic, we advise you always to consult the seller to make sure that no material can come into contact with your skin when you turn on the product.


Having an estimate of the voltage will help you know what the consumption of the bed warmer will be in case you are thinking of saving some energy.

Naturally, the higher the voltage, the higher the temperature that the device will reach, it is also important to check the presence of the legend “Protection class II,” which guarantees double electrical insulation.


We are perhaps at the most important point of all, considering that we are talking about electrical appliances. Each bed warmer must have a label that guarantees its safety certificate.

In the specific case of Europe, for a product with electricity to be sold, the approval must be issued by the EC (European Conformity).


In addition to the aspects that we have studied so far, other characteristics are worth analyzing when deciding to invest in this product. Think about your needs and what you expect from your bed warmer:

  1. Double thermostat if you buy a product for a double bed.
  2. Automatic adjustment of temperature levels.
  3. Remote control for raising or lowering the temperature.
  4. Built-in timer.
  5. Automatic shutdown (after three, eight, or twelve hours for example).
  6. Electro Safe system that disconnects the device in the event of liquid leakage.

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