12 Best Beach Tents in 2023 – Our Top Picks

To stay on the beach all day without fear of the hottest hours, the practical and economic solution is the purchase of a tent created specifically for this purpose, of which you can find an accurate selection in our ranking.

By comparing the prices of the various models on the market you will notice that this is a not too expensive expense, but this does not mean that you do not have to pay attention to what to choose if you want to enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free experience. In this guide, we help you understand what are the characteristics that your new beach tent should absolutely have.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Gorich Beach Tent, UV Sun Shelter Lightweight...
  • Super Large Space: Size of 86.6"L x 59"W x 48"H, 30% bigger than other beach tents at similar price, fits 3 person. It provides a comfortable space for family and friends on the beach
  • Easy Set Up & Carry: Setting up fast within minutes. Gorich beach tent is much easier to fold than any kind of beach tents. It could fold down to a travel size of 16.5"H x 3.9"L x 3.9"W, weight 3.5 lbs, with a campact carrying bag that you even won’t notice it on your backpacks, much easy to carry
  • Upgraded & Durable Design: High-quality SILVER COATED Fabric ensure that the coverage area of Anti-UV effects, keeping you and your family away from the damage of the strong sunshine. 8.0mm IMPORTED fiberglass frame is safer, more durable and rust free, which support tent stably stand by itself and keeps shape after long time use
SaleRANK NO. 2
COMMOUDS Beach Tent Sun Shade for 3/4-5/6-7/8-10...
  • Large Space for Your Family: With dimensions of 86.6" L x 59" W x 49" H, COMMOUDS beach tent offers a spacious interior to comfortably accommodate 3-4 people. The 37" extended front porch creates extra space for various activities, catering to families, couples, or small groups.
  • Excellent Sun Protection: Our beach shade tents have high-quality UPF 50+ Silver Coating material which effectively blocks 98% of harmful UV rays from the sun, keeping you and your family away from the damage of the strong sunshine and lowering the temperature inside the tent.
  • Thickened Poles for Added Stability: The upgraded fiberglass frame features 8.0mm rods, which are thicker and more sturdy than ordinary beach tents. It supports the beach shelter stably standing by itself and keeps its shape after a long time of use.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Calen Beach Tent,Beach Canopy Shade Tent with UPF...
  • Experience Generous Space:Our tent stands out with its elevated height, offering superior visibility and an enhanced panoramic view. With dimensions of 86.61"L x 55.12"W x 55.18"H, our tent for beach provides 30% more space than others in its price range, comfortably accommodating up to 3 people on the beach.
  • Easy Setup: The Calen beach tent is simpler to fold and dismantle than any other. With just 3 simple steps, it effortlessly assembles. Its compact packaging measures only 17*6 inches and includes a small bag for pole storage, adding to its convenience. Lightweight and easy to carry, it ensures your beach time is enjoyed with ease and a smile.
  • Distinctive Cross Design: Enhanced Aesthetics and UV Protection. Our beach shade with a high-quality silver-coated fabric and an 8.0mm imported fiberglass frame, our tent ensures durability, rust resistance, and stability over time, even in adverse conditions.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Shibumi Shade®, World's Best Beach Shade, The...
  • SHIBUMI SHADE BEACH CANOPY: Beach time just got better with the Shibumi Shade. Ideal for groups of 3-6 people, the Shibumi Shade provides 150 square feet of shade and UPF 50+ sun protection with room leftover for bags, coolers and beach gear.
  • ORIGINAL WIND-POWERED SUN SHADE: Designed to float on the ocean breeze, Shibumi Shade sails with as little as 3 mph of wind. Unlike traditional beach umbrellas and tents, it won't blow away or break in the wind. (Requires wind to function properly.)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: Ready for any beach adventure, Shibumi Shade weighs only 4 pounds and folds into a compact size. With a portable carrying bag included, you can take the Shibumi Shade with you on every beach trip.
SaleRANK NO. 5
YENGIAM Beach Canopy Beach Tent UPF50+ 11x11 FT...
  • UPGRADE BEACH TENT-Our newly upgraded beach canopy are available in 4-6 persons. The pop up beach tent is 360 ventilated and can be quickly assembled, no tools required. Windproof and sun protection, stable structure.Great suitable for family and friends outdoor gathering.
  • SUN PROTECTION-Our beach tent sun shelter fabric is made of premium stretch lycra with a UV-blocking coating,and offering UPF 50+,which blocks harmful UV rays.To prevent sunburned skin and reduces glare.Escort your health.
  • STABLE STRUCTURE-The beach shade canopy is supported by FOUR metal poles(diameter 0.8 inch) and four large sandbags. In addition, we have added 4 windproof ropes.At this time,the windproof rope,the legs of the canopy,and the support poles form a stable triangle, which makes the windproof ability strong.
SaleRANK NO. 6
Vibemo Beach Cabana, 6.2' x 6' Portable Beach...
  • Extra Removable Side Wall: Vibemo beach cabana made from waterproof fabric, offers extra shade area with the detachable side wall and provides UPF 50+ sun protection to protect children or adults from harmful UV rays.
  • Reinforced Supporting Structure: The Vibemo beach canopy structure is sustained by robust, lasting iron wires compared to the fragile plastic buckle structure, making the cabana more steady.
  • Quick and Easy Setup: One person can set up a Vibemo cool beach cabana tent in 3 minutes since it is as easy as opening a beach umbrella.
WhiteFang Deluxe XL Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shade...
  • Larger Space at a More Affordable Price - A size upgrade to 99"L x 55"W x 55"H, enough space for 2 adults plus 2 kids
  • Easy Set Up with Stability Accessories & Easy to Carry - Quick popping mechanism allows to set up in seconds! Includes 5 attached sandbags, 6 steel stakes, 6 sand stakes & tiedown strings to provide more stability; lightweight and easy to fold back with a compact carrying bag for easy transport and storage
  • Outdoor Protection & Great Ventilation - Premium 210t sun-proof material plus a special embedded silver-coated material to provide great UV protection from the sun and 3 added roll up openings maintain airflow to keep the tent cool when staying inside
SaleRANK NO. 8
Hoeada Beach Tent Sun Shelter, Beach Shade Tent...
  • Super Value Beach Tent: Hoeada beach tent offers a spacious interior, larger than other beach tents in the same price range, accommodating up to 3 people. Easy to set up and carry, perfect for beach lovers who enjoy spending time with family and friends.
  • Waterproof and UPF 50+: Our beach tent is made of high-quality sun-proof polyester material with a UPF 50+ coating, effectively blocking heat and 98% of harmful UV rays, keeping you and your family safe from the sun. The water-rejecting fabric design provides temporary shelter in light rain, so please avoid use in heavy rain.
  • Windproof & Stability: The 8.0mm imported fiberglass frame is safer, more durable, rust-resistant, and keeps the tent stable and in shape even after long-term use. Our beach tent comes with sandbags, steel stakes, sand stakes, and ropes. They provide better ground grip and effective resistance against strong winds.
SaleRANK NO. 9
Beach Canopy Tent Sun Shade with UPF 50+ UV...
  • BEACH CANOPY : This beach sun shade is a must have for family, the color nave blue of this beach canopy is same as the sky and the ocean, being in this beach tent makes you feel relaxed and happy.
  • UPF 50+ PROTECTION: This sun shelter will keep you protected on sunny day.
  • MORE STABLE: In addition to corner anchor bag, we add extra wind rope to make this beach tent become more stable, which makes this beach sun shade has better wind resistance.
Large Easy Setup Beach Tent,Anti-UV Beach Shade...
  • ❤Great Ventilation❤ Our beach tent is made from flexible fiber poles, covered with premium silver-coated material to provide UV protection. The spacious front curtain and 3 large roll up mesh windows enhance ventilation and keep the air circulating in the beach tent, creating a cooler shade shelter for you and your family
  • ❤Excellent Accessories for Your need❤ Two mesh pockets are designed to store your belongings like sunscreen lotion, books or any other you want to store. Attached 4 sandbags and 6 steel stakes help to strengthen the sun shelter in the wind. And the beach tent comes with a portable carrying bag, it's easy to take it wherever you go
  • ❤Large and Private Space❤ Enjoying a large space at a more affordable price. Our beach tent is 86" x 59" x 47" with a extra 35" extended floor, ensuring perfect for your family. If you want to change clothes or some personal situations, you will attain a private beach cabana after zipping up the front curtain. Large space to fun for kids and safe privacy for adults
SaleRANK NO. 11
Qipi Beach Cabana - Easy to Set Up Canopy,...
  • SET UP, TAKE DOWN & CARRYING IS A BREEZE - Enjoy easy set up and take down with 2 MAIN PARTS - the umbrella and the extension pole. It packs down snugly in the combined storage and carrying bag.
  • ATTACHABLE WALL FOR EXTRA SHADE - Get full shade under the roof with the included removable wall. It's made out of the same high quality, UPF 50+ UV protection, waterproof fabric as the rest of the cabana.
  • FEATURES A POCKET ON EACH CORNER - Inside pockets on every corner of the cabana for sunscreen, phones, water bottle or other smaller items.
Beach Tent, Beach Canopy Tent Sun Shade with Beach...
  • BEACH CANOPY : This beach canopy is a must have for family, the color Turquoise of this beach canopy is same as the sky and the ocean, being in this beach tent makes you feel relaxed and happy.
  • UPF 50+ PROTECTION: This beach tent will keep you protected on sunny day.
  • MORE STABLE: In addition to corner anchor bag, we add extra wind rope to make this beach tent become more stable, which makes this beach shade canopy has better wind resistance.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Beach Tent

They are particular tents designed just for the beach. They are made with a particular design that allows you to open them immediately without making efforts and to fold them up for storage in the carrying bag included in the package.

This saves you complex assembly operations, also you will not need pegs or ropes to be able to use it unless you are blowing a lot of wind. Pop up tents are ideal for two people or maximum for two adults and one child.

Weather Protection

The primary purpose of a beach tent is to protect you and your loved ones from sun exposure, especially in the middle hours of the day when there is a greater risk of sunburn and insolation.

Consequently, try to give your preference to those products that clearly indicate the UV protection factor, as happens with sunscreen; the best curtains have a filter 50, which effectively protects even the most delicate skin such as those of children.

The sun is not the only problem on the beach, so the fabric should also be waterproof, so as to become a good refuge in case of a summer downpour.

Coastal areas are often beaten by the wind and consequently, you must make sure that the tent is equipped with appropriate anchoring systems.

Camping pegs may be a solution, but they don’t always work properly on the sandy ground; the most effective elements are the bags or side pockets that must be filled with sand or stones, effective on any type of soil.

Portability Level

The most beautiful beaches are sometimes the most difficult to reach, and taking a tent with you can be more or less tiring depending on the weight and size.

The reviews of other users on this issue are particularly valuable because they can help you understand the real portability of a product thanks to the sharing of direct experiences, regardless of what the manufacturer’s declarations are.

Models equipped with flexible rods assemble and disassemble in a very similar way to a camping tent; once all the items are stored in the bag, the latter is usually comfortable enough to carry, especially if it is equipped with a shoulder strap.

Pop-up models have recently become popular, that is, those that open instantly with a single gesture; keep in mind that the ease with which you open it is not the same as when it is time to close it, an operation that is difficult for many people.

In addition, the size of these closed models is usually greater and can be uncomfortable to carry on foot for long distances.

Care in Planning

The price differences between the various beach tents depend not only on the quality of the materials but also on the accessories included and on the balance achieved between insulation and breathability.

The best brands choose fabrics that, while offering effective protection from sun and wind, allow air to pass and therefore do not create an annoying heat hood inside.

Ideally, a beach tent should always have a second opening in addition to the main one, because in this way an exchange of air can be created; for this purpose, the awning can be equipped with side windows, or a rear one, which obviously must be protected with a net or a mosquito net.

Prefer the curtains that have these openings positioned halfway up the walls, so as to allow the least amount of sand to enter from the ground but also sunlight from above.

Inside the tent there should be storage pockets, to keep phones and other important things away from the sand, and maybe hooks to dry the beach towels or to suspend a light if you want to look at the stars by the sea.

How to Use a Beach Tent?

There are many people who decide to camp on the beach, you want for the time of the day at the beach, or maybe for several days. We must say that in this sector there are many models.

Many, in fact, allow you to sleep inside and have due privacy while others are little more than a shelter from the sun. Basically there is something for all needs.

Choose Breathable Polyester

In our opinion, the best material for a beach tent is breathable polyester. This material has properties that prevent the tent from getting drenched in case of rain, it offers good protection from the sun but, at the same time.

It does not prevent the air from passing in such a way that the temperature does not rise excessively. Finally, this type of material is easily cleaned from sand.


Considering that you will not be able to reach your car on the beach, it is important that the tent is comfortable to carry.

In addition to being light, once closed it must be space-saving so that it can be carried on the shoulder without trouble.

Opening and Closing

Especially if you go to the sea to spend a few hours of relaxation, the tent must be quick and easy to open and close to avoid spending more time fixing it than being in the water. So we believe it is very important to inquire about this aspect before purchasing.

The assembling

Having specified that opening and closing must be easy, let us try to understand how a tent is mounted. The first suggestion is to spread a tarpaulin on the sand.

Attention, its surface must be a little smaller than the base of the tent otherwise, if it comes out, it could collect water (in case of rain) and sand. At this point the curtain is stretched, the rods that make up the structure are connected and inserted into the slots.

The Fixing

To anchor the tent on the sand, any type of peg is not good: on the market, there are those designed precisely for the sand and it is these that must be bought otherwise there is the real risk that, at the first gust of wind of a certain intensity, you fly away.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Beach Tent

How do you choose the best sea tent that can meet all your needs? In our opinion, we have selected 4 essential factors, on the basis of which you will be able to identify the most suitable model for you.

Uv Protection

The main function that sombrillas, that is, beach tents, perform is to protect you from the UV rays of the sun which, as you know, can cause serious skin diseases. The first factor you must, therefore, consider when choosing this type of product is the level of sun protection.

It is no coincidence that in this list we decided to consider only curtains capable of guaranteeing 98% protection, ie equal to +50. You have certainly already heard of these values: you can also find them on sunscreen.


Secondly, your awning must be stable and able to withstand, not necessarily a storm, but at least a medium-range wind.

The beach tent must therefore have a stable structure and be firmly fixed to the ground through posts, preferably made of metal, ropes and bags to be filled with stones or sand.

Ventilation and Visibility

These two factors are linked together because they both depend on the openings and windows with which the tent is equipped. The best beach tents have windows or openings on all sides. These not only allow air to enter the tent by refreshing it but also allow you to see outside.

The sunshades, without side walls, the gazebos, or the curtains with only two side walls are the ones that ensure better ventilation and visibility. Some curtain models.

On the other hand, have windows that you can open or close according to your needs. The cheaper beach tents, on the other hand, usually only have a rear opening, in addition to the front one.


Do not forget to make sure then about the assembly. Some tents are designed to be opened and mounted in an extremely practical and fast way, such as pop up ones or with the self-opening system.

For others, however, you will need more practice but don’t be afraid. All beach tents have instructions that will allow you to quickly learn how to open them without much effort.

Extra Features

Finally, you can choose to buy a beach tent that has extra features, such as, for example, an upper hatch to increase ventilation, internal hooks for hanging clothes or bags or internal pockets in which you can place the objects you want to keep on hand.

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