8 Best Baby Gates in 2023 for Stairs and Doors

Gates for children are essential purchases to ensure that you have a homemade of safe environments, proof of children facing the first steps, and the curiosity to touch, explore, and discover.

They can be used to keep them away from the stairs, the fireplace, the oven, and anything that can be considered dangerous.

Here we had listed out the best baby gates that are presented below.

Safety 1st Easy Install 28" High Walk Thru Gate,...
  • Customizable width – This safety gate adjusts to fit doorways and openings between 29 and 38 inches wide and is 28 inches high
  • Keep it secure – All pressure-mounted gates need to be occasionally tightened, but this safety gate lets you know when. If the easy-read indicator turns red, it’s time to re-adjust
  • Simple one hand release – Adults can easily open using one hand, while the two-action handle remains tough for little fingers to release and open
SaleRANK NO. 2
Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Wide Walk Thru Baby...
  • EXTRA WIDE: Expands to fit openings between 29-34 and 35-38.5 inches wide. Stands 30 inches tall. Please be sure measure your opening prior to purchase to ensure proper fit. Note: This gate will not fit an opening between 34-35 Inch - An additional 4” extension is needed.
  • EASY TO USE AND SET UP: Pressure mount design that is quick to set up. Please note, before installation there will be a gap between the gate latch and the frame which is NOT a defect and it is NOT bent. This gap will be eliminated once installed.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Includes a 6-inch wide extension kit and 4 pressure mount spindle rods. Perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. Gate can quickly be removed out of the opening for easy storage. Additional extensions sold separately.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Evenflo Position & Lock Baby Gate,...
  • Simple to Install: The Pressure Mount Gate Allows Quick and Easy Installation and Re-Installation
  • Neutral Styling: The warm wood and black mesh accents fit seemlessly into the farmhouse look, making this gate part of your home décor
  • Versatile: With an Extension From 26-42 Inches and is 23 inches tall. This Gate Will Fit in Most Doorways Quickly and Easily
SaleRANK NO. 4
Toddleroo by North States Superyard 6 Panel Baby...
  • [Free Stading Play Yard or Extra Long Baby Gate]: Our 6-Panel Superyard w/ Wall Mount Kit has a 26" height & 38.5-201" width; Use as a large play pen, or create a long baby gate using included wall hinges, screws & mounting connectors.
  • [Hardward Mount Baby Fence]: Use up to 6 panels; Hardware is mounted by drilling holes into walls such as wood or metal, fits over molding. Note: Mounting Kit is packaged under a cardboard pocket in the box, open both sides of box to unpack.
  • [Versatile & Expandable]: Our 6-panel play yard creates a freestanding baby playpen up to 5.5’ corner to corner, that's 18.5 sq. ft; Need a bigger area? Add a 2-Panel Extension (sold separately) for 6.5’ corner to corner, a 34.4 sq. ft. play area.
MYPET North States 40” Paws Portable Pet Gate:...
  • [Worry-Free Safety]: Our expandable dog gate is great for doorways and blocking off other indoor spaces to keep your pet safe and secure. This durable puppy gate is made of strong, appealing fieldstone gray plastic with adorable paw print accents.
  • [Convenient and Portable]: This gate for dogs is 23" tall, fits a variety of openings 26" - 40" wide. Please measure carefully: it will not work in a wider doorway. It is easy to take down and install - which means you can use it anywhere you need it!
  • [Perfect for Modern Homes]: Our portable, adjustable pet gate features rubber bumpers that protect your walls and are positioned higher than other gates to accommodate up to 4" molding. It's an ideal indoor dog gate.
SaleRANK NO. 6
Position & Lock Baby Gate, Pressure-Mounted,...
  • The below information is per pack only
  • Simple to Install: The Pressure Mount Gate Allows Quick and Easy Installation and Re-Installation
  • Neutral Styling: The warm wood and black mesh accents fit seemlessly into the farmhouse look, making this gate part of your home décor
SaleRANK NO. 7
Summer Infant Everywhere Extra Wide Walk-Thru...
  • EXTRA WIDE: The Summer Everywhere Extra Wide Walk-Thru Safety Gate is perfect for extra-wide doorways. This baby or pet gate fits openings 28.75 to 39.75” wide and stands 30” tall.
  • TWO INSTALLATION OPTIONS: Install this baby gate for stairs safely with the included hardware kit. Or set it up in a doorway by using the no-drill pressure mount system with wall cups.
  • CONVENIENT DOOR: The 19.5” wide door in this walk-through gate makes it safe and easy to pass through without stepping over.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Cumbor Baby Gate Retractable Gates for Stairs,...
  • 👶Flexible Size: The gate has a height of 33 inches and can extend from 0-55 inches in width. Cumbor retractable baby gate neatly rolls up to save space when not in use, making it easy to convert the room into an adult-friendly space again.
  • 🔒Safety Locking: The knob at the top of the baby gate ensures that the retractable pet gate is easy to use for adults and can be opened and closed with one hand, while curious little ones and pets will not be able to make any naughty bids for freedom.
  • 🍼Superior Safety: The mesh material is much softer for your babies, so there’s less chance for them to hurt themselves while they are playing. Unlike other gates, there is no balustrade at the bottom - so no trip hazard when you are moving through with your hands full. Best choice for parents.

Baby Gates Buyer Guide

Gates for children are indispensable elements to be installed in a house where there are children who walk, to prevent them from approaching any source of danger, such as the stairs, the balcony, the fireplace, and the oven.

In this way, your children will be free to explore, learn, play, and learn without taking any risks. And you can experience the thrill of seeing them grow without the anxiety that they could risk getting hurt.


Children and puppies, a truly devastating pairing for the psyche of parents and owners. When choosing a gate for children or for animals it is of primary importance to make sure that it has been produced with very resistant materials.

This is because a very lively child could hang on and pull with all his might in order to break down the unbearable barrier, while a large dog puppy will try to push it with his body.

Usually, the best gates are made of metal with solid pipes that are impossible to break and are really ideal for maximum safety.

The downside is that these models are sold at a higher price, but in our opinion, it is worth spending something more especially to keep children away from areas such as the kitchen and to avoid going up or downstairs.

Closure and Height

A security gate would not be worthy of the name without a childproof lock. Do not think that once assembled your little ones immediately abandon their plans to conquer the house!

Probably with their little hands, they will try in every way to open it, but they will not succeed. This is because often the security gates have a particular lock that must be pulled upwards, so children will not have the strength to unlock it.

In addition to the closure, it is important to evaluate the height of the product which should always exceed that of the child.

If you are looking for a model to put as a block on the stairs of the house, we suggest choosing an extendable one using the appropriate accessories. These could be found supplied or in other cases will have to be purchased separately.


Set aside drills or other work tools, because a few steps will be enough to install a children’s gate. In fact, most models have all the accessories for assembly which does not require any drilling of the door or wall. With a little patience, you will be able to position the gate correctly even without being a DIY wizard.

Obviously, before purchasing the desired model, it is advisable to check the supported measures, unless you want to buy a gate with adjustable length. These are very useful if you want to move from door to door according to your needs or maybe to adapt them to a holiday home you go on summer holidays.

How to Use a Children’s Gate?

Having a practical and comfortable object available, which improves safety in the presence of very lively children. These are some of the reasons that can lead to the purchase of a gate dedicated to children.

Below we have included some notes that can be useful to those who want to optimize the use of the product, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Here also we shared a video guide so that you can get a proper video about how to install and used baby gates.

Check the Certifications

Have a well-made product, with all the components positioned in the best way and without risk for the little ones. These are the minimum requirements to focus on once you have purchased a gate.

The control of all the pieces and the absence of protruding parts that can cause harm to the baby must be a certainty.

Check the Height

Especially for those with small children, the choice of a model of the right height, capable of adapting over time to the growth of the child is fundamental.

Better to aim for a model higher than a few centimeters rather than finding yourself after just a year with a poorly functioning gate that the child can open or overcome in a few moves.

Check the Tightness of The Closure

The advice we would like to give you is to make sure that the closing system of the object, as well as the opening of the passage, are as comfortable and simple as possible for the adult.

On the other hand, it is better than the child cannot open everything, even by engineering over time and understanding how the mechanism works.

Don’t Always Leave the Gate Closed

However, the functionality of the object must not force you to always keep the passage tight. Use the support in moderation and with the right awareness, making the child understand that the solution is for good.

Turn the Object Into a Game Opportunity

Sometimes it is possible to pass the message on to the little ones, covering everything with a playful dimension.

So play with your child, imagining that the gate can be the border of an imaginary land and why not, a precious space to be shared only among you.

Take Care of The Gate

Careful maintenance and inspection of all parts is the best way to avoid that some stops can move in a reckless way or that some areas show signs of wear and roughness.

Check carefully that everything is in order and equipped with everything that makes it safe, for everyone.

Read the Notes Carefully

During and after assembly it is good to familiarize yourself with the object, understanding the right direction of opening and the fundamental specifications thanks to which you can organize the space and the situation nearby.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gates?

After choosing which type of pound you want, there are also other aspects that you need to consider before purchasing. Indeed, the opening, the environment in which you have to place it, the dimensions, the materials, and the level of safety also make the difference.


Depending on the space available, one type of opening may be more convenient than another. The most widespread and known is undoubtedly the same one in all respects at the common doors, central and delimited by a fixed frame.

Alternatively, the gate may open completely: in this case, the closing hook is placed between one side and the other.


If you need a gate for internal doors or stairs, it is advisable to buy pressure ones, because they are accompanied by Y adapters, which connect the gate to iron bars. If the stairs in question are spiral, then perhaps you should opt for a fixed model, made according to customized sizes and shapes.

A separate case is the gates for fireplaces and stoves, because, in this case, the dimensions are certainly larger and the materials with which they are to be made are also designed to resist heat and not easily discolor due to ash and smoke.


The size of the gate obviously depends on the type you choose and, inevitably, on the space you have available. If you don’t have a lot of space available or you plan to move the gate according to your needs, the right choice is certainly the pressure type.

It provides for the presence of extensions, in case they are necessary; extensions usually exceed nine centimeters in length. The retractable type, on the other hand, has fixed dimensions, therefore it requires more reasoning.

As for the height of the gate, it will act around 70 centimeters. But, in some cases, it is also possible to find models that are just over a meter high.


The materials most used to make children’s gates are steel, wood, and plastic. The steel models are the most solid ones, of course, but in reality, all the gates are made in such a way as to be resistant.

What will make the difference, therefore, is nothing but the aesthetic factor, which will have to meet your personal taste and harmonize with the environment?


Safety is very important, considering that these gates are designed to protect children. Make sure that the opening is easily maneuverable for you and less so for the little ones, so that they cannot open the gate as they please.

That’s all there is to know about baby gates. If you think you have clear ideas and can make your purchase, go ahead.

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